Friday, January 24, 2014

Mark is so full of sheat.

Not sure who Mendon Baloney is, but he's got a bad case of contagion.

Be sure to check the big turd in the comment section.

I think I get it. Prolifers need to be evangelized on the abortifacient properties of contraception and the sinful substance of contracepting and disposing of egg and sperm intended to unite and carry out God's plan - Mr. Baloney and Mr. Sheat think that's a disservice to Christ and the truth.

No agenda there, right?

What makes disclosing important?


The children at the prolife march are children of prolife mothers and fathers.

These are our children.

Is it important to you that our own children be catechized on contraception and the moral teachings of the Church?

When was the last time they heard it from your priest?

The priest is the only link to affirming that what Mommy and Daddy teaches at home.

If he doesn't say anything about it, credibility is lost - and we lose the children of Christ's elect.

If you are sitting in a parish with your children where the priest contradicts Church teaching - he is a wolf.

Over the years, I've heard many parents tell me they know the priest is a wolf, but they continue to bring their children to the parish to be taught by a wolf because they've been singing in the choir or teaching CCD there for years, this is where their neighbors go, etc.

Most of the time, they think the outcome of bringing their own children to a wolf every Sunday to be taught by him, they will have the opportunity to convert the wolf.

But that is the job of his bishop. If the bishop doesn't do it, that is the job of the Romans. We know they are not doing it and I'll talk about this in a minute - but this is not your job.

Your job is to ensure your own children get converted.

Bringing your own children to a wolf to convert them to Catholic teaching as the prince of this world is pulling them away from it in everything in the secular culture has consequences.

Michael Voris has just showed you those consequences.

A great number of children of prolife families are being pulled to the center of your wolf's gravity.

Not only do people like Mark Sheat and Brandon what's his name don't care, they beat and maul the people who do.

And, they convince the foolish people in their comboxes and EWTN that this is an example of servitude to Christ.

The outcome of Mark Sheat's ministry is, he convinces parents to keep their children in the parish of a wolf.

The wolf brainwashes the children that Church's teachings on contraception and immorality are in error and offensive.

To defend his actions, Sheat actually denies that Catholic children hold convictions contradict Church teaching on contraception, premarital sex and gay marriage?

Ludicrous and dangerous.

It is irresponsible for EWTN to continue to retain the man. Aside from his very well documented problem with abusive conduct, he is negatively impacting the salvation of souls.

When prolife families are gathered somewhere, and you test the substance of their catechesis to find one hundred thousand of them with perverted moral compasses, that's something righteous people would have the internal incentives to want to see fixed.

These are the children of faithfully practicing Catholics.

We would want to alert parents of prolife families that something is going awry, so they can take an inventory of where they can improve exposure to priests who will convincingly explain, teach and affirm Church teaching.

Mark can even pervert this intention and good work.

Let's talk about the priests and their bishops (and the Romans) who contribute to this predicament.

They are divided into priests who deprive Catholics of Church teaching and those who pervert it.

I was speaking to a friend of mine last night about Cardinal O'Malley's wonderful remarks this week in the Boston Herald.

The normal Catholic in the parish might hear a sermon on abortion once a year. They’ll never hear a sermon on homosexuality or gay marriage. They’ll never hear a sermon about contraception. But if you look at the New York Times, in the course of a week, there will be 20 articles on those topics. So who is obsessed?

(It has occurred to me that the Pope intended intended to convey that the people obsessed with Church teaching are those who oppose it as we know this to be the case. More on this at another time.)

My friend and I were discussing how refreshing the observation is that Catholics never hear Church teaching on contraception, homosexuality and gay marriage.

My friend pointedly said.

That's nice.

But who's in charge?!!

Who is responsible?!!


We're not there yet are we.

The person in charge who knows our families have zero catechesis and leadership on these critical subject matters at this time in our history, is charged with fixing that starvation and deprivation.

Fax a memo six times a year saying here is the substance you need to teach this weekend. Here is the message. Here is how to deliver said message sensitively.

Better yet, six times a year, produce a video of the message with the Cardinal saying and send the video to each parish with a memo saying it is mandated at every Mass this weekend.

This way, the Cardinal gets to build his relationships with the people AND delivers, teaches and fortifies what parents are teaching at home - as Church teaching.

When priests refuse -there are one or two or three - replace them as pastor.

Mark Shea and Brandon blahblahblah are not invested in this kind of an outcome. They are too busy upholding the divisions in our family between the priests and bishops and Rome. Too busy fortifying the culture where children who bring their needs to their father are villainized.

You want to talk about who is being divisive?

Who the culprits of division in our family are, who is obstructing Church teaching, who is responsible for the gross misunderstanding of Church teaching in one hundred thousand children of prolife families?

The Mark Sheats at every parish and apostolate.

I'm going to continue to work stamping out his voice and obstructions. More on that later!

You're going down baby!

It's all going down.

Meanwhile, a new Vortex is up that relates to the subject matter.


Anonymous said...

Kudos Carol, that's a very clever headline

Anonymous said...

What advice would you give to a married Catholic police officer who got stabbed with a junkies needle in the line of duty and contracted HIV?
Should the couple never have sex again?
This actually happened to a friend of mine in Dublin


Anonymous said...

Apparenly, Shea's comment has been deleted because I don't see it.

Steve Dalton said...

Carol, it's a pity you didn't get a screen shot of Sheat's comment. It must have been pretty nasty to be deleted. If someone remembers what it said, please post it.

TTC said...

No, you are probably blocked. LOL.

I don't want him to get hits from this blog - as mauling faithful Catholics is how he makes money and I don't want to see a wooden nickel contributed to his pocket - but I'll see what I can do.

TTC said...

Irishman, what an incredibly sad story -- and what an incredibly brave priest.

The very sad facts of this situation are, the walls of the birth canal are extremely delicate and condoms leak or break 30% of the time (and that is a conservative estimate).

30% of the time, an HIV infected man is risking transmitting HIV to his wife.

Your friend, already terribly victimized by a scoundrel, is faced with making decisions about what he values more, how important it is to him not to transmit his suffering to his wife.

Is his wife's life important enough to take zero changes?

Is he willing to risk her life 30% of the time?

It is a huge risk of what could be fatal consequences to his wife. At the very least, delivering a road of suffering for the duration of her life.

The priest delivered what he found to be of most value - what most of us would choose to be of most value.

A wife who is asked by a husband to risk being infected by HIV, adds a whole other emotional strain to the marriage. I can't imagine the survival rate under the revelation that her husband values sex more than her very life.

She understands where he places the value and substance of her life and what he puts above it. He doesn't have to say a word. The fact that he asks delivers the verdict.

A terrible situation and I ask readers here to pray for this family!

jj said...

Wow - nicely said Carole!

Mark and those like him in our parish have been creating tension and disrupting relationships between our Priests, Bishops and Church teaching.

Parents who need what they teach at home to be fortified by priests and we ask that of our pastors, bishops, Mark uses his blog and EWTN to claim living with your gay lover is an example suitable for Catholic sainthood - and then exercises his malicious venom against those who correct him.

The priests see his public beatings and done want one themselves.

Why does EWTN continue to keep him under their employ?

It is such a contradiction of their mission.

Does anyone know if Mother Angelica still has her mind?

Should we write to her?

Will the mail reach her?

TTC said...

It looks like Mark's comments have indeed been deleted.

Kudos to Michael Hichborn who did a fabulous job of unraveling it.