Saturday, July 5, 2014

Pope Hints of Christian Persecution in America?

I apologize for the silence. As this pontificate manifests itself, many days I find I don't know what to do or say that hasn't already been said before.

I don't generally follow celebrity news and I am guessing readers here do not either, but I came across a story about Elton John's sentiments about the Pope Francis effect and I actually thought he nailed the moral theology coming out of Rome, in our parishes, friends and families:

Pop star Elton John called the Pope “wonderful” and said Jesus would approve of marriage equality in an interview on Sunday, the same weekend gay-pride events occurred all over the world.

Though no doubt unintended, who could deny the Pope Francis pontificate has been rocket fuel for endorsing same sex sex?

I get sick to my stomach when I think about the upcoming Synod on the family.

I worry that before white smoke rises again from a chimney in Rome, it will be Sacriligious Communion for everyone.

When it comes to diabolical disorientation and the spiritual whac-a-mole necessary to keep the demons from our doorstep, we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg of spiritual insanity.

I don't at all mean to imply this is Pope Francis' agenda because I sincerely do not believe it is. I believe him to be a faithful Pope who thinks getting folks to the endgame of celibacy outside of Sacramental marriage relies upon withholding Church teaching, silence, ridicule and persecution those who teach it and, preaching that the Church doesn't care who, what or when we sleep around with because getting into heaven is about the distribution of money.

As a blogger, it is scandalous to have to tee up a blog post with each incidence of misfeasance and malfeasance of the spiritual and temporal goods of Christ's Church.

I also came across this post and this one about the silence of blogs about the likelihood most faithful Catholic bloggers have had to come to terms with the...nightmare and are attempting to maintain unity through the exercise of silence.

True dat.

Of late, Pope Francis has been hinting that there will be Christian persecution in America.

It referenced a different kind of persecution, an ‘elegant’ forcing out, or ‘white glove’ persecution, which the Pope said, is “persecution” nonetheless.

To discover his meaning, we can turn to Francis’ speech to the International Congress on Religious Liberty from June 20, 2014. In it he warned that “in the name of a false concept of tolerance,” those “who defend the truth about man and the ethical consequences” end up being persecuted.

That would be you! LOL.

When I first saw Pope Francis trajectory, I remember wondering if it was an attempt to quell the ethnic cleansing of Christians being carried out throughout the world.

But setting up those of us who preach and practice our religion as an enemy of a Pope who gives the appearance salvation is about the distribution of money results in the painting of a bullseye on the backs of faithful Catholics, from which he sets himself apart.

The culture is deteriorating rapidly.

The American military has already been stripped of any rights to practice Christianity, with a particular focus on the free practice of the Catholic religion. It is gonzo.

The communists are now working on removing our ability to earn a living. They thought they had the Supreme Court stacked and could carry it out. Through God's mercy, a miracle has occurred and we have been given a reprieve.

I doubt it will last long. Overthrow of the three branches of government for tyranny and dictatorship has been in the plan. How he is going to pump hormones to chemically sterilize women working for practicing Catholics is under review for 'executive power'.

There is no legal principle through which a President can overrule the Supreme Court of the United States through executive power or congressional action that I can think of - any reader crawling into the gutter to attempt to think like them is welcome to post possible actions in the comments section.

The only thing I can think of would be to attempt to change laws protecting religious liberty by removing conscience protections, forcing people of every creed to carry out immoral and amoral acts the pagan government codifies into law.

I think Americans are stupified enough to get it through. The PR campaign to slander Christians has been successful for many years. Americans are glued to the Kadashians and Charlie Sheen and lined up at tatoo parlors. They have no idea what is happening to them and our country.

Fr. Paul Nicholson delivered an outstanding teaching on the acts of martyrs. Whatever you do, take the time to listen.

The end is ugly for everyone. The cruelty of persecutors, who themselves have already self-destructed, does not go unpunished. Our game is staying on the winning team, no matter who the bully of the month is.

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