Tuesday, March 11, 2014


This is getting to be quite the show.

The Pope wants the teaching of the Church silenced so the bishops can 'study' the reasons why people are sleeping around.

They're looking for talking points to find out if it's wrong.

When it comes to sleeping around, they don't know where to find the answers right and wrong conduct.

It's a mystery.

Without the proper resources, they will need to assemble a committee immediately and start brainstorming.

Consequently, Pope Francis has issued an edict that priests and bishops stop teaching it's harmful to salvation. It might be okay. They don't know.

Since they don't know, the appropriate response to public announcements about sleeping around is 'BRAVO'.

Maybe Father Butterballino could Fed Ex a copy of the book that annotates the sex lives of priests in Boston and they can use it for their talking points.

Why the smoke and mirrors?

I think they already know what caused it, don't you?

Ordained men encourage it, through omission and commission.

Some of them gave personal lessons on how to do it, starting in kindergarten, but mostly with each other or in barrooms and in the rest stops of highways.

Meanwhile, watch Pope Francis get on a bus to go on retreat.

What a swell fella.

Color me impressed.

If I could only get over the irreversible damage he (and they) is doing to my children's intellect and moral compass, maybe I could join the party at the base of Mt. Sinai, help them polish their golden idols.

If I could only reconcile the irreparable harm done to my children's communion with the Deposit of Faith and Truth, I would grab a tambourine and yell bravo to every immoral actions they tell me Pope Francis has told them it's okay to do now.


Anonymous said...

What we have back is the "confusing" times of Pope Paul VI.

Sadly, this is only going to get worse.

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

I'd love to see what Pope Francis actually said. I think that article only conveys Cardinal Dolan's interpretation of the Holy Father. Lord only knows how reliable that interpretation may or may not be.

breathnach said...

You've got to hand it to the Lefty secularists in the media, in this case Daily Mail(UK). Cardinal Dolan does his best to fawn before them and they print the most unflattering images they can find. Our weak clerics never learn that the secularists are just going to keep kicking them upside the head.