Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Eyeballing Accomplishments of the Mass Catholic Conference

Our friends at Boston Catholic Insider ask a question that has perplexed Catholics for a close to a decade:

What does the Mass Catholic Conference Accomplish?

As immorality and death are being foisted upon the culture through legislative appropriations subsidized with cash taken from the paychecks of Catholics, what on earth are they doing for the salvation of souls?

Isn't the outcome of actions of a Catholic Conference intended to protect the flock from the barbarian government of Herod and the immorality and revenge of Herodias?

Mass Catholic Conference summary of 2013 activities leaves out important details of substance:

2013 was a very busy year for the MCC. In the past twelve months, the MCC met with close to 100 legislators face to face to talk about the issues important to the Church in Massachusetts. In October, Cardinal Seán met with 40 legislators (scroll down) who represent territory within the Archdiocese of Boston to discuss the roll of the Church in the Commonwealth and the important work of Catholic Charities, our Catholic schools, local parishes, and the MCC. Previously, Bishop McDonnell had met with legislators from the Springfield delegation in April and Bishop McManus had met with legislators from the Worcester delegation in January. These meetings are an important part of our legislative outreach.

You'd never know from this explanation what that paragraph means.

Sure. They met with the proabortion politicians they helped elect through their do-nothing approach to educating Catholic voters on their baptismal duties for the victims of Herod and Herodias. In said meeting they told them that the Archdiocese of Boston is a social service agency which will not resist or discuss laws that demoralize and kill souls under their watch.

MCC states they have been working on free tuition for illegal aliens.

For Catholics who are legal citizens and working like dogs but not able afford the ten to fifteen grand a year of the lower end private schools (higher end schools like Thayer are up near thirty grand), that is an outlandish use of a Catholic Conference.

The Cardinal, once again, is laying more burdens upon our shoulders of slaves which he himself is not willing to do.

After all, if the Cardinal wishes to provide free tuition to illegal immigrants, why doesn't he open up those floodgates of Catholic Schools?

We know the answer to that question. He knows the proposition is not feasible or affordable. But once again, he lays those burdens upon others who cannot afford them.

Hypocrisy is a gift that keeps on giving.

As Robin Hood himself is cutting medical coverage of his own priests and reducing money they give to sick and retired employees, he was advocating already burdened and struggling citizens increase medical coverage and money given to sick and retired employees.

Don't let the bankrupting of Catholic Hospitals or the collapse of retirement funds for priests stop a crusade to execute those ideas upon the entire country full of hospitals.

Don't let the shining example of how the game plan worked for Detroit stop a crusade at the Massachusetts Legislature.

Don't turn on the television to see how robbing people of catechesis has worked out for us stop a crusade to unravel the structure of the Roman Catholic Church from under the Chair of Peter.

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