Thursday, March 27, 2014

Obama Says Pope Francis Is Not Concerned About the Religious Freedom of Catholics Under Obama's Edicts

According to Barack, the Pope did not express any concern about the murder, mayhem or religious freedom under his regime.

The Pope simply was looking to find common ground with him.

It must have been an exhaustive search.

The good news is, the Vatican was very proactive about reporting Obama was taken to the shed regarding his offenses against religious freedom.

This is an excellent step in the right direction.

That being said, Pope Francis once again said nothing.

He distanced himself, giving the world the appearance everyone speaking about the murder and mayhem is an enemy of the mission of the Church, modeled of course by Pope Francis himself.

With silence, Pope Francis is able to give the appearance that Cardinal Parolin was not speaking for and on behalf of the Catholic Church or Pope Francis, giving Obama control of the efficacy of the threat to salvation of millions of Catholics.

And I explained to him that most religious organizations are entirely exempt. Religiously affiliated hospitals or universities or NGOs simply have to attest that they have a religious objection, in which case they are not required to provide contraception although that employees of theirs who choose are able to obtain it through the insurance company,” the president haltingly continued.

“And I pledged to continue to dialogue with the U.S. Conference of Bishops to make sure that we can strike the right balance, making sure that not only everybody has healthcare but families, and women in particular, are able to enjoy the kind of healthcare coverage that the ACA offers, but that religious freedom is still observed.”

That's right nice of him.

But religious freedom belongs to every Catholic who owns a business.

Obamacare has only protected the Bishops. The Obama administration was relying on the Bishops to take the deal and run, protecting their own salvation and leaving the rest of us to forfeit salvation for food and shelter.

When is Pope Francis going to put his own face and name on Church teaching?

John Kerry expressed how delighted he is with the destruction of 2000 years of teaching faithfulness to doctrine as the basis for salvation: I'm “a great admirer of everything you’ve been doing, as a Catholic, for the church.”

Obama also expressed his admiration.

These exchanges of mutual admiration warm the cockles of the heart of Catholics and Christians undergoing persecution. We are so happy that Pope Francis found a place where he could make peace with his own silence. Getting downright giddy.

I must apologize for being a skunk at the lawn party, but handing Evangelii Gaudium as the message the Pope wished to convey, is a bit like handing Kim Jong Un a treatise on the charity of communism.

The man should have been handed Evangelium Vitae, Humanae Vitae, Theology of the Body and an autographed copy of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Instead, he was handed his license to proceed with the destruction of America.


A few very interesting quotes with emphasis from Fr. Z.

On Thursday, he headed here to benefit from the popularity of his replacement: Pope Francis.

Obama planned to use the closely watched meeting to show how aligned he is with the pope on income inequality, poverty and immigration — issues important to both the White House and Democrats as they try to paint Republicans as insensitive to the needs of Americans before the upcoming midterms.

“He needs the Francis bump,” said Chad Pecknold, a theology professor at The Catholic University of America.

Obama's talking points are as follows: He and the Pope are two kindred spirits trying to unravel the Catholic Church and the world from the trivia of morality and murder and focus on kisses, hugs, companionship.

There is absolutely zero evidence that the Holy Father wasn't on the same page with him.

Carry on. Here's your book.

Carry on. Here's your carrots. You cwazy wabbit.

Until the Pope rightly orders the absolute necessity to remain celibate outside of Sacramental marriage, the absolute necessity to make judgments about our conduct based upon the 2000 years of Church teaching - the need to teach it in every home, in every classroom, in every apostolate, parish, the need to execute every action based upon the principles of truth - we are all in for one hell of a slide into the abyss.

It is a painful thing to watch and experience.


Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Testem Benevolentiae would have been a good one to add to that reading material.

Anonymous said...

You, who have an image on your blog of John Paul II the worst pope in the history of the Church before Francis came along, want to complain about the state of affairs in the same Church and the world? Yeah, okay.

TTC said...

Scuzie thee Anonymous, are you speaking of Blessed John Paul II?

The guy who wrote Evangelium Vitae?

Ecclesia de Eucharista?

Veritas Splendor?

Fides et Ratio?

Dominum Et Vivificantem ?

Redemptoris Missio?

Redemptoris Mater?

Redemptor Hominis?

You can't serious.

Not everything a Pope will say and do is a witness to theology.

We are talking here about a trajectory leading people away from truth, a trajectory that obstructs truth, a trajectory ashamed of truth, a trajectory that condemns those who live the fiat of the Catholic Church.

My friend, you are the weeds of a couple of couple of Masses with liturgical antics and kissing a kookran.

As I have mentioned before, John Paul II was a deep mystic and impeccable theologian. The kookran is a book with instructions to murder Christ and His followers. Muslims have been following the instructions in the kookran and killing Christians for 2000 years.

I would invite you to consider that we did not understand the symbolism of his kiss.

Christians embrace their crucifixion.

On Good Friday, when you bend over to kiss the Cross, may the Holy Spirit fill you with enlightenment of Pope John Paul II kiss.

This is not a Pope war. We are asking Pope Francis to embrace vocation and kiss his Cross. This is a good man who has taken flight.

StevenD-Jasper said...

the other thing is that I wouldn't trust what Obama says at all, the man is a pathological liar..

TTC said...

Steve, very true.

I am strictly speaking about the pulpit watch. What Obama says happened is consistent with our experiences, consistent with a year of Pope Francis telling us killing people and sin are the small-minded rules of the monsters of the Church and he has come to save the world from it.

TTC said...

Think about it. The man was handed a book that can be used to license communism. Obama told Pope Francis when he is feeling down in the dumps, he will use it to give him strength to continue carrying out the economic destruction of our country.

There is support for Obama's account of the Pope's message to him.

Just saying...

susan said...

interesting take....

(and read "The Jesuits")

susan said...

...ooops, one other thing....thanks for the prayers Carol....back at ya! :)

Sheila said...

Yes, TTC, Anonymous is speaking truthfully of that very pope, whose canonization will be a travesty.

TTC said...


I don't think you can get much traction with that one.

Too much substance.

StevenD-Jasper said...

"The man was handed a book that can be used to license communism."

yes, that probably the last book he should have given to Obama...

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Pope and Obama finding "common ground"? That should be one of our greatest fears - unless a miracle is occurring and Obama repents of his corruption and murder-enabling.