Sunday, December 22, 2013

John 19:11

Our friend Janet at Restore DC Catholicism has a great post on the use of rose colored glasses in the Catholic Church.

I am a fan of the use of rose colored glasses in the initial stages of what could be a misunderstanding - so long as we are talking about having them on when we speak the truth to the misunderstood.

Speaking the truth to the misunderstood is an important duty of the Baptized. It respectfully allows the misunderstood to understand how what he or she has said and done impacts Christ and other souls negatively.

I don't subscribe to the delusion that kooks who don't want that duty to be carried out are the folks wearing rose colored glasses. Those folks are bullies who work to prevent the misunderstood from hearing the impact of his or her actions.

Consequently, the thuggery of Patheos crowd, and those affiliated with the National Catholic Register who have the misfortune liething with the dogs does not rise to the level of the innocence and good will of legitimate owners of rose-colored glasses.

Janet's post cites a piece written by our friend and freedom fighter for unborn children, Judie Brown.

Judie is a mentor and hero to many of us. When I need to publicly temper my response to something, she is my go-to girl. Her experience and wisdom is an incredible asset to those of us who want nothing to do with the power struggles that manifest themselves theologically and politically.

To those of us who just want the best possible outcome for the salvation of souls and lives of unborn children, those of us consciously and carefully making decisions about what to say and do and when to execute plans, those who will lay it all down for Christ, come what may, Judie is an invaluable resource.

Though she doesn't wear them very often, Judie is a legitimate owner of rose colored glasses. I don't own a pair of my own but instinctively know when I need to borrow a pair. She is one of my suppliers.

Her good will hangs in there a lot longer than mine does.

A lot longer.

Way longer.

In most cases, when seeking her advice - I take it, irrespective of my own thoughts. In the times I have sought her wise counsel over the course of the last ten years, I can count on one hand the number of times I have prayerfully considered it and felt Christ urging me to proceed.

This is one of them.

I very much understand and affirm Judie's caution in listening for and to the Holy Spirit in this predicament.

The combination of Pope Francis undisciplined tongue and the misunderstandings of the uncatechized are major contributing forces to the vortex.

Christ's Church is in the Hands of the Holy Spirit who uses every means possible to save souls. It's His game plan. We don't know what He knows. No matter what is said and done, the refuge is in His Church and Sanctuaries. Come what may. There isn't a dime's worth of difference between the sedevacanists and the dogs. Stay away from both. Find a faithful priest and stay put.

But let us face it. It seems to me the writing is now on the wall for the Pope's game plan. It is the silencing of catechesis and the promotion of weak men and advocates of disobedience.

Upon observance, he seems to be ushering in the era of the great humanitarian. The Church without catechesis or a cross.

This game plan has long been in play in Boston.

Of recent vintage, Cardinal O'Malley advanced this counterfeit mission by holding a meeting with lawmakers here in Massachusetts. The Cardinal had fallen out of favor with political lawmwkers. The Cardinal held a breakfast for lawmakers to ask them to once again find him in their favor and open up dialogue. Lawmakers reported the Cardinal told them they need not worry about any resistance to laws that demoralize and kill people as they will in the future restrict their work to that of the great humanitarian.

Cardinal O'Malley is a good man who loves Our Lord. But his ideas have left Boston a disaster zone. A Cardinal who wishes himself to be a powerful political lobbying force with a promise he will not interfere or resist demoralization and murder - is a chief adviser to the Pope.

I'll talk about how Cardinal O'Malley's game plan - God bless him - has affected Catechesis here in Boston at a later time - but I've seen the show and it isn't good. A well meaning and faithful Cardinal with a plan that robs us all of the tools of salvation to be held in high esteem by the worldly.

If this is in keeping with the Mystical Body of Christ following Christ's actions during His Incarnation - I can't find it in Scripture.

We have to be very, very careful about how we proceed. This is not the time for hysteria.

The Pope understands that the magnificence of women lies in their knowledge of physical and spiritual needs necessary for their salvation - or even just to bring comfort to the afflicted and challenged. He gets it and believe he will deliver those goods. The silence of catechesis is a dog and he must be told the ramifications. That is actually how the role of women executes itself.

It is of critical importance that Our Holy Father be told the knowledge women possess about how this plan plays out within the family.


The idea in Judie's post that Cardinal Wuerl has better attributes for selecting future bishops for America than Cardinal Burke doesn't gel for me. At all. She's pulled those rose colored glasses out of the closet!


Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Carol, the ideas broached in your last paragraph were what caused me great alarm. To be fair to Judie, she was quoting Thomas Peters, but anyone who's been paying attention to the Archdiocese of Washington knows the perspective of Cdl Wuerl and what he'd bring to the bishop-selection process. She of all people should have known better, in light of the ads that ALL ran several years ago in the Washington Times, when Cardinal McCarrick made public his disdain for Canon 915.

TTC said...

Janet, it was clear to me that you were concerned about the notion that Cdl Wuerl has the right judgment to select bishops. Sorry if what I said gave any other impression. I went off on my own little trajectory here. Per usual!

I would guess Judie is trusting that no matter what happens to us in light of this appointment, we are going to have to pony up - as she implicitly trusts that Our Lord will see us through it and advise each of us on how to respond according to our gifts.

That's a wild guess - as I suspect she would be puzzled and concerned about what we are all seeing.

Dymphna said...

What grieves me about the Wuel appointment is that he's going to promote men like himself.