Sunday, February 2, 2014

Pope Francis tells Notre Dame to "continue" on with their moral teaching which is in line with the Magisterium

Michael Voris does a great job of articulating the spin from every angle.

I beg your pardon?

Please forgive this Catholic parent for being so direct.

This guy has just got to be kidding.

I've read blogosphere commentary from the usual suspects with the full time jobs telling us what the Pope meant to convey.

Serve up some more pretending and willful ignorance, please!

That worked out well for us.

Look, I just can't bring myself to propose that the Pope did not know what every other educated and informed Catholic knows about the perversion of moral teaching at Notre Dame.

Further, it simply isn't possible that any reasonably prudent person would not do their homework before caricaturing something as faithful to the Magisterium. Not in this day and age.

The idea that the Pope wouldn't know he has to do that diligence before he asks them the public square to "continue" its faithful exercise of the Magisterium is, quite frankly, absurd.

Who would give their own children perverted resources and tell them to continue to use them as the guiding light to uphold the culture?

Priests, bishops and Cardinals of the Catholic Church. The Pope is now joining them.

What an ugly development.

Watching Cardinal Weurl standing there whispering into the Pope's ear while embracing Jenkins, and hearing the Pope's commentary that Notre Dame should continue to do what they've been doing to uphold the culture was chilling.

"Continue" on employing all the Richard McBriens to contradict Church teaching.

"Continue" on with your work selling Obamacare which will force Catholics into making choices between giving up their salvation or feeding and housing their family.

"Continue" on with your work to supply women with abortifacients.

"Continue" on with your work encouraging SSA men and women to enter into civil marriage instead of celibacy.

"Continue" to work on these things for the good of Catholics in the United States of America.

This is sick in the head and sick in the soul.

Sick in the culture of corruption that has plagued Christ's Church for decades - the good ole boys.

Just plain ole sick.

It brings us right back to the days when the hierarchy thought saying encouraging things to the pedophiles and ephebophiles they ordained would fix the problem they kept pretending didn't exist.

I don't really give a flying fig what the Pope told Jenkins in private.

That is not going to help my children or yours discern whether or not what he's been doing is what they should say and do.

What I care about is the Pope's public statement, which conveyed to the people that matter to me, that what Notre Dame has done and 'continues' to do, is the principles they need to apply in their work of evangelizing themselves, others and the culture at large.

That's what I care about and what all Catholics acting in good faith should care about. The statements the Pope "continues" to make have done damage to the discernment of the people in our homes, our families, our schools and the culture at large.

After all the years of trying to convince the people we love not to follow the examples set by Jenkins and Notre Dame, the Pope just told them it is in harmony with the Magisterium.


Anonymous said...

[Another "event" upcoming for the Pope: Who is the "intermediary" (or "representatives from the Vatican") with whom the movie’s producer, Harvey Weinstein, met to arrange the screening?]

Pope Francis to watch controversial ‘anti-Catholic’ film Philomena in private screening

Drama was released lest year and has since been nominated in Oscars

New York critic claimed that the movie was a ‘hateful attack’ on Catholics

Movie accused of distorting truth in portrayal of nuns in Ireland

By Katie Nicholl
Daily Mail
1 February 2014

It is the controversial movie that has enraged Catholics throughout the world.

Now, in an extraordinary move, Academy Award-nominated Philomena, billed by one New York critic [Bill Donohue of tha Catholic League] as a ‘hateful’ attack on Catholicism, is to be screened in front of the Pope.

A spokesman for the drama by Stephen Frears, about a woman forcibly separated from her child in the 1950s, said last night talks with the Vatican were under way about arranging a private screening.

Phliomena was released in late 2013, and starred Steve Coogan as journalist Martin Sixsmith and Dame Judi Dench as Philomena Lee

‘We asked for an audience with the Pope and we are in talks with the Vatican about screening the movie to Pope Francis.

‘This has been done through an intermediary and we have had a very good reception.’

The movie has been nominated for Best Picture at both the Baftas and the Oscars. But the story – about shamed Irishwoman Philomena Lee’s journey to be reunited with her son, who was taken from her by nuns and sold for adoption to a family in America at three – has deeply upset many factions of the Catholic faith.

They have accused film makers of distorting the truth about the order of Irish nuns portrayed in the movie.

The spokesman for the movie added: ‘We hope that if the Pope does see the movie, his wisdom will influence decision making.’

The movie’s producer, Harvey Weinstein, flew to Switzerland last month to meet with representatives from the Vatican and is co-ordinating the screening.

TTC said...


One wonders.

Will he emerge from the screening, giddy, shaking hands with producers and tell them to 'continue' on with their work to employ the principles and teachings of the Magisterium?

Anonymous said...

Getting too wacko for me.

Anonymous said...

All you need to know is that Cdl. Wuerl was at the Pope's side. That tells me that the former will not receive discipline from the latter concerning Canon 915.

The Catholic Church has reached the lowest depths of self-parody.

Jesus weeps.

Anonymous said...

I noted that Cardianl Wuerl SIGNED the petition against Jenkins-Obama. so I see having Cardinal Wuerl at the Pope's side as a clear sign of which side the Pope has standing upon. I see this move by the Pope as a "CHECK" in the game of Chess. Now, if the heritics Jenkins and McBrien "continue" to disrupt the continuence of Notre Dame's long history of being a Catholic College - then the Pope will CHECK-MATE them. I do not see the Pope or Cd Wuerl as being clowns who will not notice if and when Jenkins/McBrien flip the bird at them and continue to ruin our Catholic Institution.

Anonymous said...

[CORRECTION] Vatican spokesman: Francis won’t watch Philomena

By Staff Reporter on Tuesday, 4 February 2014
Catholic Herald

A Vatican spokesman has dismissed reports suggesting Pope Francis will watch the Oscar-nominated film, Philomena.

Over the weekend reports emerged that the Pontiff had been invited by Philomena’s producers to watch a specially co-ordinated screening of the film, based on The Lost Child of Philomena Lee by journalist Martin Sixsmith.

However, Fr Lombardi has said that the Pope will not be watching it and criticised the producers for using Francis as a “marketing strategy”.

“The Holy Father does not see films, and will not be seeing this one. It is also important to avoid using the Pope as part of a marketing strategy,” said Fr Lombardi