Sunday, December 1, 2013

Blessed Advent

To you and yours. You will be in my prayers during Advent.

A brave warrior is very ill. He has given up hope, feels he will return to Our Lord before Christmas. His family is still praying for a miracle. His daughter is pregnant and will be delivering mid-December. She very much wants her father to see the face of his grandchild and be present for the Baptism which they are doing privately at his home.

If you would be so kind as to keep their petitions on your prayers and seek Christ's patience in calling our brother's return, I would be most grateful.

I wanted to link to the Pope's homily on Thursday on Christian persecution and the end times. He certainly seems to be indicating these times are upon us and though the reign of the pagans is not yet in full bloom, what's happening in the Middle East will come upon our doorstep.

I would urge you to read the entire article, but I'll cut to the chase:

Pope Francis called the persecution of Christians – with great violence in places like Egypt, Syria, and Pakistan – a forecast for the whole world. "Christians who suffer times of persecution, times forbidding worship," form a prophetic sign for "what will happen to everyone.

Frankly, I the Blessed Mother's warning at Fatima where the Pope is executed and we all follow him up that mountain has yet to play out. I think an attempt was made by the devil with Pope John Paul II, but Our Lady interceded. In mercy, we were granted more time to gather souls.

When the election of our Pope took place in March, and the doors swung open, I felt something in my gut. My soul. We all did.

It was so profound, I couldn't put my finger on the pulse of it, and I still can't.

One thing did immediately strike me. As I was trying to figure out who he was, trying to get a read on his shtick from his face, I said to myself "What kind of a rig does he have on? He is all in white. What is going on here? Wait...Oh[bleep],it's a Pope all in white".

The more I watch and listen, the more of a sinking feeling I get in my soul that we are all going down baby.

I got the similar feeling in my gut when I saw him holding onto the St. Peter's relics. Here we go. It's all going down.

What is striking to me, as no doubt it is to you too, is the madness. The antics arising from the diabolical disorientation. Sometimes from people whom I have observed or known to be immersing themselves in Sanctifying Grace and have always been sound.

I always thought myself to be on guard, watching, so that I make sure I recognize temptation and get myself out of my way, call upon the Grace of God in response to it.

As the devil is unchained and the effects of sin are manifesting, I suddenly realize how undisciplined I am.

Perhaps the devil is getting more clever or as I master one situation he is starting another fire simultaneously, but I am surprised by the rising number of situations wherein I find numerous people (including myself!) have already been dragged into a vortex of temptation and sin.

It is ever so subtle and then it hits me right between the eyes. It's all I can do to constantly petition Christ to get me out of the pickle without sinning myself and if possible, to obstruct others from being sucked into the vortex.

No doubt you are experiencing the same.

In many places, Christ's Body has left Gethsemene and has been seized. In some places already Crucified.

America has elected the architect and financier as its president. I don't have a lot of optimism that the reign will end. Perhaps he will seize the country by ending term limits. Maybe another tool will take his place to carry out the rest of the plan. Whatever happens, it's going to get ugly.

Before Jesus comes, the pope explained, "it will be an abomination, it will be desolation and abomination" in the temple. "It will be like the triumph of the prince of this world: the defeat of God.

Worship until the end,” the Pope concluded, “with confidence and fidelity: this is the grace we must ask for this week.

We'll need the grace all right. We'll be needing a good dose of courage too.

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Anonymous said...

Why doesn't the Pope condemn Muslim extremism in no uncertain terms? Or have Catholic prelate across the board become numb to human suffering? Perhaps it's the latter, because neither of Francis' predecessors did so. Of course, the Church regards Islam as a fellow monotheist religion in the Abrahamic tradition, which is a gross mistake because Allah is not Yahweh. Making such a criticism goes against the (false) spirits of "tolerance" and "reciprocity" that infect the Church, these days.