Sunday, September 28, 2014

Pope Francis reportedly refuses audience to Bishop Rogelio Livieres Plano

"The real problem of the Church in Paraguay is the crisis of faith, life and morality, which was further supported and extended by poor training of clergy, together with the laxity of the shepherds," wrote Bishop Livieres to Cardinal Ouellet.

If this report is true, I'm here to remind you that this is a man who not only agreed to grant audience to two of history's most notorious collaborators of the execution of unborn children and Christians all over the world, he agreed to stand beside them for a photo op.

This is a man who stood on a plane and told journalists seeking clarification about the teachings of the Church as they pertain to the sexual activity among homosexuals and his response was, who is a Roman Pontiff to make a judgment about Church teachings as they pertain to the Sixth Commandment of God.

I could go on and on.

There is more than ample evidence to demonstrate what Pope Francis message is about Church teaching - he has silenced it and is persecuting and removing those who try to teach it, and filling that void with statements that lead people to commit sin.

I am sorry to say it.

The failures to articulate what we all know is happening before our very eyes only sends a message that our intention is to go along with this charade and destruction through silence.

Decades ago, I read a story of a Jewish man standing before a pit filled with bodies with his executioners whose last words were - I see what you are doing and God sees it too.

No way should any person or persons who knows what is happening sit in silence as the persecution we have all experienced in our chanceries, schools, apostolates - is rolled out from the Chair of Peter.

Are you actually going to sit quietly as you watch these men be persecuted through the Pope's hand?

What kind of service is this to Christ and His Church? His people? Our relatives, friends, people we love?

I'm also here to remind you that if you don't think public exposure of what we are all saying behind closed doors is effective, one should sit before the Blessed Sacrament and think about the big ole long pause after the announcement of the Pope's intention to remove Cardinal Burke. While you're there, meditate upon the past twenty years of the effectiveness of publicly exposing error.

This blogger has not come this far working to preserve the deposit of faith for my family to sit in silence while a Pope takes a hammer to it - or all of us.


Anonymous said...

After the October synod we'll see how all this is going to play out in the Novus Ordo Parishes....the TLMs I attend are both Novus Ordo Parishes and I fear the worst when it comes down to the wire.....these poor priests are going to be placed in terrible positions if the loose cannons continue to demolish unchangeable church teachings. It will all be done deceptively ...the way the wormed in all the novelties after VII. Our Lady Of Fatima ...Ora Pro Nobis!

TTC said...

I chose to stay in Novus Ordo parishes and ward off the devil with the shield and sword.

Admittedly, this pontificate may put an end to that era for all of us. Might be time to plant ourselves into a priest's hands who will teach and preach our religion until it's over.

I'm not there yet but have one foot out the door heading to the TLM at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross.

TTC said...

At the very least, as the devil is unchained to increase his harvest, this Pope is going to give witness that Church teaching to guide our consciences is to be withheld. And, he seems to be executing people as a witness to what will happen if we don't get along with it.

This will trickle down into every apostolate.

Anonymous said...

I think Fr Taurasi is doing the TLM at Holy Cross.....I still make the trek to Newton and when I'm not doing the big Sunday dinner I can make the one o'clock at St Adelaides in West Peabody. fr Higgins runs his parish extremely one gives out communion but him even at Novus Ordo and no girl alter servers at Novus Ordo.....I dread the thoughts of what he'll have to endure when the inevitable occurs. I'm off to St Adelaides today...but the best is Mary Immaculate Of Lourdes in Newton...well worth the trip and Fr Taurasi is one of the best so Holy Cross will be a great refuge for you when you decide to do so.

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

This blogger sees eye-to-eye with you.

JB said...

Pope wouldn't even talk to him. Such mercy, such compassion. So collegial.

Bergoglio like most "liberal" clerics is a die hard authoritarian. you barely have to scratch the surface to see it.

PeterBoston said...

The alternative to suffering through the scrubbing of sacredness from the Mass is the Divine Liturgy of the Catholic Byzantine Rite, or any other Eastern Rite Catholic branch.

The Divine Liturgy is all about worshiping God, and only about worshiping God. It has not changed for centuries.

I prefer it even to the Traditional Latin Mass.

Catholic in Brooklyn said...

Martin Luther would be proud of all of you. So what is your plan - to break away from the Magsterium and start your own church as Luther did? Remember Satan doesn't care how he gets you, just so long as he does.

TTC said...

It is customary to read a blog to find out the direction a person is going before making a judgment that is ignorant.

Anyone doing a nanosecond of reading here can clearly see I would never leave Christ's Church and this blog has been dedicated to keeping others on the ship.

I am not responsible for the stratagem of recruiting followers with joy of the gospel of infidelity. That onus is on the Pope and the people he is appointing to articulate it for him. Nobody is required to follow them on that path.