Sunday, October 19, 2014

Does Pope Francis think our Baptismal Promises are Obsolete?

This jabberwoky said a few very interesting things on 20/20:

First, I was shocked he described Pope Francis as "cunning" in this context.  It came across to me as though Pope Francis suffered a setback to thwart and pervert Church teaching, the Pope is a conniving fellow and he will go back to the drawing board to see if he could do it without the fallout of a schism.

Good luck with that.

That ought to help the unity he has broken for the first time in 1700 years.

Though this professor is clearly on the side of the counterfeit church, he actually makes some astute observations.

Like, Pope Francis is toast to Catholics faithfully teaching our fiat and we basically are going to hunker down until he moseys on down the road.  This is the first time in centuries, he says, that bishops and Cardinals do not have confidence in the Pope.

He  also is pitching the story line that Pope Francis' agenda to "welcome" cohabitating couples, divorced and homosexual Catholics and respect abortifacients suffered a defeat.

For the life of me, I can't figure out what this means.

I didn't know people committing adultery were not welcome, did you?

This is a dilemma.

How do Catholics get to the Confessional box if we can't come into the Church without a welcome?

Is there some kind of a mind reading process I've been excluded from?

Do they stop people at the door?

I never saw this shake down before, have you?

How do people know what kind of sins have been committed?

This explains why the Holy See didn't invite this blogger to their frufru blogging event!

I never knew there was a welcoming process, did you?

Is it secretive?

Seriously, isn't it farcical for the Pope to suggest there is a welcoming process that we have been excluding people from for 2000 years?

Does he think inflexible hostility to priests who mislead and confuse people with lies, errors and omissions is something he was born to ensure is welcomed into Catechesis?

It seemed like his bullet points in the closing synod homily conflates those who are inflexible to breaking our Baptismal promises with the list of things he wants to fix in the 2015 synod.

Are we supposed to reject satan's lies or teach and tolerate them in the name of charity?

The Pope was still at it today, asking us to adapt to changing society because God isn't afraid of new things.

We are not following you down that road. Give it a rest.


Allen said...

This fellow Bergoglio is dwelling in a very dark place.

Anonymous said...

Adultry, sodomy, heresy, shacking up, abortion murder, are not "new things". These kinds of "new things" are older than Hehir's petrified brain.

The new Jesuit Black Pope said there will be a "Revolution" next year concerning synod 2015 - what is he talking about? Again, not "new" - Satan, Judas, Hehir, and Marx - oh and Luther, McBrien, Lenin, and VOTF - all are old failed revolutions - not new wonders that even God marvels at.

JB said...

If I hear him say "God is not afraid of surprises" on more time I may hurl.

I would translate that as "I will change doctrine and it's ok because God is ok with surprises. Like me ascending to the throne of Peter and treating it like my own personal toy."

Jesus Christ is the same today, yesterday, and tomorrow. Is He afraid of surprises? Shouldn't he be changing all the time to keep up with the "times."

This juvenile infatuation with "change" is exactly what I remember hearing in the 70s and 80s. Novelty was the new golden calf.

M. Prodigal said...

God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow and the Truth is unchanging. No pope or synod can change it but they can appear to and can lead many souls to think that now the Church is in tune with the immoral world.