Sunday, March 30, 2014

Archdiocese of Boston Searching for School Superintendent Who Despises Church Teaching on Morality and the Sanctity of Life

Cardinal O'Malley is on a search to find a new Boston Catholic School Superintendent in the colon of Catholic thought.

Let me throw this question out there.

If any reasonably prudent person wished to evangelize a generation of children to give them the tools for their salvation, what steps would one take to conduct the search to find the right candidate?

Finding the right candidate to match Cardinal O'Malley's objectives is a very purposeful process.

Would Human Resources advertise in a magazine read by plumbers, construction workers?

I would think not as Catholic Superintendents don't subscribe to those publications.

Hiring a candidate takes numerous steps that are thoughtful, intentional and very directed towards a select pool of candidates you're looking to attract.

One would want to attract a Catholic with the right credentials.

Not just any Catholic.

For instance, there are plenty of Catholics who work at Planned Parenthood.  We wouldn't want to attract people who subscribe to Planned Parenthood publications, so we wouldn't advertise there.

I would think the Cardinal wouldn't even be setting the bar as low as a Catholic who simply assents to Church teaching.

There is a curve on the road to conversion where one goes from dissent to assent with reservation.  When a Catholic assents with reservation, they've come to the place where they know Church teaching is the Truth and they accept but do not understand it.

This is the point of surrender.  When a soul acknowledges they are not the author of truth and surrenders to God, it is magnificent.  But these people do not have what is necessary to pass the faith onto the next generation.

Assent with reservation indicates the person doesn't have a handle on reason.  They haven't looked for it or found it yet.  They are on their way but not there.

The Cardinal's search should be conducted from a pool of candidates on the conversion curve at the benchmark of understanding Catholic reasoning and desperately in love with Church teaching.

A Catholic Superintendent of Schools is accepting a position that is responsible for the salvation of thousands of Catholic children.  They select books, resources, reading materials and programs to appropriately convey Catholic teaching to children for the outcome of making right judgments - the distinctions between right and wrong actions, good and evil, truth and lies.

A Catholic who does not understand Catholic reason is not able to detect flaws in educational materials.  They don't get it yet.  The soul has surrendered but the intellect is not equipped.  Yet.

I suspect that was the problem with the last superintendent who was set up for failure.  When Catholic parents came across the koolaid their child is came home with, it was one long and painful fugatz, until she moseyed on down the road.   The Chancery could keep up stock of Advil and toilet paper.

Of course, the problem isn't limited to selecting the right candidate for the Superintendent of Schools.  The problem is bigger and higher up the ranks and manifests itself in every nook and cranny in the Archdiocese.

Where is Cardinal O'Malley looking to find the right candidate to fill the shoes of the last battle-fatigued Superintendent?

A publication written by lesbians and homosexual men, priests, bishops and those who dissent against the moral teachings of the Catholic Church as they pertain to sex, contraception and abortion

When the Cardinal asks himself what's the attraction he'd like to lead his flock to, this is where he goes with it.

It has the stink of Rev. Bryan Hehir, as everything the man has done (as Cardinal O'Malley has been traveling from one airport to another) has been cultivated from this antichrist.

Regretfully, Boston Catholics have long ago given up the hope that Cardinal O'Malley has a different agenda than Rev.  Bryan Hehir.  He recruited him, has retained and protected him as he has rolled out his agenda.

As the Cardinal is a faithful man himself, it has been most difficult to understand.  But faithful Catholics cannot and in fact do not survive Cardinal O'Malley's administration.  He defends and protects their persecutors and their ultimate removal, and Rev. Bryan Hehir's agenda always rolls forward.

We are coming up on nearly ten years of demoralization and immoral sexualization of Catholic children.

I always thought the "little monsters" running the Boston Chancery didn't like the brawls, but after years of explaining why we are going to hold their feet to the fire to pass on our religion to our children, hold them accountable, all the way up to the Chair of Peter, I'm beginning to wonder if they actually like family feuds.    The place is filled with the kind of folks who show up on Thanksgiving having had one scotch too many to start a brannigan.

You want another decade of embarrassing revelations of corruption and the sexual perversion of our children?


You haven't had enough of it?

It is duly noted that the 'strategic vision' of the Archdiocese is bankrupt in it's ability to outline goals for religious formation of our children.

You will note the strategies for finances and math have all been thought out but nobody in the room had any idea on how to execute educating Catholics on their religion.

2012 - TBD
2013 - TBD
2014 - TBD

Still stumped in 2014 and looking for leadership to come up with the plan from people attracted to Joan Chittister and Thomas Gumbleton.

It is jaw dropping.


breathnach said...

It remains to be seen exactly what Cardinal Sean is faithful to. I suspect he is faithful to a desacralized "catholyc church"serving worldly goals and power.

TTC said...

Don't you get it?

These men are faithful themselves so they can get into heaven. We are supposed to be edified by that as they select apostates and dissidents to lead the children into the abyss.

Francis the Afraid said...


Superintendant must have empirico-ratio
and utterly secular concept of existence. Those
believing or struggling to believe in a supratemporal reality need not apply. Poets
Artist need not apply. Any ontological mystery
will not be tolerated.

breathnach said...

That's an even surer recipe for damnation then losing the Faith and acting as if you hadn't. If you are correct, in effect, they have accepted a radical version of Luther's formula. They are saved by their individual "faith alone" and their "works" (watering down the Faith, scandalizing the Faithful etc.)are not part of the equation-they are saved!

I believe lax clerics are world-lings. They are mesmerized by the World and power. They adjust their subjective "faith" to suit the currents that blow through the world. The World provides a truckload of distorted theological and humanitarian justification to soothe any doubts they may have.

patrick said...

Dr. Johnson said long ago that ''Intentions must be gathered from acts''.

TTC said...

Patrick, you said it!

adagioforstrings said...

Guess church dodged a bullet by not having Cardinal Sean elected pope.

The humble friar said...

Yes agree.
But he was not even in the mix. He tried
to PR himself through the secular
media via his huge PR outfit. It was
an odious and very distasteful spectatcle.