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Ten Reasons Why Catholics Who Want the Practice of their Religion Taught to their Children are Giving Pope Francis the Stinkeye

One of the good things about being a little laid up is having time to use the new computer the children gave me for Christmas. Getting to this post sooner than I expected!

First, I want to call your attention to an insightful statement Cardinal O'Malley recently made about the Pope's agenda.

This is my cliff note synopsis of his remark: The contradictions of 2000 years of teaching we now see from the Holy Father is because he is 'very focused on what needs to be changed and updated in the Church'

Here's the quote from this article:

Meanwhile, O’Malley suggested that change will continue in 2015 in the Catholic Church 
under Pope Francis.

O’Malley, who is part of a council of cardinal advisers planning to meet again in early 2015 to discuss possible ways to reform the church, said, “The Holy Father is very focused on what needs to be changed and updated in the church. He’s already made a lot of changes in the Curia, and I think has brought a wonderful emphasis on the social mission of the church and the emphasis on mercy and being available, especially to those who are suffering. .

The removal of the gringo version of the Pope's sexy infomercial to 'change and 'update' the focus of the Church's vision on women makes clear that speaking up is what we must do.

He's made changes at the Roman Curia all right. He was attracted to a consultor who includes the description of 'erotic' about himself and found those credentials the substance he wished to use to update the the culture of women. He appointed him to do the job. We have a video that lays out the fruit of those changes.

We have a serious problem which we can mitigate to preserve our religion for our children and grandchildren if we speak the truth of Pope Francis' changes. If we pretend it isn't happening, they will put their ship on full throttle. We can make a difference. That is why I'm doing it and will continue to do it.

The balance between having respect for the Holy Father while being honest about the serious nature of the problem we have, doesn't come easy.

Like someone who keeps running over your children with their cars, the prayer and spiritual forgiveness comes easy, but picking your children or loved ones up off of the ground every time he does it creates an irreparable rupture in that relationship.

I am not in the mood to beat around the bush but I've done my best to maintain respect for the Office of the Vicar of Christ and our brother who occupies it.

I will focus on two things:

1. What is the substance of the 'changes' the Pope has already made?

2. How the wonderful emphasis of redemption through the Sacraments is being replaced with the human emphasis of coddling spiritual and emotional baggage that's robbing its victims of salvation.

  • Meanwhile,O'Malley suggested that change will continue in 2015 in the Catholic Church 
under Pope Francis.

In this statement, Cardinal O'Malley acknowledges that Pope Francis has made changes and intends to continue on his trajectory.

So, what kind of changes has Pope Francis already made?

1. Has clarified his changes will not formally change Church teaching, he will simply adopt policies that that give instructions on how to ignore and contradict it.

2. The Church that opened up the jawdropping beauty in the moral teachings of the Church and the fruit of Sanctifying Grace, the intimacy obtained with Christ through it, Theology of the Body, Humanae Vitae, Familiaris Consortio and taught it to us is being replaced with the lame expression of ignorance and errors of the uncatechized, where a Pope simply needs to be present in the room and the erros becomes a teaching of the Church for listeners to accept as guidance if they want to. There is no need for a Pope to inform or advise the faithful of the errors spoken or what is or is not dangerous to their soul.

3. Introduced a new policy that judgments do not need to be made about whether to act on having sexual relations with same-sex persons.

4. Introduced a new principle and purpose of the Catholic Church as one that helps sinners discover good reasons to live and have sex with a same-sex lover -ie, sinful sexuality could be a cure for a person's loneliness or it can help Catholics save money. Catholics need to be open to this because God wants to try something new. God is not afraid to try new things, you see.

5. Suggested the Catholic Church should consider letting Catholics marry more than once. We are museum mummies who have to stop the practice of rigid certainty in Church teaching. The antiquated Church that was a tool for living a daily life keeping our soul free of mortal sin with the Sacrament of Confession, filling it with the Divinity of Christ in the Eucharist, staying alert and awake to retain that state, are a disguise of making ourselves up like little holy cards, disguising ourselves as good people, we are people who look at Heaven when we pray and despise others.

6. Suggested shacking up is the what kids are doing now and the Church has to recognize sexual morality in the modern world has changed and get with the program. Parents have to stop being nostalgic and whining about structures and customs which are no longer life-giving in today's world. We are Christian hypocrites only interested in formalities.

7. Suggested adoption of a policy where Catholics with more than one wife or husband could avoid the antiquated and outdated rigmarole of marriage vows that leave an indelible mark on one's soul, the annulment process to relieve oneself from the binding of it and remarriage if permissible/abstaining if not - to have or gain access to Sanctifying Grace in the Sacraments. The changes make the fruit of sacrilegious Communion a pastoral gift. When the consequences of such actions take place, manifested in Judas, get your sourpussed funeral face on the phone and give them a call. When they don't call back, you'll know its them.

8. Appointed prelates/bishops/cardinals to key positions to execute his plans who have long histories of shilling for the Church to disregard its moral teachings and eradicate the mission of salvation through education that results in absolution through Sacraments. He then distances himself from the marching orders making Church teaching the enemy of Christ's Church which are coming directly from him.

9. For the first time in our life history, we have a Pope who has taken up an enemy sniper position against Catholics who want the practice of their religion and life-saving Sanctifying Grace passed onto their children and he is firing at will. Kasper, Marx, nuns on the bus, communism and Castro good. Moral and Sacramental theology and those who teach it, bad.

I've saved the most important reason for last:

10. The damage all this has done to moral compasses of the people we love, perhaps irreversibly. The sin and trouble they are being led into and the consequences we are all experiencing in our families, community.

This article, aptly called 'the path Pope Francis paved' clarifies what Cardinal O'Malley describes as Pope Francis change and updates to Church doctrine.

Much of what Francis did made headlines - in reshaping our understanding of church doctrine,

He reshaped understanding all right.

For the 2000 years before Pope Francis, everyone understood that if they're sleeping around, you've surrendered eternal life in Paradise and you're not going to get it back until you admit what you're doing is wrong, stop the conduct, go to the Sacrament of Confession and get it swept from your soul.

They understood that feeding the poor was not a sacrament that made any changes to the predicament. They understood Christ's system of judgments of record have you as voted out of the Isle of Paradise as Adam and Eve.

They don't understand that anymore, do they.

I have held hundreds of conversations over the years with the uncatechized and clarified Church teaching. For some of those people, in fact most, it took years of working through their misunderstandings before they came to the truth. Most have circled back to tell me how Pope Francis reshaped their understanding.

We all have experienced the reshaping of understanding. Which is, incidentally, an antiseptic description of Pope Francis' strategic plan not to change Church teaching but create policies that contradict it.

Elton John is a public example. A homosexual man who had refrained from entering into a civil ceremony uniting him and his lover as husband and husband, John claimed Pope Francis was his hero and then dropped a check in the mail to some charity and eloped. .

I used to think Pope Francis didn't mean to convey things the way they are being received. But the "changes" in the Roman Curia at the Pontifical Council for Culture memorialize the "updates" to the Church that Cardinal O'Malley is speaking about. It is hardly the only execution of it. It's all around us now.

He's surrounded himself with buffoons and the finds the counsel of the wicked the enlightenment the Church has been waiting for 2000 years.

Trying to figure out who or what he is isn't on my radar. The only thing I'm interested in is derailing it.
I am pretty certain he knows how upset we are and the response was he doesn't care about opposition, will not look into it, they are just going to keep on doing what they're going to do.

After all the urban legends he's using about the imaginary problem of priests and parents obsessively preaching moral theology to update the Institution designed to give us Sanctifying Grace into a place that's going to appoint apostates to tell us it's ok to shack up and sleep around and when we fall to it, tell us all the good we're doing for ourselves, I just don't have the stamina to process his silly edicts about ailments of the looks on faces at the Roman Curia.

He's getting the stinkeye because the situation is as serious as it gets for evangelists who care about preserving their religion and taking their Baptismal vows seriously.


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