Saturday, February 21, 2015

Guardian Angels

Today's Lenten extra - I thought I would talk about my Guardian Angel and Guardian Angels in general.

I probably speak to my Guardian Angel more than most, but I don't listen anywhere near as often as I should. I recognize his work almost daily. He or she is one overworked angel. I send him on missions a lot, especially when I see a person struggling. I ask him quite a bit to communicate with another person's guardian angel.

Their intellect and knowledge of spiritual matters rarely requires much directed communications. I hesitate to impose my own will upon a situation but I won't say I never do it, especially when it's about my children. It's all about the intercession baby.

He is very real, even though he cannot be perceived by our senses. He has a mind that is always thinking of God, and a will that is always united with God. He has been specially appointed as our companion through life. And he exercises this companionship by his constant assistance in illuminating our minds and inspiring our wills.

Outstanding basic information on angels written by St. Thomas Aquinas.

Angels manifest knowledge to one another, and to this extent they "speak" to one another. But the speech of angels is not a matter of sounds or of uttered words. The speech of angels is a direct communication of knowledge from spirit to spirit.

An inferior angel can speak to a superior angel, even though, as we have seen, it cannot enlighten the superior angel; a candle cannot enlighten the sun, but it can burn visibly in the sunlight. An angel speaks by directing its thought in such ways that it is made known to another angel, superior or inferior. Such directing is done according to the free will of the angel speaking.

Certainly the angels "speak" to God by consulting his divine will and by contemplating with admiration his infinite excellence.

Generally, my practice of communicating with the angelic, communion of saints and God is intercession, with me doing the talking. I do love experiencing resting in Christ or being in the moments at the Sacred Liturgy but as such I sometimes miss their signals, even when my radar is telling me there is something in a room or situation or person that is negative or out of sorts. I am getting better but feel like I'm tapping less than I should into a very valuable resource.

This is an excellent resource on discernment on some of the bigger decisions in our lives:

Msgr. Pope's Six Principles of Discernment

Bouguereau beautifully expressed the mystical world of angels around us in his paintings.

This is one of my favorites.

I'm trying to spend some time in Lent pursuing our valuable resource of angels and will try to share.

Hope your Lent is off to a great start.

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Anonymous said...

What do you mean by sensing negativity? Is it bad if someone is upset or mad during mass because he knows something unjust or unfair is going on behind the scenes? E.g. the priest seducing parrish women or dating a guy? Is that kind of negativity or anger inconvenient?