Monday, March 10, 2014

Mario Palmaro, Concerned Catholic Father, Avenged for Criticism of Pope - R.I.P.

“Do you understand, dear Editor? 
Soon they will take my seven years old child at school 
and they will make him play with condoms 
and his own genitals, 
and what does the Church talk to me about? ..."

Mario Palmaro has finished the race.

The last gift of the Catholic Church to Palmaro and his family was avenging his courage to speak about the silence and absurd priorities of Church leaders, including the Pope, as our children are being indoctrinated into perverting their divine gift of human sexuality.

When you think of the decades of theologians who criticized Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI - whose careers never missed a beat - Palmero is the poster boy for what's wrong the culture inside of the Church.

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