Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Gates of Hell

I really love how this priest expresses his faith, his experiences, his observations.

Joan told me she was planning to go to Oklahoma City on September 21, to be at the site of the Black Mass. She wanted to be there to be with Jesus at the foot of Calvary. She told me she didn't want Him to be alone. When I saw the pictures of this brave woman, so passionately in love with Jesus Christ, I couldn't restrain my tears, as I knew that her efforts were not for human success or glory, but rather to console the Heart of Jesus, so bitterly offended.

What a splendid woman Joan is. She has inspired others by her contagious faith -- the great Linda Gibbons of Toronto, and Mary Wagner of Vancouver. In our day we have a shortage of great and holy souls like Padre Pio and Mother Teresa. But there are little souls being forged in the furnace of the Sacred Heart. They are not celebrated by the world; in fact, they are despised and rejected. But they are the victim-souls of our day, carrying the Cross with Jesus to the peak of Calvary.

May we all be infected with the divine madness of love that lives in the hearts of these little ones.

Made me cry just reading it.

By the way, Catholic Familyland is a spectacular place to bring your family once a year to meet and be with other families who are practicing our religion with fervor. It's a long boring drive from the East Coast but so worth it. No other place like it. Check it out.

They usually sell out. Hundreds of families rocking the place with zeal for the House of Our Lord and His Magisterium.

Nobody can ever take it away from us. No vanities, no clapping fornication parade, no bishop or Cardinal or even Pope obstructing and silencing Church teaching could touch that fire. It is too hot. It's fuel is Sanctifying Grace.

The enemies of Church teaching have absolutely no idea what they are up against.

They are positively clueless.

We're the people who go to prison and talk up the truth until you have to kill us to shut us up.

They're going to teach our children our religion or it is going to get mighty ugly from the rectory in St. Patrick's Cathedral to the Chair of Peter.

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