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Pray for us St Anthony, Hammer of Heretics

Blessed Feast of St. Anthony who was also known as the Hammer of Heretics.

With the zeal of an apostle he undertook to reform the morality of his time by combating in an especial manner the vices of luxury, avarice, and tyranny. The fruit of his sermons was, therefore, as admirable as his eloquence itself. No less fervent was he in the extinction of heresy, notably that of the Cathares and the Patarines, which infested the centre and north of Italy, and probably also that of the Albigenses in the south of France, though we have no authorized documents to that effect. Among the many miracles St. Anthony wrought in the conversion of heretics

Quite contrary to the antics of friars of scandal-plagued St. Anthony's Shrine in Downtown Boston.

Boston Catholics have been reporting conduct and scandalous theology of the friars at the Shrine for many years. All the way up to the Holy See.

Even when a Catholic who writes gay porn penned a book about the sex lives of the friars, everyone up to and including the Holy See turned a deaf ear.

For many years the friars had a nudge-nudge-wink-wink relationship with the porn writer who surely must have loved Our Lord and searching for a relationship with Him and His Church. They told him detailed stories of their sexcapades right up until the day he published their memoirs in his book. Then, the friars turned on him and ran him out of Christ's Church.

" of homosexual "romance" novels, told local media that he was not surprised that some backlash had come with the publication of his "gay memoir." But he said he was "kind of speechless" that it had come from the Franciscan friars of St. Anthony’s where [redacted] had served as a lector at Mass for years.

"I anticipated in my book that perhaps the archdiocese might boot me out, but it never occurred to me that it would be the friars," he told the Boston Globe. "I am still kind of speechless - I am on some level amazed that it came from the friars, since these guys sat through interviews with me for the express purpose of this book."

(Several Archdiocesan priests also participated in providing their scandalous conduct to our brother.)

From time to time, I think about this man whose relationship with Christ must have suffered terribly because of the scandalous conduct of the friars and pray for him. I fervently hope that he has recovered enough to pray for all of us and Christ's Church.

Instead of being priests, physicians of the soul, they exploited this man for the sake of sexual jollies. I get mad when I think of their misfeasance and malfeasance of our brother's spiritual welfare, all those who followed him into the snake pit at St. Anthony's Shrine and priests and parishes who operate like them.

St. Anthony's Shrine is still operating the sham church.

St. Anthony's served a generation of Irish immigrants. I have always felt like a possession of ours was stormed and overcome by a coup of pagans who are perverting and wreckovating It and there isn't a prelate holding power in possession of the backbone necessary to take it back from them. Every time I go in there, I feel sick.

Our Church leaders are very busy of course. There is lots of work to do, dismantling seminaries and monastaries operated by faithful priests, nuns and parishes filled with Catholics who are attracted to Church teaching and the Sacred Liturgy of the Latin Rite.

With limited time and resources at the Holy See, making choices between managing priests pushing porn and sex or priests pushing the sacred moments of mystical prayer and intimacy in the Latin Rite - the latter is much of a scandal to every administrative body within the Church from local superiors to the Chair of Peter.

I digress.

In another fine example of how spiritually dangerous priests are capitalizing on Pope Francis' little problem with his pie hole, they are blessing their spiritual misfeasance and malfeasance with chotchkies inferring our beloved Pope doesn't want us making judgments on right and wrong ways to use the gift of human sexuality.

I wish they would get out of our shrine. Go crazy somewhere else. We are all full up here.

Our friend and colleague CJ Doyle at the Catholic Action League has issued the following Action Alert:

The Catholic Action League of Massachusetts today criticized Boston's Saint Anthony's Shrine---administered by Franciscan Friars, members of the same religious family as the city's Capuchin archbishop, Sean O'Malley---for their decision to host an information booth at this year's homosexual "Pride Festival" on June 14th. The festival will be held in Boston City Hall Plaza, where the city's annual "Pride Parade" ends.

The Grand Marshals of the 2014 parade will be the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a transvestite group whose members costume themselves as Catholic nuns. The SPI have a long history of mocking the Catholic Faith, producing obscene parodies of Catholic worship, exploiting Catholic imagery, and profaning Catholic symbols and sacramentals, such as the crucifix.

Their sacrileges include the "Hunky Jesus" contest and the "Condom Savior Mass," where contraceptives are distributed in place of Holy Communion. In 1987, they conducted a burlesque "exorcism" of Pope, now Saint John Paul II.

Although staffed by a religious order, rather than diocesan priests, Saint Anthony's is a Catholic church inside the Archdiocese of Boston, which operates with the permission of the archbishop. Accordingly, the League is also calling upon Catholics to contact Cardinal O'Malley and urge him to put a halt to this outrage.

The Catholic Action League is calling Saint Anthony's participation in the Pride Festival "a scandalous betrayal of Catholic principles, compounded by a shocking indifference to the specifically anti-Catholic character of this year's event."

Catholic Action League Executive Director C. J. Doyle made the following comment: "The message of the Boston Pride Parade and its subsequent festival is one of radical rejection of Catholic morality, exacerbated, in this case, by overt contempt for the Catholic religion. It is accompanied by lewd behavior, immodest dress, displays of exhibitionism, and men marching in leather masks, dog collars and chains, the apparel of sadomasochism."

"Whatever rationalizations are offered, any sane person would reasonably conclude that the presence of the Shrine sends a signal of support and approval to a celebration of homosexuality. No one in secular society should be expected to take seriously Catholic teaching on marriage, on chastity outside of marriage, or on the need for modesty and purity in speech, dress, or behavior when one of Boston's best known Catholic institutions takes part in something as course, vulgar, and indecent as a homosexual pride festival."

"Finally, it is also uncharitable to the souls who may be lost, because the friars, instead of calling for their conversion, are affirming them in their sins. It is grievously deplorable."

(781) 251-9739

Concerned Catholics contacting the Archdiocese were immediately directed to 'a comments line'.

Chancery employees call it the "talk to the refrigerator" campaign.

Boston Catholics who are a little more sophisticated in how to circumvent talking to the refrigerator, received a response such as the one below:

Dear _______,

St. Anthony Shrine, although within the Archdiocese of Boston, is a parish of the Franciscan Order and so I encourage you to contact them directly with your questions and concerns. The Archdiocese has no knowledge of the intent of this initiative and is not associated with it . Thank you for your correspondence.
Very Rev. Kevin M. Sepe

They are mystified as to what it is all about and it has nothing to do with them.

Fr. Sepe is actually a good egg. He took a position at the Chancery though and I am beginning to wonder if the carbon monoxide coming from Fr. Hehir's office is starting to affect his judgment.

Seriously...Do you think they know how the power of an Archbishop works or do you think they think we are as dumb as we look?

Never mind, I don't want to know.

Please keep our SSA brothers and sisters in your prayers this weekend. They have about as much of a chance at being catechized and pastored to salvation as the turkeys at Bonjis hoping for a long and happy life on the week before Thanksgiving.

If you have any extra prayers to spay, please also pray for those who are being forced to watch it happen.

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