Saturday, November 30, 2013

HereticThomas Groome on Celibacy

It's hard to fathom the negligence of the Catholic Bishops who permit Thomas Groome to remain Chair of Religious Education at Boston College.

Spiritually, as a father charged with the vocation of educating Catholics so they have the tools to make choices for the rest of their lives, leaving Thomas Groome in place is more insidious than leaving a pedophile in place for decades.

I would love to get on board Pope Francis idea of 'decentralizing' authority over these matters to local bishops, but the writing is on the wall. They don't have the backbone to do their jobs, even if it means generations of Catholics will be misled into spiritual folly, possibly costing them their salvation.

Here's Groome pontificating about how dangerous and hazardous he was when he was forced to be celibate.

What does that even mean?

Did he have thoughts about raping children because he didn't have a handy repository?

It is disturbing. In so many ways.

This man has in the public square for decades making it painfully obvious that he is misguiding the souls of Catholic children.

What is he doing as Chair of Religious Education at Boston College?

There is no excuse for this.


Anonymous said...

Carol, Did you know Thomas Groome was also national co-chair of Catholics for Obama?


TTC said...

Ha. No. Boy, that's quite a crew of has-beens in the who can influence Catholic voters world!