Saturday, July 19, 2014

A prolife reader asks, where is Cardinal O'Malley?

As legislators are furiously trying to overrule the SCOTUS and write another piece of unconstitutional legislation that gives a patrolman in a cruiser the power to jail and fine Eleanor McCullen $10,000, everyone has been asking the question - Where is Waldo?

Since Eleanor McCullen is a fairly decent benefactor to the Archdiocese, one would think the Cardinal would speak out against the character assassination of her prayerful and gentle work saving lives and souls and the retaliation tactics of the politicians who have a stake in the killing of babies be as they don't have any desire to give shelter, formula and diapers to American unwed mothers.

Who knew, all this time the government would be willing to put up six thousand dollars a month to give food and shelter to a needy child?

Who knew Cardinal O'Malley would zoom in front of a camera to help advocate food and shelter for children so long as they are not American children.

"I can help with housing, medical — we work with St. Elizabeth's, just down the road, and everything is free," she says, walking with the women as they approach the door.

Martha Coakley and the sled dogs of a government whose answer is to murder children rather than give them free or cheap stuff they need don't wan't people like Eleanor McCullen and Bill Cotter offering women the help they need. They don't want them to know help is out there.

Planned Parenthood invents all kinds of boogeymen that the police are not able to find. The reality is, these are people, most are retired or clergy, who are offering women help and praying.

Here's the 'threat' to 'public safety':

"Good morning, Jesus loves you," said Mary O'Donnell, an 82-year old woman carrying rosaries and pamphlets who arrived at the center at 7 a.m.

Why would the Cardinal sit silent as these heroes are being maligned as violent thugs who need to be fined $10,0000 and jailed at an arbitrary judgment of a patrolman who receives a false allegation?

The United States Chairman of the Prolife Committee is nowhere to be found on this critical battle in the saving of lives and the constitutional rights of Catholics.

Yesterday, while standing in line at an amusement park in New Hampshire, I got a phone call that there was a sighting.

Cardinal O'Malley was on television with Governor Deval Patrick.

I know what you're thinking.

Was he advocating for housing, formula, diapers and other things necessary to stop Deval Patrick and Martha Coakley from killing the children?

Was there a big announcement on a collaborative effort to feed, house and clothe the children and their mothers?

No. Eleanor will go to jail and the poorhouse, the children will be put to death and their mother handed over to the devil without a peep from Cardinal O'Malley.

He was on television helping Barack Obama find housing for the invasion of illegal alien to advance the collapse of our country.

Boston Catholic Insider has said everything on the subject matter that needs to be said.

I encourage all to read it.

Helping Deval and Martha find homes for illegals are more important than stopping them from killing American children who are protected by the Constitution of the United States.


StevenD-Jasper said...

sometimes I stand outside our local killing mill in Haverhill with the little old ladies and men saying the rosary. (pretty much all Catholics). They are some of the kindest people you will meet. They really want to help the young mother and they will direct them to out local PCC. How that filthy Coakley and other degenerates are portraying them is disgusting.

M. Prodigal said...

Maybe the ones that run the Catholic Church are as corrupt as the secular government in some cases? Are they not getting paid per illegal they help? Did not some dioceses get millions of dollars in advance? Guess it pays to be 'peace and justice'!

But the murder of the unborn and the loss of souls....well, that is harder to get paid for.

Anonymous said...

As a CATHOLIC I have a right to be taught morals in church - I am still waiting.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you misspelled O'Malady, and Devil Patrick as well ;)