Saturday, January 4, 2014

Goodbye to Monsignor and the Very Reverend

Is this satire?

I can't tell.

I hope not!

La Stampa is not one to use satire so I presume it isn't.

But stripping titles from the good ole boy network isn't going to unravel the real problem but it is a step in the right direction.

The real problem is a little more complex. It involves a Bishop or Cardinal who favors the immoral and amoral priests and suppresses and silences faithful ones to keep the matrix of power and catechesis in the hands of those who wave admiration, money and political power under his nose.

Changing the name we give to the scoundrels who persecute Church teaching to pursue this path doesn't cut it as a fix.

That is just smoke and mirrors.

Cronies are created by the exact flaw which Pope Francis appears to admire.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for stating the EXACT core of the problem.

Could not have stated it any better!!

Again, thank you.

breathnach said...
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breathnach said...

There's a report online that the Vatican has hired a stable of elitist pro- LGBTcorporations to cleanup the accounting at the Vatican bank and put a PR shine on the whole operation. Our trickle down Pope is following the O'Malley/Jack Connors model of see no evil but make sure you spread the lucre around to those who have influence with the evil. But hey, we're going to make sure that no schmuck priests can lord it over anyone with their Monsignor titles. Boob bait for the bubbas!

Anonymous said...

How does this reform the church? "Monsignior" is an honorary title, at best, and carries no particular or special authority. This is just like moving the deck chairs around on the Andrea Doria.

Then again, the people who value style over substance will eat this up.

TTC said...

Thanks Anon 332.

Anon 7:43 - couldn't agree more. If there is a delusion that the prelates who pursue cream puff and honorable assignments are going to change their stripes, I don't share it.

Breathnach, Another example of poor judgment - or brazen cronyism. I can't decide which.