Monday, February 9, 2015

Did you receive Pope Francis democratic ballot on Catholic Doctrine?

Last week, Catholics in the pews received Pope Francis democratic ballot to vote on Catholic Doctrine. I received mine via email last week. I haven't been able to muster up the stamina to open it.

I do not see what benefit could be derived from this exercise.

You don't have to be an astronaut to figure out what's going down.

Read America Magazine or the National Catholic Reporter and weep for the souls being misled by them. Turn on the secular news. It is painfully obvious his people have been robbed of catechesis and they are a deep state of diabolical disorientation.

He's a smart enough guy to know how we got into this state. When apostates applied to our seminaries, the leadership of the Church refused to make a judgement on how apostasy affects the people. They refused to manage and spank them. The apostates sucked all of the oxygen out of the souls of their people.

Another generation of Catholics are starving to death and the pope is fluffing the pillows on the death beds and giving them a survey monkey to vote on doctrine.

Given the sneakiness and deception in his synod, given the messages Pope Francis has conveyed about the new church he is building where priests veil moral theology under 50 shades of ambiguity and deception, the doctrinal survey monkey is being caricatured as a vote to tell Pope Francis what to scratch out of the Catechism.

This individual memorializes the interesting perspective Pope Francis has conveyed on rebuilding our doctrinal belief system as a democracy.

She reports that the Pope supported Slovakia's referendum against gay marriage but 'thankfully' his efforts did not influence 5.4 million Catholics in Slovakia, and that she hoped this sends a message to Pope Francis that he can go back to being reasonable on 'social issues'.

You take a poll and the people tell the Pope what kind of sex should be accepted as virtue. The church where the beliefs come from the serpent under the feet of the Ark of the Covenant.

When did the moral theology of the Catholic Church become a 'social issue' that is voted upon?

Oh wait. I know. Pope Francis' synod.

I read something the other day from a bishop who recently visited Pope Francis. The journalist asked how Pope Francis was holding up. The bishop said he suffers greatly because the things he is saying and doing are so misunderstood.

HE suffers greatly.

But he has declared he and his administration are going to keep on doing it and will institute the tin ear to the cries of his people exposing the suffering of the family and church.

I'm going to forward the Pope's democratic ballot to the Nuncio with the following message: What is the purpose of this disturbing democratic ballot on doctrine? If Pope Francis doesn't know what's wrong with the Church, why doesn't he call his doctrinal referendum 'good morning mapplethorpe' and pass it out to his see of bishops?

Did you ever think you'd see Fr. Z talking about resistance?

The pope has already done something so grave, it merits resistance. The synod, and all the buffoonery around it, rises to this level.

I'm big on prevention.

I don't think it's good to wait until irreparable harm has been done to a generation of souls. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This is the time we can make a difference.

Frankly, the antics at the synod made the Pope an enemy of the family. He didn't do himself any favors following the synod. All things are possible with God and we are all praying, but I don't see how he could recover at this juncture.

Christ's Church hasn't survived catechetical disasters with the consensus of a majority.

We just need to set off loud sirens, load our bows with the flaming arrows of truth and send them high into the air.

It's going down baby! It's going down!


'DIS & 'DAT said...

Excellent summary. This is a case of a survey being used as a selling tool and I find the whole thing pernicious and insulting. Seems to me Pope Francis is using this to further undermine Catholic morality and make those who either do or do not fill out the survey complicit in the changes as it will be presumed that those who don't fill out the survey agree with it. Quite diabolical!

Michael Dowd

Aged parent said...

Someone in Rome might want to remind Francis that the Church is not a Democracy. In case he may have forgotten, it is a Monarchy.

Anonymous said...

Just a thought. The Leonine Prayer "St. Michael the Archangel", was dropped after Mass (Second Vatican Council). The 100 years are up. Is Satan now reaping?

Kathleen Wimmer said...

Jesus Christ never took the pulse of His followers to get the popular opinion of God the Father's Law and Teachings. I currently know of only about two or three of my friends that believe in the traditional and original teachings of the Catholic Church. This is very disturbing and sad.

M. Prodigal said...

This is a time of great trial for the faithful because the present Vicar is not faithful; we must pray he sees the light. He surrounds himself with heretics who speak with impunity. He publicly confirms a woman now calling herself a man and her girlfriend who want to start a family. One does not know what scandal will come next! The pope persecutes the faithful cardinals and bishops and Orders like the FFI...does not want holiness. We must pray for his conversion. God WILL intervene in the end but millions of more souls are at stake. The faithful must keep their eye on the Lord alone and the true teachings of His holy Church which can NOT change.

breathnach said...

A poll of pagans, Jews. Roman citizens, Greeks etc.jointly conducted by an independent polling group (founded by Euclid and Pythagoras) commissioned by Herod,Pilate, the Sadducees and Pharisees, favored the crucifixion of Jesus and the elimination of his followers by 95% of those polled.

JB said...

History repeats itself. "I tell you I do not know the man!"

It's basically the same thing now. Christ's teachings are not popular now. Hated actually. This Argentine thinks he is very smart, but his IQ is of course a joke compared to that of the Devil.

He needs to worry less about the "peripheries" and more about the core teaching of the Church, which he has no power whatsoever to change.

Kim said...

Can you post the survey so we can take a look at it? Kim

Catholic Mission said...

What about Fr.John Zuhlsdorf's development of doctrine ? The dogma has evolved for him and no one is resisting.

February 10, 2015

What about the dogma on salvation which has 'evolved' for Fr.Zuhlsdorf ?

What about the dogma on salvation which has 'evolved' for Fr.Zuhlsdorf ? If you can get rid of an infallible teaching you can get rid of anything. Hilary White on LifeSites quotes Cardinal Raymond Burke saying "I will resist".

Yes - but Hilary White( and Fr.John Zuhlsdorf do not resist when extra ecclesiam nulla salus is discarded due to their being known exceptions to the defined dogma ( even when these exceptions refer to deceased persons).

Of course the Eucharist should not be given to Catholics living in adultery and yes it should not also be given to Catholics who reject an infallible teaching in public.
-Lionel Andrades

February 10, 2015

Fr.John Zuhlsdorf made an objective mistake : irrational interpretation of Vatican Council II

TTC said...

Blogger does not make it easy to upload documents.

There are two docs.

One is posted here:

I'll see if I can find the other online.

TTC said...

Here is the other -

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is a sad time when survey monkey is used for our 'input' on pastoral practices of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. Sad, sad, sad