Friday, April 4, 2014

Picture of the Holy Father

Come on folks!!!

Snap out of it!


James said...

Yes, but then there is this:

Monstrance Pope or Beach Ball Pope? I'm not sure, maybe he's not either.

TTC said...

He's evidently both.

But even the beach ball incident isn't the mark of the antichrist!

James said...

Agreed. I'm not in the least concerned about Pope Francis being Anti-Christ, precursor of Anti-Christ, demon or False Prophet. I am concerned with him as a bad Pope (in the human sense). I hope everyone continues their criticisms along those lines. I've watched faithful Catholics for 35 years back up the hierarchy through thick and thin by keeping their outrage mostly to themselves about clerical failures and accomodation of the World. It hasn't worked. I'll quote the Who (and not the Book of Revelation): "we don't get fooled again"!