Friday, August 8, 2014

Dreams of Obama's Father

The situation in Iraq for Christians is catastrophic.

Obama's rebels, the islamic sons of beezabul, have hundreds of thousands of Christians cornered on Mount Sijar where they are dying of heat and thirst. Christian cities have been seized with muslims savagely slaughtering our brothers and sisters.

The savages are beheading the children.

France has stepped up to the plate, opening the country to fleeing refugees and pledging military support.

With Christians stranded on a mountain, dying by the thousands, Obama was caught in the headlights. He has 'authorized' (not ordered) military strikes "if needed". The genocide going on for months has not convinced him something is needed.

He sprung right into "needed" action when he found out one person in the United States made a movie about the crusade of muslims to annihilate Christians. I wonder what ever happened to that poor slob.

Color me suspicious.

Here's a guy who, as near as I can tell, is the most ferocious enemy of Christianity and Christians, certainly in our lifetime. He arms militants to ethnic cleanse and kill Christians in Egypt, Syria, Iraq -etc., and now that he has them cornered on a mountaintop, he's authorized military strikes against the people he's been funding all this time?

Could just be the media coverage of it all over the world forced his hand but I smell something. It's a smelly smell.

Prayers and Holy Sacrifices of the Mass are being offered for our brothers and sisters.


Anonymous said...

I suppose now Barry can go on his Martha's Vineyard Vacation with a clear conscience? I too am praying for the poor people on the Mountain, may God comfort and save them.

Netmilsmom said...

The situation was ignored until the Yazidi were stranded on the mountain. They are not Christian. It makes me wonder if it was only the Chaldeans dying of thirst, would Obama even pay attention?

Anonymous said...

This has been going on in Syria for a few years now, only when chemical weapons were used did any US politician pay attention. BHO made a del with the Russians and now here goes Iraq. If the video of thousands fleeing to the mountain wasn't broadcasted nothing would be done. It is Genocide it has been Genocide in Syria now Iraq, I don't think anyone is surprised.

TTC said...

Netnilsmom, you are so right - the hatred and bigotry of Christians is macabre. Definitely the devil.