Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Fr. Wylie sent to wiles of South Africa War Zone

Our friend Matt Abbot reports on the disturbing developments and another disturbing development on a priest in New York, working for Archbishop Sheen's Center for Art and Culture.

Fr. Wylie seems to have fallen into the maelstrom of the old King David trick - Send Uriah to the front.


Details on Fr. Hall haven't come out of the woodwork - which is very strange. Usually, a priest has a prayer group or a group of priests or lay people who knows more details and will speak out about a persecution -- as they are frustrated about the loss of their priest.

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Anonymous said...

Very strange indeed. Now they're attacking Cardinal Burke, i don't pretend to know what's happening around The debacle with Bishop Sheens Body but to ostracize Cardinal Burke? Yes my friends we'd better start digging those catacombs!