Monday, December 23, 2013

Fascinating Interview with Archbishop Gänswein

His position's all a big misunderstanding and the air will be let out of the festive balloons of those who teach and preach rejection of Church teaching.


I think I see where it's going.

Inconsistency will straighten all the crooked paths being laid before the uncatechized.

How does that strategy work?

If children rebel against civil and religious laws, some cool cat in town announces morality and sanctity of life as small-minded rules of Mr and Mrs Whiner, and teaches all not to bother making judgments relative to distinctions between sin and virtue.

After undermining the truth and every lucid parent in town, resetting the moral compass of the uncatechized, the epidemic of teenage pregnancies, abortions, VD and HIV, alcoholism, drug use, wreaking havoc and division in families - you'll be named man of the year in Podunk. Then YOU proclaim the Church and their parents were right all along.

That will fix the division, family strife, ruined relationships and diabolical disorientation you foisted upon the whole town.

Is there an ounce of common sense left in Rome?

I wonder how the pontifical bait and switch is going to work.

Do you think the Pope will stand in the public square and say it's now time for long-faced, sourpussed, querulous and disillusioned pessimists to abandon their obsession about immigration and poverty?

Oh wait...would that be wrong?

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Anonymous said...

"Is there an ounce of common sense left in Rome?"

Common sense left with the Vandals and the Visigoths