Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Beware of Lyndon LaRouche Group

Practicing Catholics in Boston - particularly Irish Catholics - have very mixed memories of John F. Kennedy.

JFK had the Irish fire in his gut for love of man and his country.  As a young child, I don't ever recall going into a home that didn't have his picture hanging on a wall or resting on a piece of furniture in a place of honor.  He was a kind man with a beautiful wife, family, passion for the immigrants and the poor and racial harmony - and his death was and remains devastating. 

When I look back over the course of time, I often think that is the moment our world changed.

Jack struggled with his faith and power as people often do in politics.  Religious bigotry against Catholics was an obstacle to his election.  In spite of his famous and ludicrous statement that conveyed he would not let his conscience formed by the truth affect his judgment, he was not a culture warrior for immorality and murder.   It is alleged to have struggled with chastity in his own marriage but he did not impose his own struggles with immorality upon our country with pursuits to legislate them as ideals and virtues.  That legacy was introduced by his brother Ted who went to his grave without straightening out his own family, or his country.

In many ways, the Kennedy family was exploited by sick prelates seeking political power.  Upon JFK's rise, they flocked to the family to latch onto their tails for a ride to power.  (One of whom is still seated in the Chancery of Boston, Fr. Bryan Hehir)  

Under the guise of spiritually guiding the Kennedy family through the grief of violently robbing them of two brothers, priests with their own broken moral compasses led the family into the abyss.

As a second generation immigrant Irish Roman Catholic, I am sickened by the exploitation of grief and larceny of this family's faith by ordained Catholic men.  I thank God for Bishop Tobin.  When it became obvious that private counseling would not lead Patrick Kennedy back to the truth, he took the actions necessary to sever the leadership of his flock.

The Kennedy's are kind and loving people.  I especially love Joe.  In his passion and life's work has been keeping struggling families supplied with oil to heat their homes, keep their families warm.  He tried to broker a deal with many American fuel companies and they rebuffed him.  The country of Venezuela finally assisted him.  He's faced controversies for accepting cheap oil from communists but I've never been able to gin up indignation.    Every time I see him, my indignation is directed towards the spiritual misfeasance of ordained Catholic men who led the family into the abyss.

Because the Kennedy family, in their poor state, has assisted with legislation that have led so many into their spiritual suicide and homicide, Catholics have little tolerance to integrate any initiative related to the Kennedy family.   I share that intolerance as the agendas of those bringing what appears to be harmless is always much more convoluted when you scratch the surface.

Scratching the surface, doing diligence on agendas, is not something ordained Catholic men take the time to do.

A fellow Boston Catholic warrior and reader Don Camillo alerted me to his concerns about the presence of group with ties to Lyndon LaRouch in Boston.  He's written a guest post which I share with you today.


I live in the City of Boston.  Recently, I started noticing this poster
 pasted ubiquitously all over most city neighborhoods.  As you can read, the posters advertise a 50th anniversary commemoration concert to memorialize the life and ideals of JFK.  According to advertising and an article in the Archdiocese’s newspaper the Pilot

, the Mozart Requiem at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross is being underwritten and co-sponsored by the Schiller Institute.

Why am I writing about this fairly harmless concert on a Catholic watchdog blog?  

What’s the real problem here: (a) Kennedy politics (b) the current state of the Democratic Party ideals (c) my preference for Verdi’s requiem (d) The current lack of leadership from Cardinal Sean O’Malley.  Specifically, Cardinal Sean has erred by allowing a recognized cult (The Schiller Institute) to co-sponsor an event with the archdiocese in the Cathedral of the Holy Cross.

If you said (d) you are correct.  Maybe you researched the Schiller Institute before answering (d).  If so good for you, it is far more than the Cardinal and his advisors did.  

The most cursory research of the Schiller Institute would lead Inspector Clouseau to conclude the following.  The Schiller Institute is an arm of the Lyndon LaRouche political cult.  The LaRouche Cult operates under various names including the Schiller Institute, the Lydon Larouche PAC, the Lyndon LaRouche Worldwide Youth Movement.  The president of the Schiller Institute is Helga LaRouche, the wife of Lyndon LaRouche. 

Yes, those LaRouche automatons.  You know them standing in front of your local post office.  They have eager smiles and glassed over eyes. They have a cardtable full of sundry conspiracy literature with large pictures of President Obama and President Bush with Hitler mustaches to attract your attention.  You can find out lots of information about cults and the LaRouche cult online.  One example of a website that identifies the Schiller Institute as a cult and the danger of cults is the Freedom of Mind Resource Center.   Remember for every glassy eyed fool at a LaRouche table in front of your post office there are two broken hearted parents and a few siblings wondering what happened to their son or brother.

Oh Lord, where is our shepherd?  How can Cardinal Sean be so dunderheaded and easily connived?  How many nice people will be swindled because they gave their credit card or financial data to help support this project?  (Yes, the LaRouche people were fundraising for this event using an online giving site.)  How many catholic old ladies, lonely students, or music lovers will get taken in by the LaRouche cult this afternoon at the Holy Cross Cathedral?  How many souls will be led astray thanks to the sleeping (and traveling) shepherd?

So you think the mantle of credibility laid upon the disciples of Lyndon LaRouche is no big deal.  Sure there is something to be said for the fact that most Bostonians will be watching Tom Brady this Sunday afternoon instead of swooning over the symphonic strains of Mozart in the South End.  However, you can bet that this event will be rebroadcast all over the world on various LaRouche websites and maybe even on the Cardinal’s vanity television station.   I believe that Boston is the second diocese (possibly archdiocese) to be taken in by Lyndon LaRouche and the Schiller Institute with this Kennedy concert scam.  Shame on any pastor who lets these creeps into the sanctuary.  I hope this brief blog post will prompt a mea culpa from Cardinal Sean, but I doubt it.  Apologize to his sheep- no way.  It is easier to use his cadre of public relations professionals to explain away this ugly omission in leadership.

This is so sad.  Here we are in Beantown, once a city on a hill not the home of gay marriage.   Here the Catholic Church and Catholic citizenry climbed over the rubble of the burnt  Ursuline Covent to make great contributions to this burg and the nation without being anything but authentically American and Roman Catholic.  The Boston croziers of Cheverus, Fenton, Fitzpatrick, and Williams were cast iron rods unyielding in the protection and growth of their flock.  Cardinal Sean wields a crozier with malleability of a pipe cleaner.  

The sheep are lost.  Oh Lord, where is our shepherd?   

Author's note:  I've read Carol McKinley's great reporting at the 10th Crusade/Throw The Bums Out for years and I have tipped her off on a couple of instances of rousing incompetence in the leadership of the Archdiocese of Boston.  I am choosing to remain anonymous to safeguard my vantage point.   I am very happy to author this guest post as Don Camillo.


StevenD-Jasper said...

I remember as a young boy our picture of JFK hanging on the wall. As Pres. Reagan said: I didn't leave the democrat party, it left me...

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I was there. It was icky. The music was nice, but it was still icky.

Anonymous said...

An alarm went up among area Catholic musicians last week when the publicity for this event made the rounds. My understanding from a comment made on the CMAA Musica Sacra discussion boards is that folks at the Cathedral were advised of the problem by last Thursday, which may have been too late to outright cancel the event, but at least in time to monitor and prevent any remarks being made at the event itself (the Schiller Institute has been known to accompany its publicly sponsored event with, um, commentary). I don't know anyone who went so I don't know what transpired.

TTC said...

It's a funny thing. Every time somebody comes around telling me they want to help me with something, I always scratch the surface.

What is this group?
What other agendas have they had in the past?
How does this conflict with the mission of the Church?
If conflicting, would my interaction with them give veracity to their conflicting agenda?
Would people rely on my association without doing homework?
Could souls be harmed - in particular my own or the people I love?

These kinds of questions.

After all these years of wearing egg on the schozolla, why aren't priests doing their homework before they roll out the red carpet?

I don't get it!

I'm glad they were warned in time to keep tight reins on the show - hopefully that happened.

I think I'm going to tease them and ask if they'd like to do a requiem for Ronald Reagan. LOL.

TTC said...

Anon, I bet the music was fantastic. It is a bit scary waiting for the shoe to drop!

Steve - It took me years to walk away from the Democrats. I kidded myself for a while, refusing to change my party affiliation thinking it would turn around. After ten years of voting for one Democrat (Ray Flynn), I decided I better stop kidding myself.

JFK's legacy has been smeared by the trajectory of his poor misguided relatives. I don't ever recall anything wherein he said right was wrong and wrong was right. He had plenty of dirt that came out after his death on his struggle keeping his pants zipped - but he never tried to legislate it as virtue - or scandalize people by telling them He, Marilyn Monroe and Bobby were the new manifestation of the Holy Family.

Maybe I'm misremembering - as the Bushies would say!

I don't have a problem with people grieving Jack's death, still all these years later. Especially Boston Catholics. But - ahh...NOT WITH THIS GROUP or any other group with a nefarious agenda.

Ted's is another story all together. The gig was long up and too many bodies floated under the bridges. Other than the quiet and silent offering of Mass for salvation of souls, there is no group or event sponsoring any kind of celebration in a Catholic Church.

Does that make sense?

posa said...

This was a wonderful concert that attracted 1000 people, a classy event that no one else in Boston bothered to organize. The Schiller Institute did a great job honoring the legacy of JFK. Reviews were strong.

Too bad this stylish Memorial Concert ruined your day.

TTC said...


I don't get your disconnect.

You focus on the sound coming from Nero's instruments. When another points out the absurdity of taking pleasure in it given his destructive legacy, you still circumvent the substance of truth.