Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Patheos Starts Another War - This Time its...(drumroll).......Pewsitter!

Pewsitter uses word "Admits", potty-mouth woman writes screed saying 'to hell with you pewsitter'.

Musta been a dull day in Christendom at the covan.

Then she passed the crack pipe to Fr. Longenecker.

I've noticed something about Fr. Longenecker. It seems to me he goes on a roll with some really decent stuff but takes a quantum leap into Lalaland when ditzy women get their britches in a twist. I'm betting he was quite a ladies man in his prime!!

I normally don't link when the vultures are feeding at patheos, but you just have to check this one out.

Fr. Longenecker took issue with criticism of the sissified letter the UK Bishops sent to the Anglicans on the invalidity of matter (women!) with respect to the Sacrament of Ordination.

While the point of the statement was to state clearly that the Anglicans had erected a yet more grave obstacle to unity, the bishops’ statement was diplomatic in the usual terms, expressing thanks for the progress made over the years in discussion and the warm affection many Anglicans and Catholics share.

I found it strangely negative and sour therefore to find that the new hounds over at Pewsitter created a headline that was cynical and seemed to undermine the Catholic bishops.


Fr. Longenecker comes across to me as strangely negative, cynical and quite the sourpuss himself! Right back atcha there kiddo.

Those of us who find an act of reckless misfeasance in Catholic Bishops expressing thanks and warm affection to a feckless group of episcopal wizards hoodwinking Christ's people into their macabre world of apostasy are getting under Fr. Longenecker's skin.

Fr. Longenecker is mystified. He asks:

What did the folks at PS expect from the English bishops?

Put your thinking cap on dude.

How about they dust off the Code of Canon Law and start exercising Its principles of Law?

How about they put their nose back into Scripture and take good notes on Christ's behavior when it came to heretics and apostates and start acting like Him?

Or, how about you pull It out and see if you can find Christ penning a sissyboy letter to Caiaphas expressing thanks for the progress made in discussions and warm affections the Apostles shared with him.

Where do these people get their ideas???!!!

The barkle does end with a lucid moment:

I’ve gone off track.

Amen brother. Amen.


Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Shea weighed in on the matter too. He ended his piece with "And the rest of the site remains a clearinghouse for contempt for much of the Church’s magisterial teaching and this pope in particular. Take the log out of your own eyes, anonymous Pewsitter cowards."

I guess since you and I regularly have our posts appear in Pewsitter, that means we're "anonymous cowards", too?

Sometimes insults are a badge of honor.

TTC said...

Pewsitter is a clearing house for contempt for much of the Church's magisterial teaching?

What to you call that mental/spiritual malady that projects one's own flaws onto everyone around them?

Dymphna said...

Fr is a prime example of why I think most priests shouldn't blog.

Anonymous said...

Shea and Fr. Lngenecker (dye the beard and we have an exFather Corapi look alike)--both can't seem t to get past their modernist/Protestant leanings. Who could take them seriously? New Advent is another site that seems to lean in that direction--so I look to Pewsitter --and other elsewhere to stay informed.
To knowingly, and BLINDLY accept and laud heresy, by brushing over comments contrary to the Faith--even if they come from the Pope--is too wrong.

TTC said...

Excellent coverage here:


Be sure to read the comments!