Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Is SCOTUS set to formalize our country as Sodom and Gomorrah?

Fr. Z recommends hunkering down in prayer.

It's a giant leap for the cultural warriors who wage war against God.

It is point in time where the entire country tells God we are the arbiters of moral law, not You. In the mystical world, it is a force of an entire country putting a false god before God.

In spite of the gargoyles who think they have the power to dictate good and evil, every locus on earth is God's. He creates and permits its destruction at will. This is the mother of all wars against God.

Some of judges are long-suffering pagans who have been fighting God all their lives.

For those who know better, or should know better, the wisest thing to do would be to limit the opinion to two sentences.

The power to give edicts or moral laws belongs to God and He has spoken through the design of the human body and procreation. I recuse myself on the grounds that my religion forbids the use of my authority to subordinate God's.

Nothing more needs or should be said.

It is telling that the Pope suggested Lord of the World as good reading material. He knows a frantic harvesting is going down in the spiritual world and desperate times call for desperate measures. He's on the right side but meandering off of the track.

We need to keep kicking him where the sun doesn't shine, showing him the poor he is crosses the street to avoid. The poor he walks over and tramples on. The poor his see and priests have starved to death. The poor he himself is starving to death.

And in the meantime, hope THOSE poor suffering from diabolical disorientation he is inflicting upon his people with his own hands, get caught into his loving arms.

It was incredible, she told herself, that this ravening monster, dripping blood from claws and teeth, that had arisen roaring in the night, could be the Humanity that had become her God.~Lord of the World

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