Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Is everything allowed in the marital bed?

Excellent reflection on human sexuality.


Anonymous said...

Jesus said the marriage bed is undefiled. Period. End of issue.

It's one thing to fight against extra-marital infidelity or other non-marital sexual immorality. It's quite another to poke one's nose where it isn't warranted.

The Church should clean up its own sexual mess (the sex-abuse crisis, which has fomented for at least a millennium) before it bothers lecturing married couples about sex.

TTC said...

Oh please!

Not that tired out straw man.

The Magisterium is the authority for the ordered use of the gift of human sexuality. If you are misusing g the gift as proscribed, you are defiling the marital bed with lust. Father is teaching the difference between human sexual activity based on passion of love and that which one has picked up from porn and is the fruit of lust.

Are you suggesting that marriage discharges couples from the advice of the Church?

Does that mean once you get married, you can use contraception because there were a handful of pedophiles in the 2000 year history of the Church?

How come your focus isn't on the thousands of saints the Church produced?

Hesketh said...

I understand that the "marriage bed is pornified" (3 Larry Flynt 12-13) is a selling point used by many Mega-Church Protestant preachers. Thank goodness it is being resisted by some Protestants:


Anonymous said...

Carol, that's not a "tired out straw man." It's the truth. The fact that the Catholic Church produced thousands of saints doesn't contradict the fact that church authorities have been massively hypocritical about sexual behavior throughout the centuries (see St. Peter Damian and "Liber Gomorrahianus," for starters). If those authorities really cared about sexual purity, they'd discipline their own priests and enabling bishops far, far more severely than they have.

The church doesn't need outside parties to destroy its moral authority on sexual matters. It has done a magnificent job of sabotaging itself. You know this. Why not admit it?

If Jesus can call out the Pharisees for being professional hypocrites, why shouldn't Catholics call out their leaders for the same?

TTC said...

I take it all the policemen convicted of rape signals to you that laws against rape are discredited.

You fooline.

You were like: Yeah. Pedophiles. Let me get a baseball bat and convey to my wife it all means nothing more than what I'd do to a prostitute on Columbus Avenue.

The minute you told her that is what she was all about to you, changed her feelings for you. (Not to mention herself.)

If you are honest with yourself, you will acknowledge your relationship with your wife has changed. Your marriage has lost its vitality, its life.

Were it not for fools, the devil would go starving.

TTC said...


We will keep you and your wife (or whoever and whatever it is you take to your bed) in our prayers.

I would kindly invite you not to post here. This is a group of Catholic men and women who want to visit a gutter about as much as they want to roll in dog poo.

TTC said...

I feel badly that I can't stomach twisted logic. I wish I could. It is like peering into an inferno and watching the gory details of people burning to death. Every sound of insanity being suffered makes me sick to my stomach and my instinct is to turn my head away from it.

If laws against rape are not diminished by policeman who break them, neither are the laws of God diminished by those who break them.

You don't want to know the truth about passion of the ordered use of sex. You are just using your own twisted logic as your excuse. There is a reason why there is no room for God in your bed and the pedophiles have nothing to do with it.

There is nobody in your bed but you. Nobody's interests or honor matters to you. Whatever persons or tools you bring to your bed is about the sex you're having with yourself.

And the problem isn't just manifesting itself on your mattress.

breathnach said...


Thanks for not allowing your blog to become a board for libertines to crusade for their anti-human views of sexuality. The internet is flooded with debased sexualized content. The very existence of a corner where life enhancing Catholic teaching is respected enrages those who can't abide the glory of the human person.

TTC said...


You are welcome.

There's plenty of places to post twisted logic and get an amen from the village idiots in the com boxes. This isn't one of them.