Sunday, September 28, 2014

Lydia, Oh Lydia the tattooed Catholic Encyclopydia

Eddie Siebert from the Society of Jesus (surprise) is shilling for women to flush the Catechism down the toilet and instead base judgments upon the thoughts in their own brain and desires and go to the tattoo parlor and get some tramp stamps on your skin....

..A testament to James Joyce's description of Catholic meaning "Here comes everybody," she's a fervent feminist (she cites Benedictine Sr. Joan Chittister's question, "How can you be Catholic and not be a feminist?")

Come on, I know you're as dying as I am to see Joan Chittister's tatts. (Something tells me I don't think we're talking a rosebud.)

I could be mistaken, but the Jesuit author seems to be using Pope Francis to discredit the Catechism and pass out licenses for tattoos to women.

See what you think.

Here he is talking about haughty paranoid Catholics like us who 'tend' to conclude the poor women following the advice of Jesuits are, you know... uncatechized:

Anyway, I can't really blame the nones who feel a bit of paranoia. There's that popular perception out there about some Catholics. (Not you; you're fine.) I'm talking about the haughty us-vs.-them Catholics, the ones who tend to treat nones (often the ones they love) as ill-informed and inferior (as if that will help).

Way to go Father, feed right into their inferiority complexes!

Here he is trying to hoodwink poor ill-informed and misinformed sadsacks into getting a tattoo by alleging following a desire to mark your body with a tramp stamp is the respect for dissent Pope Francis talked about on the infamous impromptu interview on the plane - a gift that keeps on giving:

Not reported as often are the many stories of Catholics who respect the consciences of nonbelievers. Remember how shocked the world was when Pope Francis openly did this at his first press briefing to the assembled group of journalists? Then there was his public letter in La Repubblica where he insisted God's mercy "does not have limits" and reaches nonbelievers, too, for whom sin would not be the lack of faith in God, but rather, failure to obey one's conscience.

That's right, says the Jesuit, Pope Francis was trying to tell women their consciences are giving out commands and one should not fail to obey your conscience when the Jesuits plant seeds to sleep around and get yourself a sleeve of tatts.

I mean really, when you think about it, I don't care what the Friars of the Immaculate or the Bishop in Paraguay did -- it could not possibly rise anywhere near the level of evil the Society of Jesus has foisted upon generations of Catholics.

As the Friars are being jack hammered, Pope Francis recently referred to the Jesuits as brave and expert rowers and instructed them to "Get in the boat and row".

After all the dung the Jesuits have taught, after all they have done to lead so many to the devil, the Pope refers to them as brave experts in theology.

This priest and the order of the Society of Jesus who is discrediting the Catechism all over the world, are the teachers who Pope Francis is telling to row and giving out the oars.

Fr. Siebert is rowing all right. He's saying as a priest, instead of informing the misinformed, teaching and converting, he's spent his life encouraging the people around them to listen to the voices inside of their heads commanding to contradict the Catechism.

Fr. Siebert says it is sinful not to sleep around and get tatts when you have the urges. He does not, he says, pass out Catholic koolaid:

Occasionally, when my holy orders are revealed in conversation with nones I'm meeting, I'll notice a flash of panic in their eyes, as though I might start to force-feed them the Catholic Kool-Aid.

Do you believe it?

Fr. Siebert thinks Catholic teaching is "koolaid" - a reference to the poison that Jim Jones handed out to kill his followers.

For whatever reason, Pope Francis doesn't seem to get what It is we all are going to 'unify' to, what action is divisive and who needs to be removed with his authority.

In the most powerful time in the history of Christ's Church, he is appointing the Sieberts to calibrate his talking points and give us instructions from his two years of nuanced and misleading statements.

That boat is going to set sail. By the Christ I will be on it, way down in the bowels of the ship where the oars go into the water.

Taking Fr. Siebert et al oars right out of their hands.

You'll recognize us. We'll be the ones without the tatts!

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