Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Cardinal O'Malley Attending Event to Support John Allen/Margery Egan Apostate Website

For out of town readers unfamiliar with Boston media publications, Margery Egan is a Boston Herald journalist who has spent the last few decades publishing articles that encourage Catholic women to sleep around, take contraception and kill their own children. Over the last decade, she added encouraging sexual activity and promiscuity to same sex attracted Catholics.

Anytime there was an opportunity trash Church teaching, bash Catholics striving to practice their religion with fidelity or paint every priest as a pedophile, Mags was all over it.

God only knows how many souls died in their sin, empowered by articles written by the Margery Egan.

When the Boston Globe announced the Catholic Bonnie and Clyde show, Boston Catholics kept refreshing the browser at Cardinal Sean's blog waiting for the big announcement that they are doing a great disservice to the Church and irreparable damage to the communion of the Church.

Ok..we weren't breathlessly waiting for him to use the blog to criticize reprobates as he does faithful Catholics, but the last thing we expected was an announcement that Cardinal O'Malley is so 'supportive' of their publication, he will be in attendance, not only at the 'launch' event in Boston, but he's going to fly to Rome to attend the 'launch' event scheduled there.

Do you believe it? Cardinal O'Malley is a guest speaker at the launch of a publication that distorts and undermines Catholic Church teaching.

John Allen states that while the Archdiocese isn't going to 'officially sponsor' them, Cardinal O'Malley is going to put some wind in their sails.

And, guess who his sidekick is?

Yep - Cardinal Dolan.

You will undoubtedly, from time to time, be seeing an interview with Cardinal O’Malley [of Boston], who will be speaking at our launch event at Boston College on Sept. 11. But that is because he is a national figure. The same goes for my three-part interview with Cardinal Dolan that Crux is publishing.

A regular national celebrity.

Cardinal Pell too. What's gotten into him? I thought he could smell the pigs in the poke all the way from Australia. Has he gone soft in the squash too?

This was my favorite part of the article:

On Sept. 5, Register senior editor Joan Frawley Desmond spoke with Allen about his plans to develop a Catholic website that doesn't “carry water for anyone” and his hopes that the “Francis effect” will revitalize public interest in all things Catholic.

Boy, there's nothing like a story in a Catholic publication dripping with willful ignorance and dishonesty. Every responsible Catholic journalist knows full well the Boston Globe is 'carrying the water' for the culture of death and the destruction of Christ's Church.

I'm so sick of the 'Francis effect', it isn't even funny. Spiritual insanity is getting as scary as Ebola.

n.b. here's a post by Mags.

A bitter superficial woman with a chip on her shoulder, at odds with Church teaching, who disagrees with the church on gays, birth control, women, coming to Church to "meet and greet" and get a piece of squished Sunbeam bread and wine from the priest.

Precisely the kind of cheap leadership in Catholic thought Cardinal O'Malley is well-known to deliver unto Catholic women in Boston.

Margery Eagan may well die sitting in a pew. But it doesn't make her a Catholic, anymore than sitting in her garage makes her a car.


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Anonymous said...

Cardinals O'Malley, Dolan, Pell,
Jesuit Boston College, Papal Rome:
Apostasy abounds.

Anonymous said...

Today, the media apostolate Cardinal Sean is behind is featuring a story about how divorced Catholics should be allowed to receive Communion.

Lynne said...

I'm disappointed that Cdl Pell is involved.

Anonymous said...

CRUX a Boston Globe Media Website! Since when does the Catholic Church take it's direction from the Boston Globe? Years ago I canceled my subscription because of their anti-Catholic articles, now the Princes of the Church are endorsing this? Yes the schism is here and growing!

Anonymous said...

Crux is really knocking them out of the park. Two recent items linked on PewSitter:

Crux knocks Pope Benedict XVI's Regensberg Address

Crux OK with cafeteria Catholics

Anonymous said...

Oh, those links really make them in rebellion of the Church. Why don't you dumb-asses quote something that the Crux Now is saying that is wrong instead of this poppycock!

Anonymous said...

Here ya go Globie:

Margery Eagan

On Spirituality columnist

'nough said

Anonymous said...

Does Anonymous mean something such as the following?

US churches feel the beat of change - except Catholics

By Cathy Lynn Grossman

U.S. religious congregations are marching to their own drums now more than ever.

The National Congregations Study’s latest look at the country’s churches, synagogues and mosques — the third wave of studies that began in 1998 — finds more congregations:

* Open their doors to gays and lesbians in active membership and in leadership.

* Show racial and ethnic diversity in the pews.

* Encourage hand-waving, amen-shouting, and dancing-in-the-aisles during worship.

* Disconnect from denominational ties doctrines and rules that might slow or block change.

More at

Anonymous said...

Last night's (September 11th) launch and love-fest for Crux and Pope Francis at Boston College (including Mary Ann Glendon):

Short version (from the Boston Globe):

Long version (from Crux itself):