Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The ProLife Generation

Hey, Pope Francis...what's that you say about small-minded rules about murder?

We're coming your way!


Anonymous said...

I don’t mean to deny the depth of feeling pro-life people have; I just can’t believe those who say the abortion of a four-month-old fetus is equivalent to the murder of a four-year-old child, really feel that way. If they did, they’d be acting much more directly and much more aggressively to stop it.

If, every day, three vans full of children between the ages of two and seven pulled up behind Planned Parenthood and the kids disembarked to be shot in the head, once inside, I have to think people would do a lot more to end the such a practice than march in front of the building with picket signs and gory pictures,

Granted, some have blown up the clinics and shot abortionists (I’m not advocating this) and I think they are the ones who truly see the two acts as equivalent. I’m also not saying that both acts need to be equivalent for both to be wrong.

TTC said...

I'm're losing me.

This is the first time I've ever heard anyone say prolifers aren't zealous enough about their work.

There isn't a dime's worth of difference between killing a ten year old child or a ten day old embryo to us. Abortion is a more egregious crime than raping children to us.

We are people of prayer, of peace, of witness, conversion, assisting financially and physically. We are lovers of the law.

People who blow up abortion clinics are sociopaths and murderers.

Killing abortionists to prove you think their murders are evil is like raping rapists to prove your commitment to the protection of children...

Anonymous said...

It's not a difficult point to grasp.

If people knew 10-year-olds were being lined up and shot every day, I believe many, if not most, would do more than vote and picket.

I didn't say that people who blow up clinics do so to "prove" anything. I don't condone it, applaud it, excuse it, etc. But, I could understand it as a rational reaction to the wholesale shooting of six-year-olds and any law that allows it.

Again, I do not question, distrust or mean to diminish the deep, heart-felt beliefs of anti-abortion activists.

TTC said...

The bulk of prolife work happens in their community. Stuff you don't see in the propoganda of the communist news media.

We work hard at the legislative level against the sex ed of the government that turns female children into receptacles for semen. We work inside of schools to refine the government demoralization and prostitution of children. In We are present to assist pregnant unwed mothers or mothers struggling, so that witness is remembered when others find themselves pregnant and scared.

Prolifers are not the people with conviction problems.

Your posts leave the impression that you think violence proves conviction of the sanctity of life.

If you are not speaking about these offensive, criminal and violent actions, you will have to enumerate what it is you are speaking about.

Other than the life work mentioned above, what specific actions do you suggest prove conviction?

Andrew said...

My goodness, you are thick! I'm not asking anyone to prove anything about the depth of their convictions.

I'm not expressing an opinion of what one should or shouldn't do. Is that what's throwing you off? Are you so immersed in stringency, argument and polarization that you're unable to encounter and interact with anything not expressed as extreme, unbending belief?

I was primarily making an observation, followed by a mild, musing, hesitant, ambiguous, itty bitty bit of an opinion ... like, "I can't quite believe people who say the abortion of a 4-month old fetus is exactly the same as machine-gunning a four-year-old child, truly feel as absolutely certain as they say."

I can't quite believe what I'm hearing .. .that's all. That is, you know, I wonder if it's possible, maybe ...sometimes ... possibly ... Not that I believe anyone is lying, or people don't feel very deeply and very fervently about abortion being a horrific, evil act.

I imagine you, for example, would probably give your life tonight, if it would end abortion tomorrow. And a lot of others, as well. I don't doubt your beliefs for a moment ... I just, sort of wonder about the equivalencies expressed.

I think people can still believe abortion is the worst thing in the world, and also think the instant, automatic execution of a ten-year-old girl would be a little more awful and unconscionable than the abortion of a ten-day-old fetus. I don't see any contradiction in that.

Maybe I'm just projecting my impulses on the issue, because I don't see the two acts as things in no way, not even slightly different.

Because of this, if I knew unwanted kindergarten kids were being dropped off each day to be "put down" at the kiddie equivalent dog pound, I wouldn't feel I had to shoot or injure anybody, but I think I might like having the makings for a few Molotov Cocktails in my trunk, should an opportunity with acceptable anonymity arise

TTC said...

Andrew, I apologize for delay in posting your comment. I wanted to make sure I had time to address it as it still conveys violence as a solution to prove prolife conviction!

I remember during the disclosures of priests seducing teens and the coverups, one of our fantastic bishops said something to the effect that he was disgusted and such disclosures make him more inclined to want to grab his shotgun and baseball bat than the excuses about calling the shrinks. I know he didn't mean it literally and trust you also don't mean it literally.

I don't get what you can't grasp about prolifers. We value human life so much, that even the life of murderers and rapists are completely in the hands of God from the moment of conception to natural death.
Abortion is a mother who legally kills her own children. We can try to stop her using all methods discussed, but this is t an act of self defense or war that would excuse us theologically.

Killing to stop killing has a set of rules of conduct that the Catholic Church accepts. We are not just activists. Everything we do is about salvation of souls, even above saving lives.

How you could ever reach the conclusion these convictions are less prolife than killing a distraught woman, a receptionist and others in a building who may be uncatechized-- sending them to their death in a state of mortal sin-- is illogical. Not to mention theologically daft.

This is a different league than the village idiots in the comboxes at huffpo.