Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Scratch Women Who Never Married off of the Pope's Welcome List

Claiming that a Church that doesn't go outside of herself is a spinster, not a mother.

Here's an accurate definition of the derogatory caricature of "spinster" (from the Urban Dictionary):

An elderly or aging female who due to a combination of major personality flaws, undesirable personal habits, and unattractive physical appearance has never married.

The Pope was trying to make the point that each of us in the Church are on the search and rescue mission - that we don't hole ourselves up inside of the Church, every man/woman for herself.

Ok, but he appears to be suffering from the misconception that women who never married are not active in the mission of the Church.

All the women I know who never married are loving, kind, caring women, very involved in searching for lost sheep, binding their wounds, interceding, serving and loving everyone around them. They are every bit the mother to their family members, friends, neighbors, community than any other mother.

The man has quite a long list of urban legends going on inside his hat rack.


Anonymous said...

Do you think in Frank's opinion that those old nuns who trained us were just spinsters?

Felix M said...

Think about it for one second. Mothers, not spinsters, are the people who are pre-occupied with their own children and less likely to go outside the family circle.

The Pope seems to just fling words around for rhetorical effect without actually thinking whether he's making sense.

Anonymous said...

Scratch Dogma, Tradition, Obedience to the Divine Will....it's all man centered liberal modernist garble. There is an old phrase and it's not a pretty one ( diararhia of the mouth) the Bishop of Rome has quite an over abundance of it. The slinging of insults directed at Faithful Catholics by HH is beyond the pale. With each passing day of this Papacy I am watching the preparation for a One World Religion with Jorge at the helm! Now won't that be a treat !

Damask Rose said...

"spinster" (from the Urban Dictionary):

An elderly or aging female who due to a combination of major personality flaws, undesirable personal habits, and unattractive physical appearance has never married.

Lol and lol.


I missed commenting at the time, but I think your 'Scratch the Krauts of the Pope's Welcome list' is one of your best posts yet.

Anonymous said...

There's quite an interesting supposition floating arround out in the blogosphere about Pope Benedict having a ghost writer.....with the new statements he has been supposedly making and the absurdity of them ....I think HH might just be a possible suspect!

Netmilsmom said...

Having a few years running a Psychological Medical office, I am beginning to think that Pope Francis has Asperger's Syndrome. He has a real problem with what is socially acceptable to say in public along with the diarrhea of that mouth that sometimes comes from being in a position of power, where no one will tell you that you are offending people and basically being an imbecile.

I wonder how many "Yes men" hung around him in Argentina.

Marie said...

This Pope refuses to see that among the most powerful branches of the Church Militant fighting against evil are the contemplatives. Prayer, fasting, almsgiving, and small personal sacrifices are their weapons.

The contemplative St. Therese is honored as a Patron Saint of the Missions, along with the world-traveler St. Francis Xavier - yet they have had opposite evangelizing styles.

So are the "few old women who go to daily Mass" made mention by Our Lady of La Salette to Melanie and Maximin. We see these groups of women almost at every Catholic Church around the world. They are your Rosary groups, altar societies [who launder altar linens', catechists and church cleaners. Yet the Pope does not appreciate their service to the Church. He wants them to drop their mops and brooms and to run outside the door and embrace their "Muslim brothers." Crazy.

Francis mocked the 3,000-Rosary spiritual bouquet that was gifted him by such a group in Argentina. He thinks counting Rosaries, like other traditional practices, are outdated and no longer relevant. Tell that to the little boy Ven. Francisco Marto, whom our Lady promised to take to Heaven, but he would have to pray more rosaries.

Pope Francis wants all of us - contemplative nuns [whom he calls "old maids"] and grandmothers [whose child-bearing capacities have "dried up" - ouch!] - all of us - should go out and worship the poor because God is with the poor and perhaps nowhere else.

This French commentator here:


calls that phenomenon, the pseudo-poverty-worship or "mirabilisme" of a post-Christian pope.

TTC said...

I have been so blessed by single women who take care of friends, family, community. I am beside myself that he has reduced them to something undesirable and fruitless--yet he is giving value to adulterous situations as fruitful.

Anonymous said...

As an adult woman with Asperger syndrome (intentionally celibate for the sake of the Kingdom, not "spinster"), I found the suggestion that Pope Francis has Asperger's hilarious. "So THAT'S why he's such a pain!" I sincerely doubt that interpretation, since I don't see any evidence of the most characteristic thing about Asperger's, which is having intense special interests and generally being hyper-logical with a certain rigidity of thinking. The vagueness and (RELATIVE) lack of theological rationality of Pope Francis does not seem to resemble the style of thinking of a person with Asperger's. But I feel like I understand nothing about this condition. It is a certain kind of mental style and usually associated with a tendency to anxiety, and I don't see it in Pope Francis.

Anonymous said...

He doesn´t have Asperger he has Alinsky.

5. “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. It is almost impossible to counteract ridicule. Also it infuriates the opposition, which then reacts to your advantage.”

8. “Keep the pressure on, with different tactics and actions, and utilize all events of the period for your purpose.”


see also:

Anonymous said...

The best is yet to come:

13. “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. In conflict tactics there are certain rules that the organizer should always regard as universalities.

One is that the opposition must be singled out as the target and “frozen.”… Obviously there is no point to tactics unless one has a target upon which to center the attacks…
Furthermore, any target can always say, “Why do you center on me when there are others to blame as well?” When you “freeze the target,” you disregard these arguments…
Then, as you zero in and freeze your target and carry out your attack, all the ‘others’ come out of the woodwork very soon. They become visible by their support of the target.”

see also:
Alinskyian Organizing Among Religious Bodies - Volume III ...

Volume I:

Netmilsmom said...

Dear Adult woman with Asperger's Syndrome,

Not every case is the same and there IS a spectrum. No one said "that's why he is a pain" but it does explain the lack of aptitude about social situations.
As for "having intense special interests and generally being hyper-logical with a certain rigidity of thinking" it's there. It's just not focused on dogma. His intense special interest is interfaith dialog and his rigidity of thinking is that any residual tradition is bad.

Step out of your own diagnosis and look again. Remember, the ICD diagnostic codes have a number of symptoms to chose from to come to a conclusion of the disorder. Anyone with a disorder can venn diagram their symptoms with another patient and find that there is only a clear middle.

TTC said...

I have observed nothing but rigidity of thought and intense special interests!

Anonymous said...

I think HH is His Holiness, Pope Francis

Anonymous said...

Really, this thread should be deleted because as someone with asperger's it is horrifying to realize what people think or assume of us. No Catholics should think this way, that someone with this particular style of thought "isn't able to care about consequences" or to use this label to smear someone whose ideas you don't agree with. There's honestly no reason to think Pope Francis had this, but if a Pope did maybe you should have some respect for someone who thrived and did good with their life even though we have disability. As Jean Vanier said, "every single one of us is severely disabled."

TTC said...

Dear Sister,

Nobody here would presume their flaws or disabilities is superior to anyone else.

We are simply trying to find an explanation for an extremely serious situation that is impacting the ability of our children to receive the tools for salvation.

This is not like any other person as a Pope has the responsibility to assist salvation but this one is doing the opposite and has expressed that the concerns of Catholics don't mean anything to him.

His conduct is egregious and disconcerting because of he is the Pope.

Thank you for rightfully bringing your concerns about sensitivity to our attention. I will re-read the thread and delete anything I think would be upsetting.