Tuesday, August 26, 2014

This is Pope Francis idea of zero tolerance?

Boston Catholics have had a front row seat at the how to stop ordaining and protecting pedophiles dog and pony show.

It isn't pretty.

On the one hand, the we're so very, very, very sorry publicity stunts go on and on, ad nauseum. On the other, they are still ordaining and protecting men with sexual disorders and the corruption is worse than it ever has been.

If you are a priest, you are subject to being permanently removed from ministry with a false accusation and absolutely no evidence against you. In fact, there can be evidence of record tha exonerates you but you are ordered not to reveal it publicly, as they paint you as a pervert in the public square.

Yet, here is a shining example of their sincerity.
But far from settling the matter, the Vatican has stirred an outcry because it helped Mr. Wesolowski avoid criminal prosecution and a possible jail sentence in the Dominican Republic. Acting against its own guidelines for handling abuse cases, the church failed to inform the local authorities of the evidence against him, secretly recalled him to Rome last year before he could be investigated, and then invoked diplomatic immunity for Mr. Wesolowski so that he could not face trial in the Dominican Republic.

According to the article, Pope Francis was allegedly personally involved in the diplomatic immunity, where he enjoys the freedom to endanger the children of Rome.

Let me ask you something.

If somebody asked you to go down to the waterfront and recruit a child for a sexual appetite, what would you say?

The deacon sent copies of the letter to Cardinal Nicolas de Jesus López Rodriguez, the head of the church in the Dominican Republic, and to a Dominican bishop, Gregorio Nicanor Peña Rodríguez. The cardinal then carried the evidence to the Vatican, where he met directly with Pope Francis, according to interviews with the Dominican authorities. On Aug. 21 last year, Mr. Wesolowski was secretly recalled to Rome.

A Dominican bishop, Victor Masalles, visiting Rome in late June, said in a Twitter message that he was surprised to see Mr. Wesolowski “strolling the Via della Scrofa,” in the city’s picturesque ancient center. He added, “The silence of the Church has hurt the people of God.”

Must be time to form another sexual abuse committee.

Pass out books with anatomically correct names of body parts.

Gather the kindergarners and tell them violent stories about rape that paint their parents and relatives as the perverts the Chancery wants to save them from.

Call up a group of victims to meet with the Pope, make statements the press will publish. Purchase some candles and rush into a Church and hold a vigil. Take photos and splash them all over the diocescan newspapers.


Michael Davitt said...

Could NOT have stated it any better!!!

Anonymous said...

And then the Vatican says the abp has lost his diplomatic immunity and can be tried in the Dominican Republic (in so many words, saying they aren't going to use diplomatic immunity as a pretext to block extradition to the DR).


Anonymous said...

I think you have wrong information. Wesolowski is stripped already from any immunity: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-28936432

However, pope Francis is a heretical pope, actually he is an anti-pope. It is expected in many circles, that he will bring us a SCHISM... sadly!

Joe Potillor said...

Who am I to judge? TM