Sunday, February 2, 2014

Zmirak on the shame of the Catholic Subculture

Excellent reading.


breathnach said...

Zmirak is making the rounds crying out about the nuttiness and danger represented by "white-trash" "trad-Catholics". He's expending an awful lot of energy on a group he insists is negligible. It seems he's really P.O.'d about his understanding of their "reactionary" political beliefs. They've rejected the "American Proposition" of the Founders and Lincoln. They may be anti-democratic and monarchists who want to establish a confessional political state. Zmirak is in danger of becoming another Mark Shea. Though he's a better prose stylist than Shea.

The comments at the Catholic Thing, deal with his hysteria effectively:

JB said...

yea i thought it was kind of a weird article. mean spirited

TTC said...


I am surprised. He usually has his head on so straight.

Too many cigars or something?

breathnach said...

His knickers are in a twist over the trad Catholics. It must be going around- the Pope reacted similarly when he discussed receiving a spititual bouquet of rosaries from a trad prayer group.He had to get it out of his system by slamming them as " self-absorbed" "promethean" "neo-Pelagians". I'm not a trad myself but I don't get how in Zmirak's mind a group of people who are struggling to be true to teaching on contraception become a shameful sub-culture. Apparently, the hierarchy gets a pass. As teachers who have ignored the teaching and enabled the dissent the are in the clear, But those darn trads (with their large families and judgmental attitudes) had better find a way to appeal to the contracepting Catholics in the pews. It's the most cockeyed bit of non-reasoning I've ever read.