Sunday, August 31, 2014

Cardinal Wuerl Wonders...where are the voices?

Cardinal Wuerl seems mystified by the silence in the public square.

Indifference sure is a frightening thing to watch, but truly, I am mystified why he's mystified.

With all due respect, when I saw his statement, I said to myself - He cannot be serious.

This is the agenda he and his colleagues in the United States Bishops Conference have been working to put into place for decades.

The world where nobody gets involved when mass murderers are doing their thing in another country.

Whatza matter you? This is what peace looks like in the episcopal urban dictionary.

Cardinal Bernadin and Bryan Hehir's theological agenda is finally in full swing: The world where prelates abandon the victims to make nice and honor the murdering political regime.

Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama have been facilitating the beheading of unborn American children their entire political careers. Killing adults in this fashion and putting videos of it up on youtube is a bit more dramatic but at the end of the day, there isn't a dimes worth of difference.

What are they crybabying about?

They got their universal healthcare and the anarchy of open borders.

Did you see James O'Keefe crossed the border dressed like Osama Bin Laden?

This is the America they dreamed about. Peace, peace.

The beheadings and dead bodies are the price paid for the honors at Boston College, Notre Dame and swanky dinners with DNC political muckedy-mucks.

And they always have been.

It's too far gone now. Too far gone.

So you'll excuse me if I don't caricature the crybabying now from the sponsors of this nightmare as some kind of heroic virtue.


Adrienne said...

Well - that sums it up nicely. He kept asking "where are the voices?" Really? Perhaps Dolan's guffaws drowned them out. Ya think?

TTC said...

You've got that right.

He was also articulating the notion that what is happening to women and children is so very different than ever before and he doesn't want his conscience to scream 'complicit!' with silence.

Evidently, his conscience still doesn't get the complicity of helping elect and support the agenda POTUS who is behind it all.

Adrienne said...

I remember when I use to really like him - mainly because we used to use his early teaching videos in RCIA and they were really well done. Then I started to investigate and sure didn't like what I found out.

Notice how he's worried about <his conscience. What about all the souls who may have been led astray?

Some days it's really disheartening. :-(

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

One might ask why Wuerl and the rest of the USCCB crowd isn't belly-aching for the admission of these Christians and Jews into this country as refuges? After all, they are more in danger than are these central American gang members pouring across the country. Dare I suggest an answer? There are federal funds to be had for the shilling of the illegals crossing the Rio Grande, but none for the Christians being slaughtered in the mid-east. No funds, no interest. Then Wuerl tries to scape-goat the Catholic in the pew. Sorry! That ain't flying!

StevenD-Jasper said...

what happen to 'dialogue' ?

Steve Dalton said...

Where are the voices? maybe in his head!

Dymphna said...

I usually ignore Cardinal Wuerl but it is fascinating in a horrible way to watch him and the rest of the bishops do so much for illegal aliens but while not being able to bring themselves to a even make a mild plea for a refugee status for the Christians in Iraq.