Monday, July 7, 2014

St. Agnes Sr. Dianne Bergant Explains Vatican II

St. Agnes Sr. Dianne Bergant (have enough names there lady?)explains the victorious march of clapping fornicators to a motley crew of priests in St. Louis -- The Bible has been transformed!!

Sarah Bernhardt's full report is here. Scroll down and check out the picture of "priests" in the audience. Proves my theory that dissent on moral and sexual teachings of the Church makes your hair fall out.

Here's the Reader's Digest on her report. Vatican II gave way to hiring Protestant ministers to teach Catholics dissent. Catholic doctrine didn't matter anymore and as a result, the Bible doesn't have any definitive teaching in it. 'Meanwhile' leaders with zero training in any form of biblical interpretation organized groups to 'run with this new openness' to teach others how to interpret the Bible the way they do.

Here comes the kicker:

"As a result, catechetical programs grounded in Bible study began to be established and liturgical preaching became Biblically based."

Sanity was as hard to find in that room as a full head of hair.

Another apostate nun 'connects the dots' in a book called 'Conscience and Calling' chronicling "catholic women, especially women in canonical religious communities, who are the focus of most of her attention, have moved from a default reaction of obedience'

Because faithfulness to a Person you deeply love is something you twist into the default of forced "obedience".

Fr. Z reports on Joan Chittister's honey-do list for the Synod. Cardinal Kasper's talking points really struck a chord.

Here's another dame who is working with Debra Haffner to chemically sterilize women and kill unborn children. Haffner, the former president of SIECUS was a proponent, among other things, of teaching adults to masturbate children. Priests are serving prison sentences for executing some of her ideas.

What a scandal that the Romans let this happen to nations full of Christ's people as they were dining on the finest wines and spaghetti and the meatatheballsa.


Maria said...

LOL. Conscience. Their forever get out of jail card. The more I read the more I am convinced:pray,fast and keep the beasds going. No other way out mon frere. How ARE you?

Left-footer said...

The felt bannners! The shabby, non-clerical garb! The felt (not thought!), shabby, non-clerical theology.

Enough to poison a toad. Thank you for this insight into the Nu-Church mind.

God bless!

Anonymous said...

Good grief.

We had 15 (yes, that's right *fifteen*) priests from our diocese go to this... (AARP?) convention, Carol.

It made me ill to find this out.

So around 250 priests total (average age probably about 69) "petition" Rome with their... *opinions* to allow priests to marry, shake their index fingers at the CDF for daring to take on the LCWRs and to complain, *AGAIN*, about the terrible new English translation for the OF of Holy Mass?

Wow. A whole 250? Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

That'll sure tug on the cassocks in Rome and get their attention, right?


Catechist Kev

TTC said...

Maria, nice to hear from you!

Chris, This is why three women with felt were sidetracked on their way to Bethlehem.

Kev, ugh!!! All anyone has to do was see a picture of the keynote speaker to know where it was going! Sr. Wearthepants in the chancery book it??