Thursday, January 29, 2015

Bishop Chris Coyne Installation Homily

Worth a read.

I am not a politician. I am a pastor. I am not a policy-maker. I am a preacher and teacher of the Catholic Faith. My desire is to teach what the Church teaches, to preach the Good News of Jesus Christ, and inform the consciences of my fellow Catholics about what we believe and why we believe. While I always seek to foster the common good of all, I recognize that I do so as one within a diverse and multi-faceted culture of which the Catholic Church is only one faith among many.

It seems to me that the reading that we just heard from the Letter of James is quite appropriate for this task. It was not a reading I chose but one that is prescribed for the Feast of Saint Thomas Aguinas, which we Catholics and a number of other Christian communities celebrate today. My hope is to be “wise” in the manner of which James writes: peaceable, rich in sympathy and the kindly deeds that are the fruits of wisdom. I can’t make any guarantee about being docile though. It is just not in my nature.


deacon mike said...

Bishop Coyne is a follower of Christ. He speaks from the heart of God who dwells within.

Deacon Mike

TTC said...

I thought his description of himself was pretty accurate. Including the part where he explains he is a corker. :)

Anonymous said...

Question? Is this the Fr Chris Coyne who let VOF in the door?

TTC said...

It's funny you should say that!

I had a number of interactions with him over this or that introduction of apostasy and a few things that were occult, but most of my dealings with him were over VOTF - through three leaders of the see - Cardinal Law, Bishop Lennon and Cardinal O'Malley.

My experience with him was, he wanted to get on it and stop it. Not without controversy, because I do remember I had a few rows with him. He absolutely knew Walter and company were damaging to the salvation of souls and my impression was, he was committed to doing something about it.

He is an extremely honest and affable man who doesn't play the customary chancery games but my memory was he wasn't convinced they were as damaging as we said they were.

He had a position that really is about giving us the soundbytes of decisions over his head. My recollection was Law didn't need convincing - all he needed was to see the evidence and he knew it when he saw it. Lennon took a lot more work but I thought Lennon came to Jesus and kept them out. When O'Malley took the helm and welcomed apostasy and demoralization of his people, Fr. Coyne said a few things that gave him the appearance he was either a quisling or not as with us as one would hope.

I chalked it up to the naivete of thinking you can just go into the beehive and be clever and nice and the bees won't sting you to death. (something I also see in Pope Francis)

But God is an amazing teacher. Several years later He plopped him down into the eye of the storm at Walter Cuenin's parish. Once Fr. Coyne started trying to teach Catholicism, they wouldn't let him. They beat him up so badly, he ended up doing what we all have to do with our families: he packed his packs and fled Sodom and Gommorah.

As we all are when they attack, he was pretty shaken up for a while. I felt terrible because he is a really good man.

Christ showed him a thing or two about naivete! Gave him a front row seat to VOTF maliciousness and the inability to teach or practice Catholicism and form families in it.

I haven't followed him closely, but the things I read that he wrote on moral theology are very solid and expressed with unshakable perseverance and without apology.

I've seen these vicious creatures ruin a priests vocation - much like the families they tear into shreds. So, Deo Gratis.

I could be mistaken. Sometimes I am a bit naive myself. LOL.

We do have readers from Indy - and I wold love to hear their experiences with how he managed the assaults on the family when he was running the circus.

TTC said...

You have me curious now!

Here's a good example of the nonsense Cardinal O'Malley brought to the Archdiocese of Boston. The destruction of the family and queering of our children everyone is now seeing at the Vatican happened in Boston a long time ago.

TTC said...

n.b. - you will duly note, it was about the money. All about the money.

TTC said...

leaders, said the Rev. Christopher Coyne, spokesman for the Boston Archdiocese.

From its beginning, Coyne said, the group has associated with people who want to "change the church" by altering its well-established positions on controversial issues. For instance, Debra Haffner, a well-known abortion-rights activist, spoke at Voice's first convention.

Coyne also noted a May incident in which Voice of the Faithful president Jim Post publicly scolded Archbishop Sean O'Malley for what he called a "divisive" stand against gay marriage. O'Malley was simply articulating the church's belief that marriage is between one man and one woman, Coyne said.

"It doesn't quite jibe with them saying, 'We believe what the church believes,"' Coyne said.

Is there other evidence out there?

TTC said...

Here's the story on his peeling out of Our Lady's and running for shelter - like the rest of us:\

One wonders why the Pope is interested in turning our parishes into these battlegrounds where the family is torn to shreds and our good priests have to flee or turn into drunks.

We've been there done that and are not interested. It isn't good for our children or the priests.

TTC said...

For those of you not from Boston, the pastor Fr. Coyne replaced was permitted to ram same sex down the throats of families for ten years. He was quite the sex salesman. He's the Larry Flynt of same sex in the Catholic Church.

He was reassigned to a secular college as 'chaplain' and a sex flag is flying over the Sacrificial Altar of Christ.

This is the substance of priests Pope Francis announced doesn't make judgments upon, while he is rebuking pregnant women? Give me a break.

They finally removed Walter when he...stole money. Again - you can have your way with bodies and souls but don't touch their money!

In any event, an interesting article below - "Gay affirming priest replaced by Vatican stooge"

n an indication that a Newton pastor's position on gay rights may have played a role in his ouster, a conservative website has posted a letter from a top archdiocesan official saying that Roman Catholic Archbishop Sean P. O'Malley had been ''very disturbed" by an accusation that the pastor had invited parishioners to consider marching in a gay-rights parade in Boston last spring.

...Bishop Richard G. Lennon, the archdiocesan vicar general, writes of receiving complaints that Cuenin had positively mentioned an upcoming gay pride parade in the church bulletin, and says, ''Please know that the archbishop is very disturbed by the information that you, along with others, have sent to him regarding this event and the involvement of Father Cuenin. He wishes to assure you that he is in the process of addressing this whole matter."

The letter was dated July 8, one month after the annual Boston Pride parade on June 11.

...A leader of the parish's delegation to the gay pride parade said Cuenin did not author the bulletin announcement and did not march in the parade.

''It wasn't an invitation from Walter, but from the justice and peace committee of the parish, because gay rights is an issue of justice in our minds," said Larry Kessler, a member of the parish council at Our Lady Help of Christians and a founding director of the AIDS Action Committee.

What a trip down memory lane!

TTC said...

The peace and justice committee - LOL

TTC said...

I am telling you right now, this is the church the Pope is trying to ram down the throats of our 2000 year history.

We have been there done that and we are not going there again, even if a Pope is leading the crusade.

Not going to happen without a big huge fight that does irreparable damage to this papacy.

I was amused at stories that announced Pope Francis authorized the defiant insertion of the sick agenda that was 'voted out' of the Relatio.

Duh. It was his show. His agenda. He hand-picked Cardinal Kasper and helped him pull it off.

Of course he defiantly ordered the insertion of the agenda.

That is where this is going if we don't rise up and fight it off.

Resist it, or it will come into every parish and destroy every priest and teaching it took 2000 years to build.

Open resistance. A big fugatz. A huge dust up has to happen between families and our Pope leading this crusade. And, he is leading it.

He has taken a few steps backward. Let us continue to push him back into reality. He likes reality.

He's gonna git it. LOL