Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Pope Admits the Church has been caring for the poor for 2000 years.

Pope said the Catholic Church has been caring and protecting the poor since its beginning some 2,000 years ago,

It's hard to believe this is a headline, but there you have it.

He put an interesting spin on the Epiphany. He said giving to the poor isn't communism.

Nobody criticizing his assertions about the Church before him ever said giving to the poor is an invention of communism.

What we said was, this is communism: The pope repeated that there should be a better distribution of wealth

Working people are giving 40% of their paycheck for the poor. Many of us work or contribute to the poor on top of that contribution. His econcomics collapses the whole system and then tyrants take over.

Of course he wouldn't know the burdens of working people. Judging from his actions with Cuba, the tyranny and oppression doesn't bother him.

Every time my mother saw a bishop on television, she would yell 'get a job'. I would be appalled, but I am beginning to understand the reasons why she did.

Taking the possessions I've worked for to give to people who don't is a sentence of slavery. That's why every country that does it is a cruel tyranny.

When a country is built upon handing out free fish, the recipients are at the mercy of the tyrants giving them handouts. They control religious freedom. They imprison and murder. That's why it's never worked in any country that ever tried it.

Pope Francis considers Castro to be a hero because of the handouts but the people suffering under the tyranny see the Pope's actions as cruel indifference.

Maybe Pope Francis and Cardinal O'Malley believe the cruelty and oppression of the people and the destruction of freedom to worship as a worthwhile price to pay for the 'redistrubution'. I don't know. But any way you slice redistribution, it's communism.

You teach a man to fish and let him provide for his own family.


Anonymous said...

The whole conciliar church stinks of communism! The apparition of Our Lady of Fatima has never been so important and so ignored by the hierarchy( save a few and even they don't really get it). I was taught the Fatima Apparition in the third grade...but I have been educated about Fatima by a much maligned priest, Fr Nicholas Gruner over the past twenty some odd years and I can attest to the fact that this is all the result of ignoring the humble request of Our Lady to Consecrate Russia ...not the World ....but Russia ...to Her Sorrowful Immaculate Heart...and while I believe Her promise that it would be done by the Pope and The Bishops , but it would be late...I think this isn't the Papacy that will fulfill Her request , but rather the one that will push us further toward dire consequences.

Anonymous said...

sorry I meant to say the whole Post Concilliar Church stinks of communism!

Anonymous said...

I agree with that!

Anonymous said...

Nothing less than a direct act of God would cause this papacy to consecrate Russia.

Anonymous said...

Nothing less than a direct act of God would cause this papacy to consecrate Russia.

Anonymous said...

I'm a working person. How am I giving 40% of my income to the poor? I'd like to know.

TTC said...

Federal Tax, State Tax,Local Taxes, Property Taxes, Sales Tax, Social Security Tax, Mortgage Interest that pays off mortgages of deadbeats, gas tax, oil tax, Monthly Obamacare payments, 40,000 year college tuition payments,

The money goes to the government and they use the money for programs for the poor, food, shelter.

40% is a conservative estimate.

Where do you think your money is going?

Anonymous said...

Of what I pay in taxes, about a quarter of them go to national defense. Then there's debt interest. And veterans benefits, and on and on.

I guess I read your comment as suggesting that just about all of what we pay in taxes already goes to the poor.

TTC said...

You read what I wrote right. All of the taxes and fees and tuition I mentioned above, some of which is payed out of our net income, about 40% goes to support food, shelter, medical care, education of people outside of the dependents in our family.

I consider our soldiers who are fighting for our country to be very high on the priority list of people in need. And veterans are next on the priority list.

Stingy people who don't tithe or make donations from their net income, the percentage might be a little lower, 35%.

The post is about the tipping point of overburdening the working people to the point where you create more poverty. A specialty of the 'democrats' and narcissist prelates who are always crying about how their ideas are about the poor, the poor, the poor. When it is really about them.

Economic policies that make more poor people and then put tyrants in charge is neither a service to the poor nor to God.

JB said...

jorge bergoglio's life is paid for by other people. it's all he knows at this point. he never started a business, never slaved away working for a wife or family, there's not limit to the money he and others like him will ask of you because deep down they know the couldn't survive without it. it makes me ill.

Anonymous said...

I have never consider myself a right or left, blue or red or Republican or Democrat.

I am a cradle Roman Catholic but the one thing I have noticed is that the so called Conservatives are the less Charitable yet they think of themselves "holier than thou"


The bottom line is that most people in the West especially the Conservatives are selfish and greedy.

We have governments that lie to us about the Economy and these Governments keep the richer richer and the poor poorer and the middle class in gross debt by encouraging them to spend money on things they don't really need while "living the life" and accumulating debt.

There is enough to help everybody governments are not machines they are made up of people, people who called themselves in many cases Christians, but I guess once money is involved everyone leaves their Christianity at the door.

Many say "I don't want them to use my hard earn money to help the poor"

Well remember this, you would have nothing if is NOT because God has given it to you.

The talents that you have is God who gave it to you, it is not because you are so bright and you ought everything you have to your so called hard labor.

Act instead like a true follower of Christ and BE charitable not only by giving from time to tome to the poor (which in most cases it doesn't happen)but expect governments to have help the less fortunate they have experts like economists that can better plan and budget to help the most in need, instead of just allowing members of governments to pocket the money for themselves and their own retirement.

What Francis is saying IS NOT Communism.

I HATE COMMUNISM but I understand what Francis is saying and I agree with him helping the poor is simply Catholic.

The reality is that we live in a world where Capitalism has NO conscience, not even the founders of Capitalism would recognized the Capitalism we have today.

Most people in the West instead of feeling compassion for the poor in these countries and in third world countries blame the poor for their condition forgetting that there are

The problem is us who forget that Original Sin is what is causing all of us to just think about ME, we fail to realized that at the bottom of it all it is our selfishness and greed working in our hearts and minds.

Poverty is a virtue. Our Lord Himself never touched money.
All of you who think you so well verse in Catholic teaching and even consider yourselves arm chair theologians should go back an RE-READ THE GOSPELS.

TTC said...

There is no such thing as left and right in Divine Law. I find it striking that when it comes to good and evil, right and wrong, you don't have any convictions.

I also find it striking that you caricature the discussion about robbing people of their possessions as people who don't have compassion for the poor, don't give to the poor and don't want the money they give to the government to go to the poor.

And, what nerve you have to slander people who own businesses and have money as people who have no conscience.

What Our Lord said about money is, the people who try to turn our Church into a social service that is about the poor are on the wrong track. He said we will always have the poor. I won't explain to you the reasons why because you are incapable of understanding it with the boogeymen inside of your heart and brain.

The Church is the institution that teaches people right actions from wrong actions as they pertain to salvation. It's the Institution where Christ bequeathed His Body and Blood and the Properties in It.

That's what the Pope's job is. He's going to do it or the Romans are going to have a lot of agita until the smoke rises again.

Good day to you.

Anonymous said...

TTC-you said:

"I also find it striking that you caricature the discussion about robbing people of their possessions"

Man you are twisted.

The governments lies to all of us about the finances of the Western countries.

They lie to us about the Economy most of us don't really know what the true state of the economy really is since they make prices go up or down.

You missed the point of what Francis is saying and about what I am saying.

Governments can better plan to help those who are in need without you loosing your precious money.


TTC said...

I didn't miss your ludicrous point at all.

You think the bank accounts of working people who are one paycheck away from being out on the streets should be petty cash for the people sitting home watching cartoons generation after generation and that isn't communism to you.

You can't wrap your head around what happened in history to every other country that tried it.

In your bitter blindness, you can't see that no matter what we give, it can never be enough. That's why we lobby and work for decent housing, food, education and opportunities for the poor so they can pull their families out of generations of the dysfunction of relying on narcissist politicians for their food and housing.

The rage that has robbed you of right judgement and your inheritance of Sacramental Grace has you believing all the boarded up businesses were rich people who don't want to feed the poor so gave reduced staff until their businesses flopped from the tariffs were people who "didn't want their hard earned money to help the poor".

All the foreclosures of your neighbors around you and the poverty levels of families higher than its been in decades isn't a clue to you.

You want more of their money.

All the hospitals collapsing and closing and the lousy care people are reporting and doctors suggesting we murder sick people and kill babies to save expenses is a consequence you are willing to accept.

You are such a caring caretaker of the poor who doesn't give a rats ass that they are killing them to save money.

The Pope is plugging violent tyrannical communists into our country - a country in which it's own people have been fleeing for decades even though they give them all the free stuff your harping for, and hasn't said a word about the oppression and murders in that country. His eyes are on the free cheese. It took him two years and a near revolt to squeeze a couple of sentences out of his lips about the Church's moral teaching on sex. He didn't want to stop winning admirers for himself.

There are plenty of caring people like you around in history when the tyrants start knocking on the doors of their neighbors to kill them once they have complete control over the food they put on everyone's tables and the roofs over our children's heads.

You are just a selfish coward.

Go find another place to haunt.

Anonymous said...


I pray Our Lady Fatima deliver us from such evil and I agree with Fr. Malachi Martin about the Crisis in the Church.

AND even though I disagree with Francis in matters of Theology I do agree with the Pope in helping the poor and other poor countries.


I also believe that the New World Order (and we know the Evil one and the group of people behind the NWO) uses Capitalism and Communism to enslave people and creates division among people while confusing and blinding everyone.

And even though I prefer Capitalism I don't think it is good to blind ourselves to the fact that the Capitalism that we have today is a capitalism without a conscience.

Our Lady talked about a secret sect since her Apparition in Ecuador under her title Our Lady of Good Success many saints have talked about a secret sect too, like Saint Anne Catherine Emmerich influencing the Church and world governments.

We have become lovers of ourselves and of the material as Holy Scripture rightly points out.

TTC said...

Why don't you let them come and take everything you own and move your own children into homelessness and come back and tell us how it worked out for them. Generation after generation.

No economic system has a 'conscience'. That is what you don't get.

It's the people in a state of diabolical disorientation because the priests and Pope are telling them there is good in sleeping around or sodomizing each other.

They are daft in the head.

Until the priests and pope take care of that problem, these people can't be helped. No system is going to get them to practice the virtues and holiness. They are not capable of it.

Anonymous said...

TTC What did you do to my other comment??

TTC said...

This is a blog that doesn't publish misleading theology or harmful commentary.