Saturday, January 10, 2015

A Curia without Three Wise Men

Why do the words that come out of the Pope's mouth seem to be such a stark contrast to his witness?

“God does not manifest himself in the power of this world, but speaks to us in the humbleness of his love. …The Wise Men are, thus, models of conversion to the true faith, since they believed more in the goodness of God than in the apparent splendor of power.”...
Pope Francis pointed out how the Magi encountered many difficulties on their journey, the first being their visit to Herod’s palace when they entered Jerusalem, “for they thought it obvious that the new king would be born in the royal palace.”

While this speech was percolating, he was working with the wealthiest of the wealthy commies in the Democratic party and Cardinal O'Malley who is gaga over them, the worst child slaughter of Christians and children since Herod in JudeoChristian history: Barack Obama, and the terrorists oppressors of people of Cuba.

In being face-to-face with Jesus, the Wise Men realize that the ways of God “are quite different from those of men” and that God speaks through humility and love, rather than the “splendor of power.”


Why then does he set up a photo op for Angelina Jolie to help her promote her new Hollywood movie?

Angelina Jolie has been a role model for moral chaos to women.

The Pope prayed for..

the courage to be liberated from our illusions, our presumptions, our ‘lights’; and to seek this courage in the humility of faith, and in this way to encounter the Light, like the holy Wise Men.”

A good prayer.


Anonymous said...

I'm at a point where I expect nothing from this's all about worldliness and all the actions from Rome confirm that fact for me....I can't attend the novus ordo any longer and I thank God there are TLMS available because I refuse to participate in this sham...and yes I believe there are valid NO masses but it's becoming a crap shoot and I've had enough of it. This archdiocese is headed by one of Francis henchmen and while he purprorts himself as a kindly shepherd ..I fear that he is a wolf in sheeps clothing and I'm not deluding myself into thinking that my beloved TLMS are safe from these buffoons closing them down because we are the rigorist pharissees . it's just very frustrating and I know we are in for plenty more of this Dung.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous *1/10/15 - 10:16* I could have written your post myself.

I couldn't care less what Francis has to say, or what he does. I can't even stand to look at a picture of him any longer.

You are right that your Latin Mass centers are on borrowed time. Sooner or later, they will be closed and you, and everyone who thinks like you, will be marginalized.

Wolves in sheep clothing is what these men are. They are nice so long as they think they can woo you to their way of thinking, but sooner or later the mask comes off, and they show themselves for what they really are.

God bless you, Anonymous. I will keep you in my prayers. Say one for me too.


Anonymous said...

Well said anonymous. Your post is describes exactly my thoughts on both the archdiocese and th Novus Ordo. My only consolation living in the Boston archdiocese are blogs like this making me realize I am not alone.

TTC said...


They are not going to marginalize me. They have already given it their best shot and failed. LOL.

They can't marginalize. Unlike the culture, the Church doesn't work that way.

They can silence priests and cardinals, but it only makes martyrs out of them and laity rises. Laity has money. Money is the money and power the narcissists are groveling for, which is why the tar and feathering of the agenda is so effective. Prelates on the fence who know there will be a next Pope will not play the cards in a tar and feather environment.

You have to play the hand your dealt.

They wouldn't dare obstruct Summorum Pontificum. They know that would lead to their end. They may persecute priests who do it, but it is the job of laity in each diocese to keep the squeezola on the administration of whatever see you are in. I guarantee they will back off.

Anonymous said...

TLC, you must be joking.

I will leave you to your illusions. Mark my words: you will be marginalized.


TTC said...

Viola, my mother used to say "mark my words"!

I guess it's all in what you mean by marginalized

I don't work for them so they don have much control. They tried the threats and slander route and instead of cowering like most folks do, I publish it- so they don't do that anymore.

My eyes are fixed on The Lord and my baptismal promises and my children, so what they think about me does to make my radar.

I've been around 20 years and am effective in raising a stink that winds up with them having egg in their face.

What can they do to marginalized me?

There are too many of us now and we have the Internet.

I can't think of A thing they could say or do that they haven't tried already.

TTC said...

The Pope is marginalizing faithful practice of our religion.

How could it get any worse?