Sunday, January 11, 2015

Movie Alert: "Band of Sisters" playing at St. Albert's in Weymouth

Who is the pastor there??!!

Check out the trailer.

The 'documentary' starts with a group of nuns in slavery picking cotton and praying.

Then a woman explains how much she wanted to 'love God and be perfect' and in 1966, the only choice for women was to enter a convent.

I think it was filmed at a nursing home.

It shows a convent from the 60s filled to the rafters with women. The camera switches to an elderly woman wearing a cat-that-ate-the-canary grin who explains it all changed with Vatican II.

Another elderly woman says Vatican II told the Church to 'look at the sign of the times' and shows them battling with policemen in the streets for freedom. She states "To be a Catholic then was very exciting."

A woman wearing cataract sunglasses while driving explains that Catholicism was about social justice and politics were a part of that.

You know, the humble servant who isn't interested in power struggles.

It shows them at the Senate approaching politicians, asking them to support their political agendas. One politician tells them "it depends on you gals". Then it only shows one of them going down the stairs. The rest must have taken the elevator.

Another one explains, we are the risk-takers in the Church, there must be justice towards the planet.

Then newspaper headlines "US Nuns Facing Vatican Scrutiny" and the background music goes Bela Lugosi. Advance the trailer to 1:56, right before squirrel, and listen to the change up in music.

This is where they start getting deceptive.

Back at the nursing home ithw empty chairs behind her, one of the nuns says she 'did exactly what the Church asked of her' and now the Church is looking at her LIKE where are you coming from who are you.

But the Church asked them to teach Catholic children their religion and we all know what they did instead.

Another nun celebrating her 'golden jubilee' asks who is the Church to tell her she hasn't been faithful for the last 50 years, she doesn't think so.

They were just being creative.

It ends with them howling at the moon.

Why can't these women and their enablers at the Vatican, which include Cardinal O'Malley and the Holy Father, just be honest about what the gripe is?

It is about the actions the nuns took that constitute their unfaithfulness and the damage they cause generations of children. The damage they did to the Church. The damage they did to the world filled with souls who believed the things they were saying when they spoonfed immoral sex down our throats.

Even if they are too blind to take a look at their own movie and see the full convent of young holy women praying in 1966 and their own empty nest filled with old women, and know that God has taken his ax to the tree that produced the fruit of their golden jubillees, they could at least be honest that it women who built the paper trail against them at the Vatican.

They were under the scrutiny of the mothers of the children they misled, and continue to mislead.

They may have Cardinal O'Malley and the Holy Father on their team. But we are about to enter a new era in the Church: hell hath no fury like hand that rocks the cradle.

Something they evidently didn't learn from the crisis over the handling of pedophiles.

They still don't get that to the hand that rocks the cradle, these nuns are involved in more sinister crimes than the pedophiles, and their pussyfooting around with them will turn out to be a regrettable strategy for unity.


Anonymous said...

From the moment I saw the VOTF was involved it smelt fowl. If only theses women had kept their skirts on! The Sisters of Mercy were one of the first Orders to tell their members you can't live here, take the habit off and go get your own apartment. I wonder from what checking account they're writing those checks from?

Anonymous said...

The hippie sister hug a tree movement was alive and well In the fall of 1965, my freshman year at Pope John XXIII central catholic highschool....what a contrast with the orthodox Catholic education I received the first eight years. I recall many a religion class full of confusion and tantalizing tidbits about how things they are a changing...isn't it wonderful. The sisters donned their new ..( gay ) apparel and it's not an exaggeration to say that by my senior year all but a few had left for the real world and the ones that stayed were elderly and somewhat confused by all the new adrenaline being pumped into what was once the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass...they were all into the Beatles especially blackbird singing in the dead of night sung during the consecration . Oh yes ..wonderful days I said it was all happening right here in the Boston Archdiocese and the loss of souls is too numerous to mention I'm sure. It was so eagerly embraced that the groundwork had to have been laid many years before 1965.