Friday, February 14, 2014

Is Contraception the Hill "we" want to "die" on?

If you haven't followed this controversy, Barbara Comstock, who has been crusading with Kathleen Sebelius to offer children over-the-counter abortifacients, is running for a congressional seat in Virginia - and - she's become the new prototype for the definition of how to vote Catholic.

I don't have the stomach to regurgitate the excuses. Suffice it to say they're the same old worn out political talking points: she can win!

I guess we're supposed to give flying fig about the political victory of a woman willing to barter for a congressional seat by selling the souls of women and children to Beezabul.

Astoundingly - Austin Ruse has posted a story at CRISIS Magazine asking .whether Catholics want to die on the hill of contraception.

Scuzie me there Austin.

That's exactly where we want to die.

If you can't bring yourself to die there, you don't belong in a leadership role under a Crucifix of the Catholic Church.

Dying there is what it's all about.

Man up.

Salvation is first and foremost in everything we do and say.

We never play any cards that compromise the salvation of women and children to save a physical life.

If a strategy compromises the salvation of the masses, you are off of the reservation.

Saving babies is not a body count.

Nobody is arguing we have to 'ban' contraception.

Comstock is proactively crusading to pass out abortifacients to women and children.

She is anathema.

She should not be defended supported or voted for by any Catholic.



Dymphna said...

Austin Ruse is an interesting man. That's not a compliment, just an observation. Both foot fungus and the moons of Jupiter are interesting. He writes beautifully but I'm not sure if he trustworthy.

TTC said...

Wow - you hit that nail on the head!

TTC said...


MaryAnn Kreitzer has added the additional information that the democratic opponent is authentic prolifer.

If so, the fatwa coming from the Comstock camp (the old Romney crew) is all the more exasperating.

Maria said...

I will never forget the morning I awakened out of bed and understood that Contraception had destroyed our world. We "march" for life, against abortion BUT the problem began w/ contraception and our Bishops who blessed it. As Fr.Hardon said: it is "fatal to the faith..."

ELA said...

I blogged a posting on this as well, taking Austin Ruse to task. He directed a couple of comments to my posting and I'm re-reading his article to see if I missed anything but I doubt it.

TTC said...

Nice job ELA.

I don't think you missed anything but circle back if you find a pearl.

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Carol, a point regarding the candidate that Mary Ann mentioned. Bob Marshall is a Republican - and an honorable one at that. Ruse is kvetching over a primary race, making his bloviating all the more morally reprehensible. Why he doesn't support the more Catholic candidate in a primary is most disconcerting.