Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Archdiocese of Boston is Gone to the Dogs

It is absolutely astounding how many nations are in ruin.

When I read the section Pewsitter has today on Britain, I thought to myself, it is completely buggered. The British government has informed Catholic doctors to get out of the country. England has passed a law which legal experts are advising could and they expect will be used to imprison Catholic parents who teach Church teaching.

Let us face it: This didn't happen to Christ's people in the UK without the assistance of Catholic clergy and lay people.

We are guilty.

I remember waking up twenty years ago to the nightmare in our own country. I was away from the Church for a while, upset with It's teachings on contraception, and when I finally woke up out of my diabolical disorientation and walked into my local parish, I did not recognize what I saw. I went to the neighboring parish and then the neighboring parish after that. A year or two and forty miles of parishes later, I still did not recognize it.

A group of lay Catholics were assembling around that time to try to figure out what to do about the mess. We infiltrated meetings, parishes, collected info, sent it up the chain of command, manifesto after manifesto. Naively, we thought we'd get help from somewhere but after acknowledging the mess is what it is and a little bit of help here and there we were told, sometimes with big grins, it is hand-to-hand combat and they would be praying for us.

We went on a rollercoaster of feelings about the handoffs. While we felt abandoned and frustrated, they saw a warrior. They were beaming. Like it was a glorious task and we better get moving on it.

Sometimes we still get on the rollercoaster!

We eventually pulled it together and decided to expose the nonsense, parish-by-parish, on the internet. It was (and still is) extremely effective.

Sometimes I wonder if that is what we should just get back to - infiltrating and exposing parish-by-parish. (More on this later, but I was recently told that Cardinal O'Malley has appointed one of the worst apostate priests in the history of the Archdiocese of Boston, Fr. Ron Coyne, to a head a collaborative. Oddly, this priest is among a rather large group of apostate priests whom Cardinal O'Malley is gaga over, promotes and protects. We need to do something or we will lose another generation to it. )

I have recounted this story before, so I ask forgiveness of long-time readers, but we have many new among us over the last few years and with recent developments, it bears repeating.

When we started out on the internet, we began to hear from thousands of Catholics who told us stories about their school and parish. Email, phone, regular mail, UPS, Express mail, face-to-face meetings - the piles of papers detailing spiritual abuse were overwhelming.

I would come home to packages on my front steps, in my driveway, mailbox, back porch. If my children beat me home from school, they would gather up the packages and put them in my office or on the kitchen table.

You couldn't help but to fall on your knees and cry for Catholics who lost love ones to some dissenting priest or teacher gone mad and the trail of arrogant patronizing letters that told them nobody really gives a flying fig. As the people became more persistent in seeking help, the more abusive the lay people, priests, Chancery employees became.

Those gathered here at TTC are well versed in the routine.

A number of orthodox priests advised and counseled a group of Catholics who were running around the Archdiocese of Boston trying to plug up the holes on the Titanic (under the radar of course). We tried to keep up with the avalanche at first.

I remember one day, one of them saying, with all sincerity, "We can't keep up with it, it's gone to the dogs".

He dropped out of the battle, so did several others. But a group of us got stronger and we pulled the rug out from underneath the whole shebang. Until Cardinal O'Malley brought in Fr. Bryan Hehir and he dismantled two hundred years of building the Roman Catholic Church in Boston. Cardinal O'Malley gave him his power, surrounded him with a wall of protection and he leveled nearly everything.

They have made much progress in the Chancery and in our schools, but they do not have our parishes back yet though they are starting back up on that level under the reign of Pope Francis. Interesting he is now in the public square using Pope Francis' name for his insidious agenda, giving an 'outline' of what's going to go down under Pope Francis.

I saw the little weasel at the services at St. Paul's responding to the Black Mass.

He sat a few rows behind me acting like he had nothing to do with the destruction of souls setting up their worship of satan across the street at Harvard University and he was there to lend us all a helping hand.

I had to restrain myself from calling him on his duplicity and pinning his accountability between his eyes. I decided against it. We've spent years pointing it out to him, his superiors all the way to the Chair of Peter. He has his own shelf in the library of manifestos of apostates in St. Peter's Square. I don't owe him anything and I have gone overboard doing my duty to Christ. I will have no regrets with that one on my day of reckoning. He is anathema and I am not wasting another breath telling him and his superiors what they already know.

My point is here, if this mother and the small group of Catholics who somehow managed to escape the dissident priests were overwhelmed by the paper trails, you can imagine how the Popes feel.

It's time for us to make a big mess - as Pope Francis called it. LOL.


Anonymous said...

Sister in Christ...

If you haven't, please assist at Mass at Mary Immaculate of Lourdes in Newton, 1030 4undays. It is most srpiritually edifying and can help allievjate world_weariness
No place this side of the grave is perfect, and I know the subcurrents at play even here.

But, they do a couple of things well, and it's the least bad place in Boston.

TTC said...

Thank you for your kind reminder of this beautiful Mass.

Many wish they had one on the North an South shore!

Anonymous said...

The cluster pastorates were announced 2 weeks ago:

And that article about British doctors has an incorrect headline (headlines being written by editors, not the authors of articles, the headlines are often inaccurate): the remarks were by an industry consultant, not anyone from the gummint. The remarks also make reasonably clear that the problem is the declining level of staffing to feasibly accommodate conscience objections as in the past. So there is a solution - improve staffing levels - to ameliorate the problem in a manner different than the headline suggests.

TTC said...

Thanks for the link.

Let's talk about the pastors who were put in charge of oversight of catechesis first.

I would think you know the scandal of this appointment:

"Rev. Ronald D. Coyne: Most Precious Blood, Hyde Park and St. Pius Tenth, Milton and St. Anne, Readville"

As for the others, with all of the faithful pastors that came out of the reign of Saint John Paul II, educated Catholics are dumbfounded that the following priests with long histories of heresy, in particular ashtray pertain to human sexuality, were appointed:

Early, Woods, Clifford, Kelleher, Quinn.

It was nearly a complete coup by Boston's La Cage aux Folles.

TTC said...

Do I understand your second point to be concluding there is no affront to conscience protections? It is simply a world filled with good faith people who are short staffed?

Anonymous said...

No, my second point is merely that the UK government did not tell Catholic doctors to leave. That is, simply, factually incorrect. You were mislead by the headline writer. The problems are not the same as in the US; they are problems, but different. Conflating them too neatly does not serve the truth well.

Anonymous said...

As for the pastors, other than Coyne as you've discussed, I didn't know the names. They've not been in my neck of the words in MetroNorth country, so I haven't a clue about them from personal experience. I just provided the link to validate what you heard.

The odd thing is that not all appointments are published anymore. It seems many appointments do not get published by the RCAB. A pastor of a nearby parish was appointed in the past couple of years after the longtime pastor was moved - the latter move was published, but the successor appointment was not. I've seen vicars moved around with no publication. One might complain that it's not "transparent". (I would, for that matter.)

TTC said...

I am not an expert in the culture in Britian, that is for sure so I appreciate your insight. There is such a thing as the government forcing a situation that makes it impossible to work and raise your family without surrendering salvation. I took the persons remarks on face value as this is very much what we have in our own hospitals in this country. We can't even make chicken or cupcakes for a living without the government leading a fatwa upon us.

We had the former mayor here announce in the public square that he was working behind the scenes to make sure those who are faithful to Chiech teaching be denied business lisences.

We have to face the music.

TTC said...

There is at least one good appointment. Another that is not a complete train wreck. A few names I don't recognize. But for the most part, welcome to the movie Birdcage, playing in your local collaborative.

TTC said...

I hope I am being clear about the culture as I have only had one cup of coffee!

While there is no law that Catholucs cannot own a business to sell chicken, the mayor was proactively killing business licenses of faithful Catholics and he has no shame in coming right out and saying so?

Is there a law we can't make cupcakes in this country?

Well no, but if some bleephole can't respect the rights of people who hold religious values who can't participate in any way to the self destruction of your salvation and get their cupcakes from the hundreds of places whose religion doesn't prohibit their participation, our business is destroyed.

The entire nation now is insisting Catholics buy contraception and abortuon for the mindless sluts they have produced or have our businesses destroyed.

It is not exactly memorialized into the law, but we all know what they are doing and why and how it affects us.

That is more where the writer was going in my read of the situation. But again, I am only reading stories which seem to make clear Britain has gone completely insane. I could be mistaken.

Netmilsmom said...

God Bless you!
I'm kind of new to the blog and didn't know the story. Thank you for sharing it again.
We have young priests who are crying out to celebrate masses with substance and homilies with meat but are shut down by higher ups.
All we can do is pray for them.