Friday, January 17, 2014


What are these folks saying!

I read the Canons.



Anonymous said...

Pregnant women and children here at The Tenth Crusade should filter drinking water with charcoal type filters.
It is an Illuminati EUGENICS PLOT to decrease population by producing infertility and non-reproducers.
The EPA allows MORE than proven toxic levels (to animals) to be in our drinking water. If it goes above 0.003mg/L they msut tell the public but only 0.0025mg/L causes big problems in animals ... go figure... it is a FARCE!
I cannot say more about it... had the story that I already knew last week so it is in the public now. I only wish to tip off my fellow Crusaders.
Here in MA the level must be below 0.003mg/L or they would tell us but they do not give the Atrazine level in the yearly report. Well water in BOSTON has up to 0.011 mg/L Atrazine (my guess it is from weed killer??) but nobody would be foolish enough to drink from a well in boston for many reasons.
Creepy stuff huh?
And Fluoride lowers the IQ of children in a Harvard study. Mayor Menino feed us fluoride in our water - will the new mayor do the same to dumb us down?
We Crusaders need to be smart, healthy, fertile, and Holy as can be!

Anonymous said...

Atrazine herbicide is the bad stuff... I forgot to mention that in previous post... causes the reproduction problems

B said...


Cardinal O'Malley Methodist "baptism" - Tangled ecumenism ecumenical or confusion?

16 January 2014 17:51 | Message to the Editor
Cardinal O'Malley's Methodist baptism - Tangled ecumenism ecumenical or confusion?(Boston) Cardinal Sean Patrick O'Malley of the Capuchin Order is one of the most famous representatives of the Church of the USA and was under Pope Benedict XVI. as a representative of a new generation of militant bishops. Last Sunday, the cardinal of a Methodist pastor could "renew" the baptism.
Cardinal O'Malley is actively committed to the protection of unborn life and showed previously an attentive awareness of the Divine Liturgy in both the dignified, Latin celebration of the new rite, as well as the Old Rite. Pope Francis appointed him as the representative of North America in the C8-Council, to advise the Pope on the reform of the Curia and the leadership of the church. Some discrepancies were in the U.S. episcopate on the question of whether abortion advocates among Catholic politicians Holy Communion should be denied. Cardinal O'Malley took to a more cautious position. As far as Cardinal O'Malley during the pontificate of Pope Benedict XVI.
Under the new pontificate of Pope Francis "another" O'Malley became known as Rorate Caeli reports. The Cardinal could be in the context of an ecumenical organization of a Methodist "Priestess" baptism "renew" (see picture). The "renewal" of Cardinal O'Malley's baptism took the Rev. Anne Robertson, director of the Massachusetts Bible Society in the Sudbury United Methodist Church before. This had invited to their 50th anniversary at a special prayer meeting.
As Patriot Ledger writes that the pastor had been baptized children and young adults. She never would have dreamed, ritually renew once a cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church baptism.

Anonymous said...

Why would any Catholic go to a non-Catholic clergyman to have his baptism "reconfirmed"? What's the point? For that matter, why would a Protestant or Russian Orthodox believe go to a Catholic priest to his baptism "reconfirmed"? Unless the petitioning parties involved are willing to convert, this makes no sense.

At some point, either your own theology makes sense, or it doesn't, regardless of how you define "your."

I think the fundamentalists are right about institutionalized Christianity, as a whole, being willing to subordinate itself to a "one world religion."

Carol, keep plugging away. God will reward you far more richly than you can surmise.

Anonymous said...

Atrazine herbicide causes homosexuality. Scientific FACT! Lying government says it is safe. Good luck with that - when your son goes to the prom with Bruce. Crusaders - filter your childrens water - pregnant Moms filter your water.

This has been a public service message from the 12th Phamphlateer

TTC said...

You old codger!

It is so nice to hear from you. I often think about you, pray and hope you are well.

TTC said...

ps - who called us phamphlateers? I forget! Was it the Cardinal?