Friday, March 27, 2015

Is Cardinal Marx Catholic?

If it walks and talks like a protestant..

Remember a month or so ago, Cardinal Marx suggested the Magisterium is subordinate to the teachings of the German Conference of Bishops?

“We are not a branch of Rome. Each conference of bishops is responsible for pastoral care in its cultural context and must preach the Gospel in its own, original way. We cannot wait for a synod to tell us how we have to shape pastoral care for marriage and family here.”

His statement ruffled feathers but let us face it: The USCCB has been operating like they have the authority to develop their own Deposit of Faith for decades. The examples are as countless as the stars. The most famous examples of recent vintage involve their insistence they did not and do not have to uphold and practice Canon Laws.

There is a library of policies that violate the Canonical and Constitutional rights of our priests but my favorite example involves Canon 915.

The USCCB has helped the commies and proaborts in the Democratic party get elected for decades, telling us the demoralization of women and murder of children was their gift to the poor. They're always right there to help elect Joe Stalin and help pass out his blankets and butter, give them honorary degrees, clap in their victory parades and give 'the devout' Holy Communion. They are always devout, those baby killers.

I couldn't count the number of times we asked them to uphold Canon 915 and they told us they could trump Rome. When we turned up the heat and sought help from Rome, 48 lawmakers sent Uncle Teddie McCarrick a threatening letter, saying don't you dare uphold Canon 915.

Cardinal McCarrick received a clarification from Rome and was instructed to deliver its contents to the US Conference of Catholic Bishops. He promptly swept it under the rug.

"... Although it was sent to the US Bishops via Cardinal McCarrick by Cardinal Ratzinger, the document was not revealed to the US Bishops. Rather McCarrick gave the impression that Cardinal Ratzinger's letter indicated Rome was ambiguous about the matter. Speaking of Ratzinger's letter in a June 15, 2003 statement to the US Bishops, Cardinal McCarrick said, 'the Cardinal (Ratzinger) recognizes that there are circumstances in which Holy Communion may be denied'."

The Romans leaked the letter to Sandro, thus revealing the fangs of the wolf. Few were surprised.

Cardinal Marx's schismatic statement was stunning but the reality of the situation is, the USCCB turned the structure into a headquarters for the counterfeit church decades ago.

Earlier this week, Cardinal Müller took Cardinal Marx's articulation of their delusions to the shed.

Cardinal Müller described the delusion as antiCatholic.

It's isn't Catholic.

An episcopal conference is not a particular council , much less an ecumenical council . The president of an Episcopal Conference is nothing more than a technical moderator , and as such has no special teaching authority . Hear that a Bishops' Conference is not a "subsidiary of Rome" gives me the opportunity to recall that the dioceses are not subsidiaries of the secretariat of an episcopal conference or diocese whose Bishop presides over the Episcopal Conference . This attitude makes the risk of waking some polarization between the local churches and the universal Church, exceeded in the councils Vatican I and Vatican II. The Church is not a set of national churches , including the presidents would vote to elect their leader at the universal level

If the Romans want to divest the structure of liars and corrupt bureaucrats, they should get rid of bishops conferences.


'DIS & 'DAT said...

Agree completely. Bishops conferences are mostly all about politics--Democrat socialist politics. As Concerned Conservative Catholics is to stop contributing to anything the USCCB endorses.

Michael Dowd

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

I've been calling for that for years now.