Friday, January 16, 2015

Two cute posts from Eye of the Tiber

I loved this one - Our lady of good intentions, our lady of those who mean well. I always refer to the Vatican II moonbattery as 'our lady of the mattress'.

This one rocks: Priest can't wait to hear your whole life story in the Confessional.

I don't even get into any detail on Commandments I've broken unless I need to to clarify. I raffle off the Commandment violated and badabing, badaboom. Most don't even ask for any more details and they proceed to pastoral counsel they think you may need, penance and the Absolution. In and out. Save the sob stories for your relatives and friends.

And a bonus: This one is a little vulgar but cracked me up.


Steve Dalton said...

I wish we had a Pope who was a "nutcracker"! We might get some badly needed changes and reforms!

Aged parent said...

The bit about the Confessional was amusing. In the Church I attend we have a couple of folks who I describe as "professional penitents". Every Sunday, almost without fail, they are in the Confession line prior to Mass and often at the head of the line. I think the all-time record was set a few years back when one of these people stayed in the Box for over twenty minutes, as the line grew longer and longer and more desperate.

TTC said...

Having a penitent before us in line confuse the Sacrament for a shrink's couch they lie upon for 20 minutes has happened to most of us.

Give us a break.

You don't tell the priest the circumstances around the violation unless he asks questions and even then, keep it to a few sentences.

It's the hour of reckoning where you're accepting accountability and seeking absolution. It's not the time to mitigate your accountability with the sob story about what led up to the sucker punch to Christ's gut.

Committing mortal sin isn't easy. If you have a list that takes you more than a minute or two to list, it's time to go more frequently.

There are a few priests who initiate longer conversations in the Confessional. They use that moment of a captive audience to recommend ways to avoid the near occasion of sin or other pastoral guidance. Those priests are gifts to Christ's Church. They love the Sacrament and will stay for hours. That's a front-row seat to their gifts of sanctity endowed by God to make them a saint.

I couldn't tell you the last time my crammed list went beyond one minute!