Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Reading Coverage of Harvard University black mass dust up

I hope you are enjoying all the photos, stories coverage of the events that took place last evening.

Catholics are on fire!

Even Donilon is shooting flames from the Office of Milquetoast Musings and Memos!

Thank you to those of you who emailed links.

I got a kick out of Magsie Eagan's piece. It took lucifer himself, but she's finally written a respectful piece about faithful Catholics.

Local hero CJ Doyle of the Catholic Action League does not have his photos up yet but I wanted to give his tireless efforts an honorable mention here at TTC. He organized the important prayer vigil outside of Memorial Hall. A critical presence at the gates of hell which, at the end of the day, the demons dared not cross.

Do take the time to read this powerful letter from Fr. Roger Landry and follow up on lessons learned.

Fr. Landry articulates the overwhelming consensus of Catholics on Ms. Faust. Caricaturing Harvard University's support of a ceremony involving urination, defecation and perverted sex acts on a Consecrated Host to mock the Sacred Liturgy of the Catholic Church as a 'free speech' is completely full of baloney. Not a single Catholic I spoke to bought into it. Nor did her presence in the pew lend credibility to her assertion that she was offended by it but not enough to label it for what it was and stop it. We may be gracious, but we are not as stupid as we look.

We're glad she was there and all. She had a front row seat to the Divinity of Christ and we pray for her conversion. Good luck to her with that. But nobody smoked her crack pipe.

There are some great photos on the RCAB webpage.

I could get into that once a week.

A few things I think are worthy to note. One, is a rhetorical question posed from Cardinal O'Malley and another is the remedy provided in comments from the Holy Father earlier this week.

First the question from Cardinal O'Malley:

Dani Mellen, 25, of Jamaica Plain, sat across the street from the church and said that she had wanted to attend the black mass. She said that she is not a satanist, but was curious to see how the black mass worked.

“I understand it was supposed to be a reenactment of what a satanic mass would have been,” she said. “I’m not totally sure, because I’ve never attended one, but I was excited to because I have a thirst for knowledge.”

Cardinal Sean P. O’Malley and Faust had been at odds over the university’s initial decision to allow the reenactment on campus.

O’Malley said the event was disturbing. The satanic ritual is believed by critics to mock the Roman Catholic religion.

“Why people would want to do something that is so offensive to so many people in the community, whether they’re Catholic or not, it’s very repugnant,” O’Malley said in an interview with the Globe.

I think we know the reason why.

The shepherds haven't fed the flock for decades and they thirst. Their intellect is empty and their souls starved.

Earlier this week, the Pope gave us the instructions for the remedy:

That McKinley woman is onto something.

“Bother your pastors, disturb your pastors, all of us pastors, so that we will give you the milk of grace, of doctrine, and of guidance....And he asked, too, for the help of the faithful. Taking an example from the works of St Caesarius of Arles (an early Church father), he talked about how calfs will nudge their mothers with their noses so the mother’s will give them milk. “A beautiful image,” he said. And that, he said, is how the people of God should be with their pastors, calling on them, disturbing them, even to the point of being troublesome or burdensome.”

That's a swell idea! And timely too!! We are going to be giving the emails and faxes a good work out in the week ahead. We've got a problem with a president at Boston College that has needed intervention for years. He has poisoned the well of many souls and needs to be as plucked from his post as swiftly as a pedophile. We've spent a decade pleading with him. He's a gonner himself and needs to be removed to protect the children long before they are roaming the streets under the influence of Legion.

It's a ground game. We've got to free up doctrine and get it taught to our children in every parish and school.

The absence of it has our children wandering in the streets of Harvard Square looking to satiate their thirst with Ms. Faust's insidious breast milk. Incidentally, irony of the legend association with her last name did not go unnoticed in Christendom. She is not alone.

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