Monday, September 8, 2014

Cardinal Dolan Thinks the Days of Culture Wars in Church Coming to a Close?

You really have to wonder what world this man is living in.

Do you think they're hiding the newspapers and blogs from him?

Hey, I've been involved in the front line battle for a couple of decades and can say with absolute certainty, the culture wars inside of the Church have never been more turbulent than under the reign of Pope Francis.

They really know how to make a smooch to the kuran looks like a kumbaya moment!

Seriously, where is he getting his news from? There isn't a respected sound apostolate I am aware of that isn't throwing rotting tomatoes at them.

Well-respected, well-heeled theologians who would in the past forbear criticizing a bishop (much less a Pope), are openly admitting their disgust and loss of confidence and trust in the hierarchy - not only in the US but also the Romans. With a handful of exceptions (and we all know who they are!).

I guess they think we're going to join the parade and let our children and grandchildren, people we love, embrace apostasy and belly up to sacrilegious communion and communism without catastrophic resistance. Good luck with that!

They are incapable of seeing the writing on the wall.

Cardinal Dolan also stated - get this - Pope Francis "would not be associated with any one ideological camp".

Ideological camp is the new code word for the Magisterium.

According to Cardinal Dolan, Pope Francis doesn't want to be associated with fidelity to the teachings of the Church. Sadly, the evidence to discredit that assertion is pretty flimsy.

I would have thought the blood of the martyrs would help their spines but it seems to me, our mass martyrdom has only made them more craven.

Maybe they're getting their cues from their fearless leader Obama?

Mr. President, what is your position on the beheadings? 

Obama: My position on the beheadings is, I be heading to the golf course.

Somebody should fed ex the latest Vortex to Cardinal Dolan with a question: DOES THIS LOOK LIKE CLOSURE TO YOU?


StevenD-Jasper said...

MV is awesome.

Carol, your posts are great!

..also, what a cruel sick joke to hire Margery Egan, who spent a lifetime bashing faithful catholics.

Steve Dalton said...

Michael Voris's latest Vortex misses the mark. He and his supporters can point their fingers at the bishops until the cows come home, but they're wasting their time. Dolan, and others like him, are only a part of the problem. The source of our problems is in Vatican City, not NYC or Boston. Dolan and the others can only get away with this filth if the man in VC allows it or actually approves of it. The Popes could have ended this balderdash years ago by calling in these guys and disciplining them. They have chosen not to do so, and the mess we have today is the result of that lack of discipline. Voris, IMO, has chosen to willfully blind himself to the real source of the problems in the church. He will be of no help if he doesn't open his eyes.

David L. Gray said...

I can't wrap my mind around why a Catholic Bishop would say that the culture wars are coming to a close, when he is not many years away from being killed or put in prison for being a Catholic . . . Unless . . . he doesn't plan to defend the faith in the face of persecution . . .

Hesketh said...

This may sound very cynical and harsh, but I believe it fits, the Cardinal is a careerist, or what was once called a "placeman". He adjusts his principles to get ahead with the powers that be. Dolan was known as a "conservative", when JP II and BXVI were ascendant. He abandoned those principles to keep his place with the dominant pack, which now proclaims "social justice" and "pastoral" relativism under Bergoglio.