Tuesday, December 2, 2014

What is this turd doing on First Things?

Admittedly, I don't get to surf blogosphere as often as I would like, so I could be mistaken-but I have generally found First Things to be reliable and honest.

So this piece of tata very much surprised me:


I don't so much mind the intellectual dishonesty of deluding oneself into believing Pope Francis is another Pope Benedict, I mean, it's irritating and all, but I have really run out of patience for the storyline that we don't have legitimate concerns as irrespective of the theological train wreck, Pope Francis himself is faithful to doctrine.

I pray often for our priests, bishops and Popes and I sincerely hope they make it through the pearly gates, but the idea that he could spend two years misleading souls, obstructing, discrediting and destroying catechesis, but we are supposed to put our fears to rest because he himself is faithfully practicing our religion-- sure is a doozy.

I am going to say this until I am blue in the face:  what people are upset about is the stuff their children, parents, relatives, friends are saying about Church teaching.   That is what us important here.  The man is a pope.  His job is to say things in such a way so the people listening become faithful.  What he is doing is causing the people we care about to reject Church teaching because they think he does.

At this juncture, I couldn't care less about his personal convictions, though I pray for the man.

As our Pope, what he is imparting to listeners is leading the people I love astray.

That is a lucid, rational and valid complaint, which I have the baptismal duty to raise in the public square.

Cardinal Burke's demotion was despicable, but he is a big boy and our fiat is martyrdom.  We say what we say knowing it could lead to a ride on the end of a shoe.   His sacrifice bore tremendous fruit.  Grateful Catholics have every right to let the Pope know we see what he is doing.

Pope Francis crossed the Rubicon with his show at the synod.  To suggest Catholics who have pinned his own rose on his nose are reacting to a demotion or anything other that the people on our own family who are being led into the hands of their demons, is getting old.

If you don't get why the pope is anathema in our own homes, we will be happy to explain it.   I think the time has come to stop writing silly articles


Michael said...

Carol, what piece at First Things are you commenting on? The link you provided led me here:


TTC said...


But how did you like those buttons?


Thanks much, link fixed.

Netmilsmom said...

It's wishful thinking. People are very afraid, they see the poo in the punchbowl so are fighting hard to point out the ice cream. The problem is, the poo is still there and the ice cream, although it should be there, actually isn't. I'm with you, people just need to stop fighting to find the silver lining and realize that there is e coli poisoning The Church. Maybe if we all ignore him, he will go away. Afterall, it wouldn't be the first time a Pope retired.

Steve Dalton said...

Carol, I went to that article, and I can't believe the author wasted so many words to say nothing!

TTC said...

Steve, was that not completely out of place at First Things?

Maybe I am not reading enough there?

TTC said...

Steve, was that not completely out of place at First Things?

Maybe I am not reading enough there?

TTC said...


You think that's it? They're scared?

The man has just said Catholics should not disregard choosing a same sex partner and gett married to them.

He is a nut.

We have had nutty Popes before and we will have them again. It doesn't mean rational sane people are hysterical.

Pretending it isn't happening at this juncture is absurd.

Barbara Jensen said...

This is deeper than 'having a nutty pope. there is solid evidence that the masons have long infiltrated the BVatican hierarchy. He is there point man and his role is to destroy the Church. Michael Voris at Church Militant has a 'mic'd up' episode delineating the masonic infiltration in the Church. The dots need to be connected as to who Bergoglio represents.

TTC said...

It could well be Barbara. Something screwed going on for sure. I have my own suspicions.

Much like the speculation about the pope's private beliefs, the reasons the people we love are being misled by the pope do not matter to me. What matters to me is that heis doing it and he knows he is doing it. Whatever the reason, it is insidious.

Michael said...

Carol, I liked the buttons a whole lot better than the insipid article. Talk about burying your head in the sand....

Netmilsmom said...

Yes, I absolutely believe people are scared. I didn't say they were hysterical, I said they are terrified. They are scared to lose their children to the crazy teachings coming down from the man who sits in the Chair of Peter. They are holding on by the threads, hoping to point out the good and keep their families Catholic until the storm blows over. What they don't realize is that the damage done (especially when this Pope dies and is sainted) won't go away in their lifetimes. Perhaps even the lifetimes of their children.

If no one speaks against what is going on, serious Catholics who see the truth might head of off to the sede churches and THAT is a huge loss of souls. (Or, best case, will head to the Eastern Rites, as I've done) Some who truly know the faith, see something is rotten, and don't want their kids skipping off to the the happy Bible church because it all looks the same. That's why articles like the one you linked to exasperate me. If no one tells the truth but instead looks for the "bright side" or spins his actions and words to make him sound more Catholic, we are all in trouble. Because finding someone who points at the words and actions of Pope Francis realistically is just a Google search away, and many of the sites a person can find are NOT in union with the Catholic Church.

TLM said...


I agree, and I think things (unfortunately) are going to get worse before they get better. Cardinal Burke would like us to all write to the Holy Father to ask him to clarify Church Doctrine, and to stand on firm ground with regards to Church teaching and practice. (for whatever good that would do, but hey I'm all in regardless)

I have also had my suspicions as well. There is something definitely rotten in Denmark with this Papacy. I feel like we are living in the 'Catholic Twilight Zone'. Time will tell all. Keep the faith no matter what!

TTC said...

I have to catch up with Cardinal Burke news. I saw a headline that he asked the Pope not to repeat the apostasy show.

Was his request we write the Pope related to that endeavor?

I will do it only because he asked, and I suspect he wants the pope to know how many of us have had enough of his nonsense. But I think the situation is bad and much like appealing to Obama or Pelosi, he has set his face like flint.