Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Pope Francis' Obsession with Money Continues

Pope Francis Praises Impact Investing

His administration is organizing the loons at the "Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace", the most well-known heretical college in the United States and the most well known Catholic apostolate investing in abortion to talk about how to recruit rich people to follow Jesus' instructions about virtuous circle of profit and solidarity.

You remember when Jesus found the people putting millstones around the necks of children and financing the murders of the innocents and told them they are in their inner circle of virtue and solidarity if they make charitable contributions?

Me neither.

If you invest in abortion, morally and spiritually twist generations of children, so long as you tithe you are virtuous and in Pope Francis circle of solidarity.

I have a good idea what image to use for the chotchkies of the event: The picture of Dorian Gray.

Might be time to change the blog name again. I think we have the picture of what the Pope is really saying. And not saying.

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Anonymous said...

I have to say that you have been very patient with the Bishop of Rome....something I've had much difficulty with myself. I believe we have a real Modernist sitting in the Seat....and much destruction is and will continue to come from the pontificate of Francis.