Monday, October 6, 2014

Pope's Opening Homily - People are sleeping around - You've got to get with the program.

Pope Francis opened the synod with his typical all hat no cattle catechesis, making nuanced statements that leave the impression that he thinks it's time Christ's Church endow its people with licenses to sleep around.

He never really comes out and says it. He hints around and then puts the people in the room to do the dirty deed for him.

Here's the homily talking points.

He's holding Christ's Crucified Body in front of his face and using his lips to instruct his see to find creative ways to thwart the burdens of Church teaching.

Without elaborating, Francis lamented that "pastors lay intolerable burdens on the shoulders of others." His homily Sunday spelled out the spirit he wants church leaders to bring to the synod, as the meeting is called.

I'll tell you the intolerable burdens prelates lay upon our shoulders.

Not teaching our children their religion.

As the tempter rises out of the abyss to lure them into his house and bed, you've robbed them of the tools of right judgment.

You then finish the job by ridiculing what their parents are trying to teach them at home, causing strife and division within our family.

You want to know what the most intolerable burden of our lifetime is?

Watching a Pope inform the people we love that he believes the teachings of the Church are the enemy of the joy of the gospel the devil has sown in souls of the current time in history.

The intolerable burden of watching the Pope cut them loose from the few strings we spend decades mooring them to, and watching them float down stream into the house where the devil will affirm them in their inequities.

It would be a disservice to Christ's Church to publicly express the disgust generated by this perverted agenda.

Here's another link to the interpretation of journalists - Lend an ear to the stink of the people and get creative.

Nudge, nudge, wink, wink. Know what I mean? Know what I mean?

And here we were thinking Aaron's idea died with him.

Here's the homily in its entirety.

It is as weird as it gets.

To them in a particular way God entrusted his "dream", his people, for them to nurture, tend and protect from the animals of the field. This is the job of leaders: to nuture the vineyard with freedom, creativity and hard work.

But Jesus tells us that those farmers took over the vineyard. Out of greed and pride they want to do with it as they will, and so they prevent God from realizing his dream for the people he has chosen....

We can "thwart" God’s dream if we fail to let ourselves be guided by the Holy Spirit. The Spirit gives us that wisdom which surpasses knowledge, and enables us to work generously with authentic freedom and humble creativity.

You've got to get a handle on the generosity of real humility of surpassing the knowledge in the Catechism and 2000 years of infallible and unchangeable doctrine.

What gets me is the holding up of Christ Crucified as he distributes this heap of dung into the world.

The image of Christ faithful unto death.

The image of Christ martyred for teaching Truth.

Standing over the bodies of 2000 years of martyrs who followed Christ.

Two weeks of this freak show is going to do more damage than I had hoped.


Anonymous said...

Complete diabolical disorientation...spoken of by Sister Lucia of Fatima.

Anonymous said...

Sister Lucia of Fatima also said
"He that is not with the Pope is not with God, and he that wants to be with God, has to be with the Pope." Sister Lucia, Fatima visionary

Please show some respect for His Holiness, our Pope.

JB said...

He seems to be saying that the "intolerable burdens" allegedly being laid upon us are motivated by greedy clergy? I don't exactly know what he's talking about.

TTC said...

JB, you don't understand what he means?

You are in good company!

Anonymous, thank you for your thoughts which this post certainly invited.

I can't be with His Holiness with this agenda though I have consistently repeated the message I will never stray from Christ's One, Holy Apostolic Church.

Michael said...

FYI. Your article was re-posted over at AngelQueen:

Here is my take on bergoglio's Sunday homily:

In bergoglio's heretical imagination it seems like his god is a bit confused about how to make his dream reality... you know, because it's not like he is all-powerful and all-knowing... according to bergoglio the all-powerful one is apparently not god, but "people"...

Poor god can't "realize his dream"... because he's just a dreamer... a dream inside a dream... "the people" dream of a god that dreams of them.... or so the arch-heretic bergoglio would have us believe... is bergoglio going gnostic on us now... why not?... throw in one more heresy into the boiling pot...

Read the rest here:

TTC said...

Michael, Angelqueen rocks!

Might want to take some advice from our anonymous friend and scale it back some. The situation is bad but reading your post, you are driving your car the cliff.

Hit the reverse baby!

Caroline said...


This, "ridiculing what their parents are trying to teach them at home, causing strife and division within our family," has indeed become the heavy burden laid upon us. Like you, I will never leave Holy Mother Church and yet...What a confused mess born of this delusion our children will be left to clean up. +

Allen said...

I suppose Sister Lucia would have been "with" the Borgia popes as they corrupted the Papacy, and defiled themselves and those around them. Yes, all Catholics must be "with" the Pope when he faithfully transmits Catholic teaching. They must not be "with" the Pope when he evades and distorts his office, then all bishops and clergy cry out for fraternal correction.

TTC said...

When faced with the choice of respecting the Pope with my complicit involvement with this agenda through silence


Respecting the salvation of my own children enough to disarm them with heretical baggage no matter who it comes from, this is no contest for me.

It is the Pope straying and inviting my own to stray with him.

I want to stand before Christ saying I did everything humanly possible when the wolf had my own and carried them by the neck off to his pastoral pasture.

I need to respect Him and the deposit of faith He died to pass on to my children, above every other creature. Whether convenient or inconvenient.

TTC said...

If anyone has come this far to preserve right judgment to let a pope rob their children of it with silence, they can't go all the way, IMO.

I guess they feel they've had a good run but in the end, are willing to sacrifice the salvation of their children when the stakes got too high in the game of political correctness.

This is where the men get separated from the boys.

JB said...

so is this a pastoral synod, or a dogmatic synod?

or just a synod that will confuse everything further.

TTC said...

The latter.

It is a synod where heresy is presented along with truth and there is never a clarification which is which. Rather, there is a vote if the majority while the pope hangs in his hotel room he is living in.

TTC said...

The whole thing has become farcical.

Anonymous said...

I wish the Pope knew:
I do NOT want to shack up.
I do NOT want birth control.
I do NOT want divorce.
I do NOT want abortion.
I do NOT want filth.
I do NOT want immorality.
I WANT my kids to be HEROIC.

I WANT my kids to have heros like Saint John Paul II .

I do NOT want my kids to grow up to be like Cardinal Kasper!!!!!!

The Pope promised to "help" me and other families - so do that - support us in teaching our kids properly. That is the "help" we need.

Anonymous said...

No Pope can Change the perennial teaching that sex outside of a valid Marriage is a Mortal Sin.
End of story.

JTLiuzza said...

Far from end of story. Pay attention to what is going on here. The doctrine can't be changed, as you point out, but the "pastoral practice" can be more "merciful" in order to deal with the "realities" of today's families.

In other words, while the doctrine will remain intact, the practice will be to give communion to adulterers out of "mercy" and to give out annulments like candy.

Sort of like contraception. Doctrine on that hasn't changed. But bishops and priests turn a blind eye to eat and don't speak about it from the pulpit.


And as far as the other posts about being silent about the Pope, that is nonsense. St. Paul wasn't bashful about speaking up to St. Peter when it was warranted.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for making this point. Far too many Catholics fail to grasp that, if the pope contradicts Church doctrine, then he loses his papal authority. We are not bound to follow a "pope" who preaches heresy.

Anonymous said...

Catholics Must Resist an Unfaithful Pope, we are called to serve Christ and Christ advised and warned us to recognize wolves in sheep's clothing that would attempt to corrupt and pervert. Some Catholics have a problem of conscience over criticizing the conciliar Popes when they teach or act against the established Tradition of the Church and the constant teaching of the previous papal Magisterium. For these Catholics, any words of censure or disapproval falls under the condemnation of “judging the Pope.”

They do not realize that what is forbidden in that condemnation is for a council or a King or Emperor to declare the Pope invalid and depose him from his function. When a Pope acts scandalously, such as Alexander VI in the Renaissance or John Paul II recently, the faithful are not forbidden to see and speak out about what is obviously wrong according to Catholic Morals and Faith.

To the contrary, they have the duty to carefully observe their actions and analyze them. If any is in conflict with the previous Magisterium it should be resisted by not obeying it and warning others to do the same. This is not “to judge the Pope,” as long as we do not pretend to declare him an invalid Pope.

To resist a bad Pope is to follow the orientation of great Saints and Doctors of the Church, as is the case of St. Thomas Aquinas.

In many passages of his works, St. Thomas upholds the principle that the faithful can question and admonish Prelates. For example:

“There being an imminent danger for the Faith, Prelates must be questioned, even publicly, by their subjects. Thus, St. Paul, who was a subject of St. Peter, questioned him publicly on account of an imminent danger of scandal in a matter of Faith. And, as the Glosa of St. Augustine puts it (Ad Galatas 2,14), ‘St. Peter himself gave the example to those who govern so that if they should stray from the right way, they will not reject a correction as unworthy even if it comes from their subjects’” (Summa Theologiae, Turin/Rome: Marietti, 1948, II-II, q.33, a.4).

Allen said...

Papalotry is an interesting phenomenon. The same folks who have scourged Popes throughout history as tyrants, megalomaniacs and superstitious witch doctors (if not worse) can turn around on a dime, smell an opening for their secularist agendas, and proclaim, without losing a beat, the supernatural virtues of a "Good Pope John XXIII" or the superhuman "mercy" that is the "sprit of Francis". It's unadulterated humbug.

Netmilsmom said...

First reading for 10/6/14
Galatians 1:6-12
6I am astonished that you are so quickly deserting him who called you in the grace of Christ and turning to a different gospel -- 7not that there is another gospel, but there are some who trouble you and want to pervert the gospel of Christ. 8But even if we, or an angel from heaven, should preach to you a gospel contrary to that which we preached to you, let him be accursed. 9As we have said before, so now I say again, If any one is preaching to you a gospel contrary to that which you received, let him be accursed. 10Am I now seeking the favor of men, or of God? Or am I trying to please men? If I were still pleasing men, I should not be a servant of Christ. 11For I would have you know, brethren, that the gospel which was preached by me is not man's gospel. 12For I did not receive it from man, nor was I taught it, but it came through a revelation of Jesus Christ.

TTC said...

Doesn't get any clearer than THAT!

Case closed!!

Anonymous said...

You hit the nail on the head--it is an intolerable burden that these wolves should be in charge of teaching our children the faith when they don't have it. God help us.

Netmilsmom said...

Everyone who is saying that one does not have to follow a heretical Pope is correct, BUT we who are following this KNOW the rules. If Pope Francis says that the matter for the host can be a Dorito, we know the truth. Stick to the rules that you already know, follow the Precepts of the Church, hunker down and pray. I know my Church is THE One True Church. Be the St. Athanasius of our time and give it up for the Poor Souls.
Without being able to lean on the Church for proper teachings, we are going to have to be the remnant and do it ourselves. God knew we would be here at this time. He put us here now. We must be pretty important.

Anonymous said...

What is Pope Francis' true view?

According to the Catholic Herald ( ‘Speak clearly and don’t be afraid to offend me,’ says Pope [although apostolic visitations to dioceses are becoming more frequent].

According to LifeSiteNews ( Was Pope speaking of cardinals [opposing Kasper's proposals] when he said ‘division … is the work of the devil’?

Anonymous said...

Amen Netmilsmim! I've been trying to give the Pope the benefit of doubt but when he spoke of Gods Dream, dream? Dream? Really? No, it's eveident the. Pope needs help. Let's storm Heaven and get those Saints down here to help us!

mortimer zilch said...

In regard to the sacrament of Confirmation for which my youngest child is now a supplicant, the Church is demanding a two year RCIA program which is being taught by some young man who does not want to use the Catechism, and I feel that my child is being held a hostage. But I don't see any way to get around it. Suggestions?

TTC said...

"Don't be afraid to offend me. "

Be careful what you ask for brother !

TTC said...


Been there.

Is the pastor out to lunch? Who do you have for a bishop?

The best thing to do is find a faithful priest and switch parishes. Cut your losses. I know it isn't easy. Children have schoolmates there, etc, but I would advise getting out. Unless you think you can make headway with pastor.

Netmilsmom said...

Find another parish. If you can't find another Parish, homeschool.
My kids were in a parish in innovation central. I got a copy of the Catechism and "untaught" everything they were teaching. We have to take the ball on this.
Get a copy of these books for 8th grade
and do it yourself. Then go to the Cathedral and petition to have your son Confirmed.

TTC said...

It is so not worth staying in a parish that is misleading your children.

TLM said...

'He that is not with the Pope is not with God'............well that is very true, but if the Pope is condoning sin do you follow him into hell? I believe we must pray for him, and not attack him personally, but if he leads the flock into error, we have an obligation to turn away and NOT FOLLOW. And this is EXACTLY what we must do if it happens, which it looks now it will.

And I do agree........this is complete 'DIABOLICAL DISORIENTATION'

Joe Potillor said...

God help us! Wake me up when this 70's pontificate is over.